: Yeah the face looks more like qiyana or riven with darker skin. Still cool collectable tho.
No i want her face from splahsart! or something close at least, so wont get it anyway i plan to get giant poster of her of all her skin splashart
: Well, she is from Ionia, and by all accounts Ionia is most similar in culture and climate to southeast asia, so her being darker skinned isn't completely outlandish. But yeah, the skin tone is pretty different from the way we usually see her. She's still pretty though, just different from her usual self. And the rest of the figure is pretty much spot on for project irelia.
well not only skin but also face and eyes, i dont reconize her, like this Kazakshtan top model girl they took to modelise her in the openning of seasons.
SayDaddy (EUW)
: why you all care so much about this game
i care about Irélia, i want giant poster of her of all her skin!
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: The end of Irelia in pro play
i want to see her again in pro competition,
Rioter Comments
: He is nearly the exact same. Q and W are the same, except q is now a skillshot. E is the same, except that it's been combined with his passive and you can move now. Ult is the exact same too. So the only thing that happened to pantheon is that all his abilities are now stronger and less clunky to use. My oh my, truly a terrible day... Yeah his numbers could use some adjusting, but apart from that he's just good ol' pantheon with a new look. Also stop pretending you're a pantheon main, you've played less than 20 games with him in the last 5 months...
ult changed alot he cant jump anywhere on map now, and his ult make him very predictable, it should be less predictable i think.
casperkr (EUW)
: Vayne firecracker Prestige Edition - Not among other prestige skins ?
: If anything panth is a bit underpowered tbh. He has a good early game, but as soon as you hit level 6 you should be able to outtrade him easily. Just make sure you attack him when he's low on stacks of his passive. Land an e, q in and q out back to a minion and you should win that trade every time. If he tries to go in on you after that, just R him and go all in. If he uses e, just get behind him since the damage block is only in one direction.
ah i see, thx for the tips, i ll try to keep it mind yes it doesnt seems very op, his ult is kinda too much predictable, should be like sion one i think
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: why is this pinned lmao?
: Garen PBE changes
well i would like be 0/5 with irelia, and be so cancer for the whole game, as garen do sadly or happyli, irelia is not that kind of champ,and ask you to play very good early to be strong mid late game
Mada (EUW)
: That's what I mean: Maybe she only says them when laning against certain characters. For example she says something else if she hits a Noxian champion... There: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Irelia/Quotes
no she says them when she back from base there is 3 phrase new
Mada (EUW)
: Some characters have special interactions with certain other characters. Maybe that's what it was...
no no no she really says new phrase that i never heard befor
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Well don't worry people are rude even if you don't abuse something, and flame you. So many times I get flame if i don't kill disconnected players, yes in rank, i don't care is rank I want to win cause I and my team play better not because we kill a disconnect, but people don't find rewarding in working hard to succeed, they want it easy, to scam, cheat, abuse, do everything to win, so of course they start ping me and flame me, delusional threat to report me and so on. - Flamed if I don't kill disconnected players - flamed if as blitz I don't grab afk or dc players from towers -Flamed when i am solo lane and somebody was dc/afk and come lvl 1 when I am 6 on lane and I let them farm, I don't kill them and refuse to participate on kill if jungle force gank on a lvl 1, when we are 5-6lvl. I still get advantage from that because while I let him recover farm and level I roam, so still an unfair advantage, but killing a lvl 1 as level 6 is disgusting. so don't worry people just want to win no matter how, that's why they try to abuse every glitch, bug, they search for most op champs and so on, winning no matter what ... ignore them and play as you fit is honorable not how somebody dictate you, still intentional dining might get you banned so try not to do it, or do it in a way that is not visible, and not announce it on chat, just engage in a fight and miss your skillshots and so on.
