: Thank you for you for this respond, I really appreciate it.
A pleasure :)
: As I just sayid some ''intelligent beings'' will look at my post and will leave responds based on the most overused stereotype on my current division, Still your respond it's useful for me like the random bad players we all get in our teams.
You should play way less champions, and focus on one/two lanes with very few picks . When you'll start master your champs you will see more stuff during the game. I'm talking about watching the minimap, knowing when to engage and disengage, when to get drake/objectives. Also in "X" elo, the enemy team and your team are more or less skilled equally. So, when you'll have a big impact into the game, you'll climb. It's not about stats, it's about knowing what/when to do things correctly. If your skill will be improved like at a gold level you'll climb because the enemy will be just stomped. Let's say you are top : you stomp the enemy and proceed to get turret, than stomp the jungler aswell and keep pushing, forcing the enemy to catch you, giving your team an advantage and basically giving them a free win. This is just an example. If there is a fed enemy it's normal, this game works this way. If you play better you'll be fed aswell and kill him, getting the extra gold provided by the bounty. If you care about chatting / flaming / etc it's wasted time and nothing else. Just improve your game. This game is not about climbing. This game is about your own skillset, just this way you can have fun. I remember when i started in S1. When i ranked i ended bronze. I was like you, angry and saying it wasn't my fault. When i started to understand the game mechanics and my skill (e.g : mouse/keyboard/combos...etc) raised i ended up in gold. Platinum is what i achieved now, nothing special i'm noob. But it doesn't rly matter where you end up, what matters is improving because you have fun in doing it. If i improved and i see that i dropped a division because enemy was better or i was unlucky, it's fine. It's really really hard for a teamgame to be accurate in the ranking system, it just gives you an idea about your game knowledge
Valzuuuh (EUW)
: He probably did, but there's pretty much nothing we can do on Boards for him. Jördi can solve this issue only by discussing with Player Support.
Discussing or copy pasterino support :D
: My account got hacked and is now banned for using 3rd party scripts.
someone shouldn't be banned If you get hacked and the hacker scripts ...it sucks -_- hope you'll fix this
Suspicion (EUNE)
: Rank Solo/Duo Sucks
it's beautiful because it seems that every bronze player that type in the boards is skilled. There is not a single baddie :D
ChefSauce (EUW)
: Looking for Plat/Dia-Smurf DuoQueue Partner
And why are you looking for dia/plat smurf? To be carried/boosted ? It's like "oh oh oh i don't deserve bronze but can't get out myself so i need dia player to boost the %%%% out of me"
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: IDK full support just seems stronger overall. You really only buff your autos because your Q and E are sustain anyway.
yes and he enables also the mage pick on bot (like malz brand etc..). So your team benefits from the support items and a strong dmg dealer on bot lane
Perilum (EUW)
: {{item:3073}}
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: goddamit, idk how to post gifs, so here is more salt in its prettiest form http://i.imgur.com/D6LbO.jpg
: If you dislike the game, quit? :D{{champion:103}}
i don't just play this game you know
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: Here, add this. http://i.imgur.com/VHaVXY3.png
not about salt, about facts
Rioter Comments
: Current state of cheesy support picks
If you are saying that the only viable support picks must be the classic ones like Raka / Janna / Lulu / etc.... you are wrong. It's better than sum1 has the chance to choose what kind of supportive skills you want to provide to your team ; be it with raw dps , with shields or heals or engage. Variety is always better. It's not true the dps supp is going to win the lane vs a classic one. I'm playing alot with malza support lately , but i also main bard / braum / nauti / janna. Versus some lanes matchup the raw dps'er isn't working. Let's say you are versus a Leona playing brand. If she hits her E and his adc burst the %%%% out of you the result is you'r dead meat. If you are upset that some champs might be a bit over the lines that's a different story, but i don't think is true that all the classic supps are outshined by the apc's
: I hear ya, ofc the META is always going to exist, I personally find it interesting to follow the META throughout the patches and see how it evolves. But atm it feels like these said "META picks" are extremely dominant. Almost to the point where you're putting yourself at a huge disadvantage by playing something outside the META box. That's why people are complaining about the anti-fun aspect of league right now. What's the fun if you can't play champions that you enjoy because you will get straight up demolished.
