archerno1 (EUNE)
: Its supposed to be limited edition. Only limited number of people will have it. Thats where its value lies.
Limited edition doesn't mean a low number. It means it is produced once. They could have produced a way bigger number, as long as it was just once, it's still limited. I don't think that many of the owners would care, how many others got the figure, they just wanted it for the figure. That way they are making more people unhappy than happy. First come first serve is barely fair.
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: You guys need to stop acting like self entitled brats really, i also was super hyped but you are forgetting one thing - THE GAME IS COMPLETELY FREE. While i do agree that they could've tested it before hand, claiming shit like " you are in trouble now rito " is just pure bullshit, grow up please.
You need to calm a bit down. It might be free, but they still owe something to their fans that made it possible to grow that big. Voluntarily they spend money, so we should at least be allowed to expect that they try to prevent such failures. They should have started the test a week ago or even earlier, while keeping the other queues active. You can't just activate such a huge new feature and expect everything to work instantly.
pablowa (EUW)
: The community should just stop whining about every little thing that doesnt go exactly as you want it. You have the option to play one of the biggest games completly for free. And just cause for around 2 hours you can't play one gamemode (ranked) you think you have the right to get anything? It's not like you have a contract with Riot and they didn't complete it. Riot just says: Here is a game we created. Play it for free if you want. if you like it feel free to donate to us through sins etc." But as soon as some minor stuff happens (and sry, but Ranked beeing down for like an hour IS minor) you go on the Boards and everytbody thinks that they are entitled to free stuff :D But don't listen to me guys. As you stated, everything who doesn't do what you think is proabbly a little kid ;)
I don't mind when something goes wrong, but why didn't they test it on EUW earlier?
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: Anxiety and ranked games (+confession time)
First of all, I started all my "first times" in LoL with friends. My first botgame, my first matchmade game, my first ranked, everytime I was playing with a good friend while skyping. That encouraged me because I was not alone and I had someone to ask if I was insecure about something, I was still excited though, but not afraid. Some facts/thoughts that might encourage you as well: * It's just a game. Even if you fail, your life will go on the same. * You are untouchable. Even if your teammates become angry at you*, they cannot hurt you. Just mute them and you'll be fine. If you have a bad game (and that happens to EVERYONE sometimes!), the only "punishment" you will get is a defeat, and a defeat is not the end of the world, it's a part of the game. You cannot be reported for having a bad game or something. *It does not matter how bad someone plays, it is never okay to become offensive against that person. If someone insults somebody for "playing bad", the insulting person is the worse player, because that person is intentionally killing the team spirit while the unlucky ally is still (hopefully!) giving his/her best. * You don't have to prove anything to anybody. Even if you are ranked in Bronze V, that does not mean you are a bad player, just take it as a challenge and try to improve your self. Set yourself a goal what rank you want and take motivation from that. Believe in yourself that you can reach that. If you don't reach it, try it again next season. * Giving your best is all you can do, and nobody expects miracles. If you stay positive and cooperate with your team, you already have the best chances. If you are looking for someone to play with, feel free to add me. I brought many beginners into the game, I am patient and won't be angry if you do mistakes. I am just always looking for nice people to play with, regardless of their skill level. I am Gold IV at the moment (and hoping to get to Gold III until Season end) and I have both people who are not level 30 yet and Diamond players in my friendlist.
: I seriously doubt that anyone would choose support as their preference witch will make queues much longer :<
My setup will always be PRIMARY: [Mid] SECONDARY: [Support]. There are more support players than you think, but not enough. Riot also mentioned they may give players more IP for playing roles that are needed.
Unavalable (EUNE)
: I`ve got a 14 day ban! :)))
Good to see that the instant feedback system works like it is supposed to. Alone this post here shows that its decision was right.
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killerot (EUW)
: Zac idea- Grow
a) Zac becomes bigger the more hp he has already. b) the ability you are describing is pretty much Mordekaiser's passive. In his second bar he can charge up a shield, so when he gets damage first his second bar depletes before he actually uses health. c) I don't think this ability is good on Zac, as he already can be really tanky and he has his passive that can revive him - that makes it really hard to kill. I don't think he really needs more defensive tools, I believe he rather needs more offensive or more utility.
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