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: probably because people don't wanna see the face of an unbalanced and unfair to play against demon ({{champion:39}} )
what you saying is stupid i speak about the portrait that the player see of his champ so nothing to see with what other see
: the portraits look much better and more realistic now with the better shadows and extra graphics
no it is worst than befor, what the point to hide half of her face? realistic in what they are from splashart , all i see is a downgrade from ancientportrait for no reason and who ask for realism in that game?
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Threxes (EUW)
: New Champion Already?
yumi out yesterday would they out new champ every motnh? dont like her already, anyway for me there is only one champ so
Styros (EUNE)
: another garbage grill champ , ty rito , we need more garbage grill champs
there is 30% of girl in the whole champ, stop qq for it ok
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: Not a jungler but strong gold 2 carry.
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Teahyun (EUW)
: well deserved nerf. Laning phase: Too save. With fleet, dorans shield and TP and innert sustain = joke Wave clear: Q spam with shroud = too safe The exchange is supposed to be weak early and good mid-lategame. Rn she is everything. Winrate doesnt matter, the champion has clear problematic kit issues that are simply overloaded. I will actually enjoy people dropping elo after this goes through
laning phase too save : vlad zed, talon, leblanc and maybe i forgot some
: Do remember that her shroud gives a lot of energy, so it’s not gating her as effectively as it should be. Lowering energy regen lets her energy actually do its job it’s not there just for thematics it’s meamt to be a balancing tool. And she is a high pick or ban in pro play, so nerfs are validated... and remember that 45% win rate is due to people who can’t play her trying to and losing for their team... so it’s an unreliable stat to look at, no champion should be balanced around players who can’t plsy them
shroud has 20 sec of cd, so you dont reload energy with it, and dont use shourd for this only, only for attack or def no shroud = vulnerable
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: Tomorrow will have new missions, and you can have up to 300 tokens without buying the pass anyway, so if you want that prestige skin you're forced to buy the battle pass
ok so they add new mission that cool then, thx
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: > Now take a correction for the perspective (she is looking from above, which is why you can see nostrils and why her face appears shorter). What are you bullshitting about? Do you have any experiences with photographing and/or art? If yes, you would know that you need almost perfect work with light to change someones face so significantly. You would need to adjust point of view to almost -90°, look at any bad vlog to change someones face so much. Good exemples, Lunar Eclipse Leona, Mafia Miss Fortune, Waterloo Miss Fortune, look at lighting, their faces won't be really that much different, but it can make some little differences. Nose and lips look almost ok, but eyes and head shape are really weird. Proportions in splash and in that video are just different, so unless she sticked her head in bee hive, they aren't same.
agreed about nose and lips, there is something close, but that all the rest is far away, and lips nose arent enough to make someone identity once again compared to other champ, we reconize them really and i m sur fan of draven would be the first to shout if they saw something different on his face thx for your knowledge and your supporting.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: Lady. Lady. Lady. Lady. --- Now, a lot of sperging there, but let's make one thing clear first: Skins are irrelevant, because each splash art _(at least for Irelia)_ was done by a different person. Quite frankly I'm puzzled you can't see obvious differences between base Irelia and Aviator Irelia. Now for the main dish: Did you ACTUALLY look at Irelia's splash? I'll make it easier for you, here's a much higher resolution of her splash art. Now take a correction for the perspective (she is looking from above, which is why you can see nostrils and why her face appears shorter). Can you see it? Now look at the cinematic. Oh my god, it's the same face! _"I have no idea why I wrote this rant!"_, you probably. --- As for the woman. Proportions of her face are completely different. Her face is shorter and wider, the nose bigger, brows of different shape, eyes further apart, eye corners not as pronounced and lips of noticeably different shape. They are _**similar**_, but it's not the case of Striker Lucian, where knowingly or not similarities to a real person were down to their choice of very specific accessories.
Im not agree, sorry she looks too much asian in the gc movie, and none of their skin give taste of this kind for her if you take riven face, she is exactly the same that we see in all skin and that not the case for irelia, and still there is the question of the copy llike of this woman from kazakstan. not the same face at all but this debate wil be no ending, so lets end it now we are not agreed we are not agreed, point for the rest, the cinematic dont give her much nice stuff compared to riven or camille, it is kinda slow and ridiculous, where irelia is kinda of very nervous and dynamic champion.