most of the champions can be played only in bronze. balance is shit atm
: Isn't Camille's kit a little... overloaded?
it's marketing guys...new champ must be op so ppl buy it....than nerf...repeat....money money money :)
Tom Raider (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=XHBO,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=dVoQULAm,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-12-22T16:38:59.458+0000) > > Most Countries even in Africa have LTE. This allows you to have 20ms latency if you didnt know. Of course this might not be cheap but thats not a problem which belongs to Riot. As far as i know, LTE is used as telecommunication, which contains the 4G for the phones. Pretty sure it cannot change the latency range if you still live fairly far from the servers.
someone should give a try, i live in italy and with LTE i get 45 ms, but i don't have full connection power (i have about 30mbit)
Teejoon (EUW)
: Another complain about ruined Ranked with autofill and not give them credit for what they did... They actually made ranked a lot better by you having a choose of choosing 2 rolls that you prefer to get. You get the roll you want more often now then before. Before you were only guaranteed you roll if you were first pick, since you couldn't say "Hey, I want to play any of theses 2 rolls" before queuing. Which meant you could end up with 5 mid mains in a single team. If the last pick didn't want support or the roll he/she got. That player could also just pick a random champ and go somewhere else. No ward, no support item and the other stuff. I don't get why people hate autofill so much. We only had like 6-7 months were we were guarantee the 2 rolls we selected. Then they saw a big problem were a lot of players didn't pick support so games couldn't start, giving long queues, and players that wanted to play support sometimes was force into playing support more then they would like to play that roll. I had support as secondary in the beginning of season 6 before. I had gotten support about 4 out of 5 games, then I stopped having it as my secondary. In the beginning of the season I had gotten support 12 out of 13 games. Getting support several games in a row was not very fun, even if it is my second best roll. So, I stopped picking it. Support is fun in moderation, not to always play it. That's way it was my freaking secondary. I believable you still almost always get support if you have it as secondary. At least I have gotten it most of the times when I have picked it as secondary, now and then. By not fixing it, player that like support but don't want to play it every games, has support as secondary less and less since they gotten fed up by only getting it. Like me. And without autofill the queue time would get longer and longer. Since I was fed up by only playing support and would probably have gotten fed up by long queue times if autofill didn't exist. The queue times now are quiet long right now if you ask me. 6min or more for gold is too long, which happens frequently to me. It should be less then 3min. Without autofill, it can only get worse then it is now.
don't know why he doesn't learn support himself ^^
LA Losty (EUW)
: Im pretty sure they all just play together because its fun, its alot more entertaining to watch too. Also they have always had alot of smurfs that they have played on in the previous seasons so that hasnt changed either. There are still alot of challengers with really high LP, so clearly they still grind quite a bit, and considering half of the players in challenger already got a badge means that they have played alot more than just once every 1 days, as you need 25 wins since the last patch to even get it ( i havnt even gotten mine yet) those who hasnt gotten their badge yet will probaly get it soon, and i noticed alot of those who hadnt gotten it yet were pros with their smurfs, and maybe thats because they need to spend more time practicing in 5v5's. I also know a couple of people aiming for rank 1, and some people do series on it on Youtube. Also i have played more than 300 ranked games and i dont think ive met a single boosted guy so far, maybe its because im high diamond. If anyone got boosted to diamond i cant imagine that they got boosted higher than D5 as it would be alot harder, you can only play as 3 premades and you will get the rewards assuming they stay in D5 (which they wont for long if they play on their own). DQ has made ranked more unbalanced and especially in gold/plat there are more boosted players, but im not sure what you are on about regarding the streaming community, and where i play i havnt met any boosted players, so very high elo clearly still has meaning.