Yes i dont like too kill dc player, i did sometime because wel i was kinda upset to lose against that guy, so i take revenge, but i feel unfair to do it. Also i dont get good feel to kill someone who dc, i cant say i won on him, that not true, and here i want to win by fight , not by dc. i admit sometime it is tricky cause i can see the guy not moving at all for 10 sec, and wondering if he dc, so i dont play aggro, and sometime no, he just troll me or be afk 10 sec, already gave kill on purpose to rebalance the match up mid, cause they guy came late on game. for me it is not intentional feeding, it is just a rebalance to make match fair. and one kill is not really some feed it is just one, for bannishment they analyse the whole game and player behave, to conclude if there is feeding intentional, but in my case, giving a kill one time and play normally rest of the game, i dont think it can be see as intentionnal feeding, thx for your tips
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Was it a ranked game? If it was, then you shouldn't have done that. In a normal I could totally see that as sportmanslike, though most others just see it as intentional feeding, which it 'officially' is. But I mean, if I was in your game I'd just say "Awesome! You're a nice person" and give you my honor cause I love seeing things like that.
well thx, no was not ranked, cause i dont play ranked those days, on rank i play to win, i only do this if the guy front of me got problem of connection and joined the game late, i let him cs get level back and one kill if i got some easy kill cause of jungler, to just allow him have a luck to do something. and that all but here, normal just wanna get some fun, and ppl take that for try hard, i mean, i cant have fun if i just lose on purpos or dont try to win my lane -_-, so happen sometime to meet some mid really newbie on champ, and i feel kinda unfair to stomp them, even i gave them some tips against irelia and so on. anyway thx for your support that kind.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: For giving free kills you should be banned~ even in normal. They should be banned for flaming ofcourse. Ban Everyone {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
i give a kill to allow him get fun, i dont feed, just i was winning hardly wanted him get some fun too, also already gave kill to ppl who couldnt connect early on game, that is just a kind of fair play
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: Absolutely not. I hate when people waste my time, so maybe give a measly amount of BE, but not LP. You're not supposed to "rank up" with afkr's.
with afker or with feeder in the other team ?
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: Can't load game, won't reconnect
bug with windows 7, should be fix by 9.16 according to support, else try to restart computer.
: Riot hates me :(
happen to me often
CJXander (EUNE)
: Pool Party Ahri - Login screen
too much erotic, even riot wont dare go so far, when you see all fan art already existing -_-
: game does't lunch
it is a incompatibility with with windows 7 and will be fix at 9.16 according to support ticket to me. i have this too, so i dont play much cause i dont like force process like this. i hope 9.16 will defintly fix this for good
: Why are Tanks so useless in the Top lane
hmm you forgot irelia, is that mean she is not that op?
: 14 day for 7 chat messanges adn 3 out of context "%%%"
well i dont see anything shocking, someone can explain?
: Can we finally agree to abolish the banning system and stop banning for any kind of reason?
: Game still in progress.
i got from support the answer, that it come from incompatibilty with windows 7 and they should fix it for 9.16
: Broken champ fights Broken champ. Maybe you don't find her overpowered because your playing one of the most overpowered non counterplay champs in the game.
blablabla you know that if irelia is behind she hardly back in the game which is not the case of riven, irelia is countered by many champ so dont say it is broken thx,
Rena (EUW)
: Why Riven is in a "toxic" state right now
i hate riven ,but i like fight her, it is like a challenge for irelia, else if i lose early onetime against her, game is done for me else i dont find her overpowered, just ppl dont know how to deal with
: same reason people hate akali and teemo and zoe they don't let you get close to minion waves :) very uninteractive lane tbh and irelia is extremely mobile get close to minion to last hit as zoe she e q q auto ignite me and i am dead in less than a second people don't like champs that kill you in less than a second or don't let you farm/poke you for free etc
yes but ppl arent playing here so, i dont see the point to "ouuuuuuuuuuu"
Rioter Comments
No1Xtreme (EUW)
: Just another proof that RIOT employees are incompetent {{item:4401}} {{item:3504}} {{item:3128}} {{item:2062}} guy who made a mistake should get at least 2 weeks vacation or get fired like most support and balance team employees {{champion:350}} {{champion:92}}
everyone can do mistake no need to be rush, you dont do mistake at your job you? else are you incompetent then?