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: As far as I know, you need to own the skin that you want to set as your profile background. Then you need to go to your profile and click on the gear icon on the top right (next to the summoner search bar). From there, you can select any champion or skin splash art that you own and use it as your profile background. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Lmfao someone snapped *cough* if you want people to understand your point better. I recommend you to learn to write in english better {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
well of course from people trash talking about the writting instead of listening or even be polite, i dont expect much thing, so it mean your point of view has just no value to me you came here first by beeing disrespectfull and already saying what i m talking about is trash. anyway see you.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Orrrrrrr We can just have a cat called Yuumi (I'm pretty sure Yuumi isn't japanese) and call it a day You do realize that league champs don't even have real nationalities. So we can't even have a japanese cat She's a fictional character in a totally fictional world with 0 connections to the real world
Or you dont understand what i mean by thematic, and yuumi is barely japanese referencial in the structure, even if it means nothing from japan. (yumi yuki) whatever, you choose to be dumb , , keep your dumb answer and that all.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: It's Yuumi not Yumi And League literally doesn't have ANY connection with the real life So why would the name need to be from a specific culture etc Does Volibear, Orrn or Kled sound like some real life names to you?
well that just my thought about it, saying that arabian referencial name would be better than kawai name japanese, or you make a japanese cat with that name.
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: After getting banned I decided to fix my attitude, Ive gone from Bronze to Gold 4 (with Udyr).
Reached gold with irélia and that irelia who fixed my behaviour in game, and made me more chill.
: Yummi teaser
well in french the master is mistress, so it is a woman, or female character
: people still read stuff made by that leftist SJW company?
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: There are 800+ skins in the game + the potential champ shards / duplicates / wards / emotes / icons. It just comes down to luck... You can open 2K chests and not get it.
: Everything from the community events to cosplay you can’t miss in Rotterdam
Vallen29 (EUW)
: Concept: Permanent ARURF
got bored of arurf to be honnest, i find more fun to play properly my champ in very hard battle, than in a whole mess up mode can be fun for some moment, but not perma
: She drops from chests, so you have to be lucky I guess.
i gues so already opened 30 but nothing, this will cost me a lot in the long run for a cheap skin
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: New Server : Middle East- سيرفر عربي
which country are you from? Middle east is sadly hard area, between war and very very conservativ countries , dont knoow if riot and his game will have an easy life their , if you look how are designed half of the femal char from league of legend, they dont respect not at all the rule of good dressing. after i might get wrong,
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NaG4zaK1 (EUW)
: nerf
: > [{quoted}](name=Irelia My Soul,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=zbbElwhO,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-01-21T22:30:05.987+0000) > > well realistic? i mean you see kennen spam his ult like normal, come on it can be osme kind of spiritual blade, which could have sens and that how they look like in game > > and be stoic doesnt mean be totaly detach and with no emotion, in game she claim in battle, so But they aren't spirit blades, they're ceremonial weapons. Also, magic like Kennen's lightning powers follows a completely different set of rules as magic doesn't subscribe to the concept of physics. Also, stoicism is not letting you emotions show, which is exactly how she is in the cinematic.
well that not the case in game, so for me there is an issue for the char, or you make her strong and expressiv, or you dont, but you dont do the exact opposit in scene.
: I feel like you might want to disconnect in-game Irelia from lore Irelia. Irelia only has 6 blades, so 'ulting' would leave her with nothing to fight with. Her blades are small, true, but considering it requires a huge amount of concentration and discipline to move them with her mind, blades the size of long swords would be out of the question. While, yes, League is a fantasy setting, there is no feasible way she would be able to parry Sion. The is an undead monster that is inhumanly strong and is functionally immortal. She could have stabbed his feet into the ground and he still would have crashed into her. As for the face, it's an artistic choice on the part of the animators, I wouldn't lose sleep over it. Apart from the fact Ionia is based on Asian culture and all that, so her looking Asian makes total sense. Finally, she puts on the level-headed, stoic facade because she is the figurehead of the Ionian Resistance. Her losing her cool in battle would shake her people's faith in her.
well realistic? i mean you see kennen spam his ult like normal, come on it can be osme kind of spiritual blade, which could have sens and that how they look like in game and be stoic doesnt mean be totaly detach and with no emotion, in game she claim in battle, so
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: i think irelia looks better than ever ! especially her asian look is refreshing and adds to this whole diverse world riot created. I really enjoy how ALL champs in this new cinemtic look more like real "actors" instread of overly blended CGI. But yeah, I aggree on her lack of movement and agility..
we can speak about physical aspect but i would prefer something more clother of her splashar to not shattered her phyisical identity, here i just feel something is not right. For exemple riven and draven are very close to their splashart design, and look real too.
BooM2003 (EUNE)
: Make a better one then
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Rizer (EUNE)
: Middle East
Well which country is not in war or a dictatorship there? No I joke For me the best country to have server, would be Syria, but with the current war that hard (i wonder if syrian play league of legend) saudi arabia is a very bad idea, cause there is many rule, and i dont think riot want to risk some moral stuff with them. Iran would be cool, but eh, most of the westernize world make them evil, ok maybe Ayatollah would not agree with the outfit skin of katarina and boobs of miss fortune. Israel will prevent palestininan to play league of legend. (cant wait lcs ISrael vs palestinian) Remain Trukish, but i think they got already server, so i dont know. any ideas?
Kneegrows (EUW)
: Hey riot.
well i have also crash in game too happen to other ppl
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