: He isn't a duelest... he isn't ment to be dueling. Early game you farm, he has a weak early game so like a nasus or koggie you farm and you survive as you will out scale. Using your pushing power helps with this as well as yes it leaves you vulnerable to ganks but you just push to their tower then back off, you don't need to be anywhere near the wave as you get nothing from that, and you aren't vulnerable to any kind of gank or trade which you will lose. You can also ward and use your E to get out of dodge. Mid to late you still don't duel... leave that to your top laner you've got better things to do. Your still amazing at pushing so keep waves cleared, keep farming, split push when you can (but get ready to run if someone tries to stop you) and keep with your team... when teamfights start then position correctly and you will be hitting most of their team extremely hard will staying safe. Remember you are essentially an adc, act like one. When ever the opportunity arises use your roaming potential to gank, always make sure you outnumber them (so support your jungler's ganks or make sure your not gonna get counter ganked) as your still weak early and go over the walls using E while charging your Q, done right it's a free kill. When you do find yourself in a duel use R to push back then kite like your life depends on it... he is like a singed your goal in a fight is to keep someone away long enough to kill them. Once you have created the distance then combine your Q with the rylies your gonna build to allow you to move at the same speed as them... which means they can never catch you and they can't get out of the stars which will damage them enough for them to not be able to use their gap closer again when it comes off cooldown. > If they at least removed the time delay from his stun to make it castable on enemies inside his passive he would be usable (although still heavily team reliant). It makes him balanced, he has to use a long cooldown to get you out of his face which creates goals for both sides, sol is trying to position correctly to stop this while his enemies want to get in his face.
Thx for the advice. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Not really my playstyle since dueling and outplaying 1v1 is my favorite thing in league. Still, might be worth a game or two when i want to just chill and push lanes.
Solash (EUW)
: When a level 23 player starts giving his opinion on game balance. http://i.imgur.com/uOURj1D.jpg
It's not my main. Just my forum shitposting/test account. Should be fairly obvious tbh. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Actually he is good but he has a very high skill floor... once you get him down he is a force to be reckoned with (one of the best early game wave pushers beating even azir and viktor, unparalleled roaming potential, a stun that can be big enough to cover an entire base, and a teamfight presence which will have you getting multi kills by accident). He isn't for everyone as he has got a steep learning curve which can be painful and if you don't get on with him he is pathetic (basically what you had), but just because you struggle with getting results doesn't mean he can't get them. So yes it was prob a mistake for you to buy him but that doesn't mean no one can use him and he is amazing when you get on with him.
The main issue with him in soloQ is that he can't properly duel anyone, especially in midgame and all that pushing leaves him wide open to ganks. If they at least removed the time delay from his stun to make it castable on enemies inside his passive he would be usable (although still heavily team reliant).
Infernape (EUW)
: Not to mention he sucks against melee champions with a gapcloser. Once someone gets inside his passive, he's screwed.
The fact that he has basically an Anivia Q only with 1/2 the range and a delay that prevents trigger at point blank range pretty much means he dies against all those champs without ult up. Really weird choice in this hyper mobility meta.
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: PROJECT skin shards
Well, opened my own Augments and got PROJECT: Zed along with other crazy value loot. I guess all the box opening vids I saw just had crap luck. ^^
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Avalegg (EUW)
: welp I got project:Ashe skin shard :S
Nice! Did you get it from a regular box or an augment one?
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. I believe that hard limit is set to 12 fragments, which equals 4 keys. =)
I remember reading somewhere that there is no hard limit, just a reduced drop chance with every fragment. Tho 4 keys per month would make sense, since that is also the max number of boxes you can get.
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NoxTheBoss (EUNE)
: You need more premade scrubs to get S'es so you can get them chests, since that's how it works, and you can also get an S yourself, and also you need to play champs that don't already have chests dropped for them, but i am guessing u know all of this. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Did't know about the same champ thing. Been molesting {{champion:103}} too much lately. Guess it's time for a change. ^^
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Skere (EUW)
: She used to be extremely underpowered, so I'm not sure what time you're referring to.
On launch she was literally killing entire teams by herself after getting some feed.
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: Dealing with zed as zed
That is only relevant in blind pick, which I would recommend you get out of ASAP as it is not representative of the actual game and bad for learning shit. As for duels, it's all about poke and farm and basically whoever ults first will lose unless the other guy is extremely bad so try to not get baited into ulting first.
Icy Spectre (EUNE)
: Syndra, Brand, Anivia, Cassio, Karthus, Katarina, Lissandra(?), Lux, Mordekaiser, Nidalee, Orianna, Ryze, Swain, Talon(? I shrekt him later but early was hell), Twisted fate, Veigar, Ziggs. Does not seem like "few specific" Syndra - all she can do in all in is QQR, while only R does damage; Brand - immobile flamer, just report him Anivia - nobody really plays her anymore since the start of league of mobility Cassio - how do you even deal with zed? At least personally I have no idea Karthus - rofl Katarina - feedarina Lissandra - well she has free zhonyas, can still get poked down by zed, because assasin with long poke is fair mechanic Lux - you miss Q and you're dead Mordekaiser - Nobody really plays him anymore, because everything that does not have to melee him 100% of the time wrecks him Nidalee - dead cat Orianna - immobile too Ryze - early game is what zed loves Swain - poked down and dead, either waste mana on ult heal or die faster Talon - well now that I got level 6 and have 30 farm at 75 minutes... Twisted fate - Can't even stun most of the time because he can just ult you and card disappears like everything else does Veigar - can't just instastun anymore Ziggs - same thing, zed just counterults. EDIT: Taliyah, nuff said.
Lol @ dis list. Lissandra literally hardcounters Zed. I have never lost that matchup in my life. And most of the other champs either outrange and outpoke him or negate his ult with hard CC or mobility. Some of them do all of these things combined. People need to learn how to play instead of complaining about a pleb pick assassin that can get easy kills on scrubs who have no idea how to play their champs.
: Need new waifus!
{{champion:39}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:44}} Bump! {{champion:44}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:39}}
Almighty (EUNE)
: When a champ is banned almost every game, you know something is wrong!
Zed is fairly garbage as long as you know how to deal with him. Only a few specific mid picks should ban him. He is probably the most pointlessly banned champ in the game. People just ban him because they have always done so.
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: {{champion:83}}
Maybe with the pentakill skin. And after a liter or so of Jameson. ^^
Evanitis (EUNE)
: {{champion:60}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:429}}
{{champion:39}} {{champion:39}} Not kawaii enough.{{champion:39}} {{champion:39}}
Najns (EUW)
: {{champion:1}} Sorry, had to.
True enough tho. Game needs moar than just 1 loli. ^^
Meów (EUNE)
: Is it possible somehow to see ban history?
If you have not changed your email then just search for rito there and you should find messages about previous bans, if they exist.
Infernape (EUW)
: >What we really need is a system that detects people who just afk in base or at fountain but move a bit every minute to trick the leaver buster. The system already knows if someone is doing that. It cannot be tricked that way.
Considering the fact that I have seen people doing exactly that in dozens of games without getting the afk kick or a punishment afterwards, I highly doubt that claim.
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Impunity (EUNE)
: Afk punishment must be changed 1 minute - 1 Point
That would also punish people who had to take a dump during the game. I for one ain't dedicated enough to shit or piss myself over 1 match. ^^ What we really need is a system that detects people who just afk in base or at fountain but move a bit every minute to trick the leaver buster.
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