iaapvp (EUW)
: 10 game chat restriction for this??
I was expecting 14 day or perma. This is actually really lenient considering what you wrote.
Gin (EUW)
: Summing up all the stuff: * 3 Summoner Icons - 2 for your team, 1 for the region you are supporting (LEC/LCS) * 1 Ward skin for the team you are supporting * 1 Emote for the team you are supporting * 1 Chroma skin for the region you are supporting (LEC/LCS) And when it comes to fragments and all that other stuff: * 2400 BE * 7 Key Fragments * 2 Masterwork Chests Source: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/05/team-pass-fan-pass-hit-the-rift-on-may-31/
Thanks! Looks like they updated the post, it wasn't there before...
: Don't buy passes. Those and loot boxes are the cancer of gaming
MrCryKoda (EUW)
: what if we dont own the dragonslayer braum skin? what happens then ?
No idea, cuz it doesn't say anything... Hence this post :D
Iakovia (EUW)
: Oh that sucks then. The pass doesn't feel worth it imo, they've given 0 info as you said. Sorry I couldn't help more xD I'm as stuck as you now
nah it's perfectly fine, it only proves how bad Riot is at telling us what's inside :D
Amphysvena (EUNE)
: Since the missions aren´t even working, who is stupid enough to buy that?
Iakovia (EUW)
: I'm sure those 4 images are the icons you can get? As for BE, There's 1 mission out now for watch and earn and it's giving away 300 BE on completion, so I am guessing it will be that times however many videos there are? Probably around 2-3k BE? Doesn't seem like much though. They have been pretty useless at giving out info, I only found out about these passes like 10 minutes ago because of everyone talking about them, however I can't see them in my shop? I have the mission but not the passes? {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Unfortunately not, the 4 icons are not for EUW. They only show one team icon, one team ward and one team emote, yet you should get different depending on which team you chose. The mission for 300 BE is NOT part of the Pass, it's free for everyone.
Iakovia (EUW)
: https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/2019/05/team-pass-fan-pass-hit-the-rift-on-may-31/
Oh thanks. So it's on a 8 days old post :D Geez they are really not making it easy to find what you are buying. Yet it still dosnt show how the icons looks how many BE etc...
Miodragon76 (EUNE)
: So how do I deal with Aatrox?
When he uses his first Q, back off for 4 seconds. Then you have (after his last Q cast+4 seconds) 10 sec window to punish him since he has only W+E at most.
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Cypherous (EUW)
: Right, but even if you could earn tokens on TT, people still wouldn't play it, TT is barely played and its always been the middle child nobody really cared about
Sure, it would not be played as much, but this literally deters people from playing it...
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Iron IV Feeder,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ghE8nkJx,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-05-04T16:44:07.008+0000) > > There is 74 lines in first gamechat > There is 77 lines in second gamechat > Thats rougly 2 lines per minute. > 1 line in chat EVERY MINION WAVE > > Thats a lot mate, that isn't scattered at all, you are talking nonstop. So, in your opinion, how much can you type before it becomes spam?
Honestly i'm not a fan of calling someone a spammer at all. No matter how much they talk. For me a spammer is the streamer that posts links to twich in chat and that's that.
: It is a lot of talking, but its back and fourth convo between me and four other players. I'm not talking into the wind, i'm getting responses, so of course the chat is going to be a lot longer compared to if I was just speaking to no one. If I am not speaking to someone, I am quiet during the game, so please don't think this is just me talking, it is me and four others.
Yes, that's what makes it even worse. We are playing a game. Not reading a novel FFS
: I am no leader, I am just as valuable as anyone else in the game. League is 90% about communication to win games, but you can't do that anymore with a snowflake community. I never gave them my opinion, I gave them facts that other players in my game we're also agreeing with. It interests me how you've all browsed through the chat logs and not one of you have mentioned the abuse I was receiving on the other end of it all. But burn me at the stake, we'll keep everyone else scot free :)
Comunicate with pings then. Only use chat when pings are not enough. It will be better for you and everyone around
: This is scattered across 40 minute games? What are you talking about. All you've come here to do is make some immature comment, so you might as well of never made it...
There is 74 lines in first gamechat There is 77 lines in second gamechat Thats rougly 2 lines per minute. 1 line in chat EVERY MINION WAVE Thats a lot mate, that isn't scattered at all, you are talking nonstop.
: What do you mean "once again"? Have they ever fully worked?
they usually do after like a week... the starting day/week it's always buggy
Rioter Comments
: Can I have 25 BE for free pls riot?
I too am willing to asist in case of BE transfer. Write a ticket to Rito, you have my permision to have BE transefer from my balance to yours. Treat this post as evidence for Rito.
Mártir (EUW)
: Bad experience for New players
Unfortunately, low levels are the place where banned people play before getting banned again (and thus starting a lvl 1 acc again) So yeah, it's the worst possible place to experience league and at the same time it's the entry gate for new players. Just sad.
: Am I allowed to make 17 spam-posts a day ?
That's why I only read the Hot page - to avoid shitty posts. :P
: Sorry to hear that - never nice to have to deal with these rotten people. It's just some angry dweeb typing the meanest things he can think of, nothing more. I'd actually recommend fanning the flames even more - antagonize them even further by responding with complete nonsense or by making it clear that you don't care one iota about what they have to say. Make them even angrier to the point that they are shaking with tears in their eyes :) Serves them right for trying to get nasty & personal over a video game.{{champion:17}}
Ye i do that in postgame, when it doesn't influence the game anymore. Makes the flamewar fun at least...