you can't expect every single player go high diamond to have a decent game experience ^^ The game should be enjoyable in all elos....this DQ is just bullshit and i am sure they lost alot of players I was Plat 1 last season after going Dia V . I didn't deserve dia so i dropped. But man...this season is a nightmare. In plat 5 i meet so much skilled and garbage players at the same time. League is messed up, you can't deny it
Eveninn (EUW)
: I can only give my personal opinion on this one, but I don't think anyting has particullary gone worse since we got DynQ. It isn't perfect yb no means, but most of the things, people complained about just as much before. Well, some complaints changed, but they are still there in one form or antoher. Maybe that's just me tho. ^^'
Stop saying this fucking stupid thing everytime. Rankeds are fucked and random. The solo player can't do shit
: This is Riot
It's always too late when the Devs realize they fucked up everything. The game needs both Solo and Team experiences and players. The Rift will be abandoned sooner or later and they'll just go back home doing their shit
: it is true this season is more snowball oriented. this is why early game champion tend to have higher winrates.
this is why this game is going to be quitted by the whole community sooner or later. Riot fucked up things
xShepardx (EUW)
: Diamond 5 leaving your friends behind
duo Q with 1 division of difference...good old times
: buhahaha. welcome to the league of premade.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Sayainji,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=dz16hgNU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-12T15:21:14.378+0000) > > they are not worth you waste your calories typing for every feeder/troll I think you save more calories by not being stressed/tilted by them then by not writing. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
well if you are fat burning calories gives benefits :D
Iridya (EUW)
: What happens if.....? (A funny thread)
Wondering if Riots ever tryied these things
: Q {{champion:4}} when you are using {{champion:64}}, then press Q just before he uses his TP ult and you will fly across the map for him. same with Z's ult. so if you ult some one as Z, TP across the map to Lee, he Q's you and flies to you when you return with R, lee will fly across the map. don't know if it works with {{champion:421}}, heck I don't even know if it works anymore
Oh god are you serious on Lee Q while TF ults? Need to see this !
: What happens if you Q on a wall as Nautilus while being grabbed by a Blitzcrank? (I actually know what happens and it's really awesome xP Just try it out xD)
Gonna try it ! great idea :D
Rioter Comments
Faca4 (EUW)
: We need SOLO-QUEUE !!!!
they ruined the ranked system with this new dynamic queue. They just fucked up a system already flawed... it doesn't matter in which MMR or league you are playing because you'll meet a game with bronze level , than you find a premade of 3-4 ppl being coordinate and communicating very well and...TADAN you have a platinum level game...pfff Riot love to screw things...just that Also the streamers are forced to premade because they can't climb anymore (at least gran part of them). I mean it's too luck based if you play solo.
Rioter Comments
: Nerf items
they are nerfing champions because of these items. And it's wrong imho, atm some champions that benefit greatly from AS are too strong and can build tanky as well while dealing tons of dmg. {{item:3124}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3053}} {{item:1403}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3156}}
Sinitar (EUW)
: Alternative udyr-nerf/change
They don't have to nerf udyr...they have to nerf the items. Actually all champs using Devourer / Guinsoo combo are over the top. Examples : Yi - Jax - Udyr - Shyv...Xin...etc In Particular the thing with the devourer stacks is annoying...you are forced to pressure the enemy because if you let them farm for 10 min they ll be able to deal uncomparable dmg while having the ability to build bruiser-ish {{item:1403}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3156}} Copy this build for all of them and you have a Bulldozer The thing with the runic echoes is a minor issue tbh... Basically all the champs that benefit from AS as their core are bit unbalanced
314exeexe (EUNE)
: Your just salty and toxic
Rioter Comments
MynadarxCZ (EUNE)
: I have always think Lux E and Gragas Q should have a minimum time before it can be detonated, like 0.5s. I also love how they made Gragas Q do more dmg with longer time before detonating. Making same change to Lux E while adding the 0.5s before it can be detonated would solve it nicely imho - no no-skill-no-counter-play harass while rewarding hitting full combo. Or instead of the 0.5s delay make the area of effect smaller while it grows with time - like Cassi W, but with faster growing, so it can be actully dodge without a mobility ability/flash. I mean the spell actully looks like its growing/becoming unstable with time, so if the dmg/radius would act according to it, it would only make sense.
or diminish E's damage ... BUT increase it if she hits Q
C9 TopDie (EUW)
: High ping in the evening hours on EUW.
i think it's related to routing. I had the same problem. Maybe during the evening more ppl are connected on your net. When this happens, try to install WTFast ,you have a trial period, (not telling you to subscribe ^^) . Turn it on and try to relog, if the ping changes it's related to your ISP.