: if you get the bug you simply have to close the client open your task manager shut down all league related processes, restart the client and you should be able to load into the game its a bit annoying but you will usualy be there in time if your pc is somewhat decent.
yes i know, but i did this topic to warn ppl who dont understand why it happen, and when will it be solve.
: every champion in a nutshell (NO LORE INCLUDED)
Irelia got more nerf than that, so quiet unfair you choose this you could say something more connected to her, like when she say she is a warm woman, after she said that she cut throat . Besise for ap, use auto to proce ad shield of camille.
Rioter Comments
Someeone (EUNE)
: I agree (even if I main Lux) :/ They should Focus more on game not skins :v
there is team for technical game and team for skin, so there is no need to focus more it is just they dont seem really aware of that issue, but it start to touch alot of ppl now
: dc here, dc there, dc everywhere
league of bugend, but, riot seems not pay attention to this issue, and support believe that our computer are failing
: My game doesnt load
welcom to the very closed club of ppl getting this issue man no need to restart comp btw, restart client after close it in task tool setting if still bugging when you rrelog, delete the file "setting" in riot folder for now i got long trade with support and all stuff they asked to me to do i did, and didnt fix it at all now they got doubt about the viabily of my ram, where bunch of ppl got same problem -_-
Rios160 (EUNE)
: sooo is there gonna be week 2 event missions or what?
there is 2 or 3 mission per week which is really poor
: if i dc or remake a game, why does it get rid of my autofill protected?
it work in same way if you are autofilled and there is a remake so it balanced
: Yeah and then they will tell you that your pc is faulty. They never admit that their client is shit and causing problems.
i dont know i just want to play, and league of legend doesnt seem to be very heavy game to run dont think it is question of admiting of client failur, but that weird that there is no respons while all ppl across europe got this problem
: Everyone is having this problem and RIOT seems to think that it's everyone's fault but not their shitty client. I sent them multiple screenshots and they're asking me to do the same shit on and on, i.e, repair the installation and send logs etc.
well me they ask to me to test the ram now i mean other game work without problem
dino0 (EUW)
: Disable ipv6,doesnt work Dont use skype or discord(overlaping program) Disconect from hamchi network if you have. I say truthfully probems is from riot, they say its not but it is. The only thing that has worked for me, was having task manager at hand, if i see the game isnt gona start terminated league and relog
well me suport ask me to test my RAM now but cant believe so many ppl get the same issue, and the probleme is not from them, also i dont have probleme with other online game
dino0 (EUW)
: Then i can only say keep, task manager at hand
yes i know i can relog and go in game but it is annoying, dont like that at all, whats wrong, even support have no clue at all of what happen all solution they gave not working
: Prestige skin
prestige are limited in the time sadly maybe one day they ll out for special moment for 2 week with prestige token, but that all i think
Tarolock (EUNE)
: they cant fix which is not on their end, or maybe they could if ppl would provide info on how it is happening, stuff like "fix it riot" is not really helpful on finding the issue
you want to see all ticket i %%%ing made on this probleme since 3 week?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: that happened to me only once, a few years ago, so its not coding, because everyone gets the same code...
it is happen to many now dont think it is coding either, but still they need to fix it
: Irelia is underpowered currently. Most of the games Irelia meets her counterpicks, like heavy juggernauts, Yasuo (straight outscale counterpick), GP ("just eat the orange" counterplay), other alacrity toplaners (Fiora, Camille). Irelia's kit has zero escape built. Only viable option is E, which could be lured. Only viable when teammates do not feed like crazy, which happens very rarely. This is the meta of outscales. Master Yi, Nasus, Azir, Yasuo are top picks. Irelia falls off -- means she needs buffs for late. I would make something for Irelia when she gets to level 17. Like bonus for abilities or ultimate range. But Irelia herself is counterpick to many meta-picks. She screws assassins very good. Reason for you not to pick assassins in the first place, blindly and not thinking how you going to deal with such bad matchups.
: Can't join my game. It says "Game is in progress" but I can't reconnect
same here for many ppl and riot say nothing about it
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