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: It's because... let me get the quote... _Do note that due to content of the game (online interactions are no rated by ESRB) [the official game rating is 13+](https://www.esrb.org/ratings/Synopsis.aspx?Certificate=32211)._ >Inappropriate Discussions > >League of Legends caters to a wide audience of players, some **as young as 12 years old**. And they expect me to take those "guidelines" seriously. --- Also I found another gem. > Respect Your Fellow Players, and Their Opinions > > We’re aiming for the most sportsmanlike gaming community in the world, in-game and outside the game. --- And another... >No Mature Content > >(...)We don’t want to see any nudity, or real life gore. Violations of this rule will be dealt with swiftly, and seriously. **You could lose your in-game account if you mess up here.** Those halfwits can't tell a difference between a Void Staff and a dildo. I may better stop using Boards. --- The more I read of those "guidelines" the bigger of an aneurysm I get. They are just so unbelievably stupid, inconsistent and detached from reality, I'm not sure, if I should laugh, cry or both. Back in the old days when I attended IP.Boards-based forums the rules consisted of like 10 clear, transparent RULES and there was no questions. This is just a load of vague shi- excrements, dubbed "Guidelines" and you don't even know what kind of punishments are available unless you go to NA's Boards and check their VERSION of rules.
Well the game already peaked in popularity. This is what they are trying to save it. And failing misserably.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: _"It's all fun and games until some kid dies..."_ I do have 4 or 5 permabanned accounts on NA, so you should be careful uttering my name. Especially since mods can ban you for less. I remember one guy got banned for posting "mature content"... in the form of Miss Fortune's actually in-game splash art, while I got banned for quoting Evelynn and adding a picture of Void Staff below said quote.
Ye the mods are, well, odd to say the least. But that only shows the re*tarded reality - the game game shows mature themes, viloence and vulgarity, but players can't even quote THE VERY SAME STUFF. Like what the actual fcuk.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: inb4 OP gets banned, because naxilaren's username wasn't censored.
Ye, I missed that one lol :D But he isn't the one we are talking about you know. Vistha Kai Oh no, now I'm gonna get banned for naming you :D
Mattie010 (EUW)
: The way you react isn't "smart" btw if someone is raging. Totally not your fault, but I've experienced I get flamed more if I react like that so I try to avoid that as much as possible because it's not helping me. Unless you want to get them banned then... It is quite smart.
You get it. This is postgame chat, so I don't influence the outcome of the game anyway here. So as you have guessed I baited the guy to show all the toxicity he showed throughout the game in just two lines of chat. Only makes it more probable he will get banned if he acts like this.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: the AI detect with no problem "garb4ge" and other methods to hide the flame about community I have 2 ways to deal with - fullmute chat and pings (pings are 0% volume anyway or can't play the game anymore) before game start when i feel them since champ select how toxic and brainwashed they are - if i feel better mentally I just laugh how people can behave and think, since stupid people don't knwo they are stupid because well they are stupid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvVPdyYeaQU
ok, that vid made me lol
: Garbfourge xd
Jhin would like that word
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RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Add Lp number per game lossed winned in match history
Chrysies (EUW)
: ^This. Riot changed it some time ago, so once reporting a player post-game, any chat from the lobbies that violate the rules are included in the logs.
Ye, but OP is talking about games that end in dodge - so no postgame, thus no report option.
Roxãs (EUW)
: same, my pigeon carrier takes a bit until it arives on the boards
I recommend feeding it a bit more to reduce the lag spikes.
Aritmor (EUNE)
: Yea, I have the same problem. The offline message goes away after a while but when I loging I cannot create or join any lobby but I can chat with people in my friendlist and my internet works fine.
: Same and when I do log in , it says I cant play- play butoon is gray nor I can accept game invites... LOL...
: Same bs for me man, first i lagg so hard in the game everything is slow motion and then i cannot log into the game???? Jeezus Christ man. I guess i am blowing this massage in the wind if not internet.
reeto at it again...
Rioter Comments
: ARAM Backtrack & Urgot Ult Bug
Nice way to counter urgot :D
: On the image you only see the solo-q 5v5 rank. You have to go to the profile to check rank for the specific queue. Your team: unranked gold 1 gold 2 Their team: gold 1 silver 1 silver 1 but they were premades
Correct, OP.GG shows only Solo Q 5v5 rank. Unfortunatelly that still doesn't change the fact, that in higher elo the games are unballanced due to low playerbase.
: Racist Abuse gone creative!
Ok I have to admit, the usage of pings as letter spelling is smart {{champion:75}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:13}}
: Damn i thought you were going to talk about something totally different XD
That was the intention :P
DutchPro (EUW)
: You can just get fed but ff 15 ;p
nah that's not as funny to lose like that :/
Takumaron (EUNE)
: I remember when we intentionally fed chogath bot and then were not able to kill him :D
Our mundo felt unkillable too when he used his ult :D
: not gonna lie that first line kinda hurts
: Uh ,, cats vs dogs ?? help ?
https://discordapp.com/channels/432277111797973003/560595996715909120 get your teammates here
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Mada (EUW)
: Somebody set up us the bomb! We got signal!
Garda23 (EUNE)
: is silver worse than bronze?
Keep in mind, that vast majority of Bronze is now Iron. So the old low-mid Silver could very likely be the new Bronze now.
: Disable Trollers
You are the reason why league is toxic. I bet you wont like my Oneshot Thresh build in toplane :P
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