Rioter Comments
: New champ select moaners
fuck this shit 30 min im trying to start
Andyfr (EUW)
nerfing a skill due to a mastery is stupid imho
Rioter Comments
: Possible solution to the ELO boost website spamming problem
they should remove copy paste in chat :P
Izendel (EUNE)
: RP Sellers / Boosters and such, Please make it stop.
remove copy paste function from chat and they ll have to write it manually :D also remove direct web-site linking from chat.
: I don't see the reason you call this stupid, obviously you didn't try it, sometimes opening the mind and trying it before giving feedback about what is politically correct in theory. And yeah your options for ap supports are solid and strong, but once again, I just spontaneously added Bard into the list of the full ap "supports", i think I mentioned that in the post itself.
gl with that build in a decent elo. rip
: I'm with you on Nidalee. Every time the balance guys give her a bit of an edge she becomes the meta. Man, I hate playing against Nidalee. As for LB, Ahri, Zed, and to a degree, Fizz, let's see how the new item, Luden's Echo, plays out. It's currently up for testing on PBE if you haven't seen it, here are the stats: **Total Cost**: 3100g **Recipe**: Needlessly Large Rod + Aether Wisp +120 Ability Power +7% Movement Speed **UNIQUE Passive**: Gain charges upon moving or casting. At 100 charges, the next spell hit expends all charges to deal 100 (+.15 AP) bonus magic damage to up to 4 targets on hit. So it's a bit like Statikk Shiv, and a bit like Ahri's W. I think it's gonna make champions like Lux, Kayle and Swain much more relevant. We've been missing out on an 120AP item for those champions who can't rely on assassiny burst, and I want to see how this changes up the mid lane.
Bursting champ will be even more OP. Imagine it on LB, she'll delete you with W and R without any other skill. Truth is Riot S5 balance is just screwed. 80% of games are won in pick/bans. They are just trying to mixing things changing stuff here and there, but they don't really know what they are doing. Even pro games are ending early because of shit balance
Andy Ten (EUW)
: Champions that needs to be nerfed in 5.5 or 5.6
shaco in high elo is like old evelyn. Gives pressure without doing nothing. But we are rito invisibility is good
: Fcking Irelia
The game state at the moment is just plain ridicolous. One of the worst since beta. At the moment or you pick 15 (max 20) champs or you are not competitive
: Being in the Balance Team actually requires any amount of brain or knowledge or something?
: Give riven energy.
I'll be so happy when she gets rebalanced to check boxbox and other riven's streamer that will suck all the way down to bronze cuz they can't snowball anymore Riven mains perfectly know she's op like hell but they can't admit it. She just snowball even if behind. Riot leave her because they make money with her. It's just tardness. Ad scaling shield / mobility / stun / low cd Garen have way higher cd's than her and he's prone to kiting, she just has no cons. And stop saying cc her because it's really the most stupid thing you can post It's so clear like kata and nida...but ppl still replying stupid stuff to def the op's
Toazter (EUW)
: A talk about Veigar
I think there is a misconcept with Veigar. Riot is not assuming that a champion that doesn't have mobility needs some sort of range or a setup (kit) that doesn't need the champion to go close to his opponent in order to be effective. As you surely know there are many examples : Xerath has no dashes or gap closers but has huge range Khartus has 0 mobility but he has his ulti to mind this gap Swain has no mobility but he has sustain Veigar is just defenseless and his E doesn't give him a real advantage or something that can fill that "mobility lack". I think Riot should consider this stuff
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