: I know that it's not 0%, does this mean I have to suffer through it just because there is a super small chance to win a meaningless Aram or Normal game? I'd rather just start a new one
The question is, what will you remember from League in the long run? Will it be the one extra game you played on top after you FFd, or that EPIC win when you had afk on your team, but managed to win nonetheless? For me, it's the latter. I remeber the epic games and they never were easy. It's not a stomp, that you remeber, nor is it a game you forfeit. It's one where you overcome a big hurdle and don't fall even though the odds are stacked against you.
: What is so damn fun about playing a 4v5?
So today I literally lost a 5v4 game. The enemies could have FFd They didn't We lost, the outnumbered won. Never surrender, you can always win.
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: How can you not care about honor level ? if you are under level 2 you can't play Clash !
Clash? Thats the tournament feature coming in 2031?
Jupimm (EUNE)
: Same thing in ranked, i would just takeover this Forum with my posts from ranked, how much same-games-like-this-one i got.. this one pissed me especially off
Oh really, you have plats and low silvers in on one team in ranked game? I don't believe you.
Jupimm (EUNE)
: Is the Matchmaking ever going to be Fixed?
: Which toplaner also feels like:
Wanna impact other lanes without TP? Pick Shen/Pantheon/GP
: Can we change all eves %tual pen and dmg to flat dmg?
God not you again... As far as I know, the only percentage true damage champs are as follows: Vayne - ADC, Garen - Tank/Juggernaut And FIORA - the only one close enough to assassin. If you want to nerf Fiora, you are not alone. But thats not problem of %True damage, but Fiora and her raw numbers. %True damage offers one great thing: it allows to counter tanks, if you change it to FLAT damage, you will get two possible scenarios: The flat true damage will be way too low, making tanks stronger. Or the true damage will be too high, making tanks the only champs able to survive. Both scenarios would potentially lead to tanks being way stronger and boy oh boy, I'd hate to see another tank meta.
: That's why i included black cleaver and lord dominik in my question :) bcs it's reduction on cleaver and pen on dominik
Well you just said you are zed main. So it will never work for you. Because as I said, there is only one way to increase damage - FLAT ARMOR REDUCTION. And the only way to get that stat is to play Corki or Rengar. If you have Cleaver + Lethality items (lets says Ghostblade+Duskblade=39 LETHALITY) on zed, it will work like this: Imagine target has 100 armor Cleaver REDUCES it to 76 armor If you are lvl 18, 39 LETHALITY = 39 ARMOR PEN Target takes damage as if it had 37 armor Extreme case (which is what you are looking at I guess) - target has 40 Armor Cleaver reduces it to 30,4 armor Your 39 lethality (at lvl 18) gets you 39 armor pen. Target would go bellow 0, thus its armor is treated as 0 and you essentially deal true damage, BUT your damage CANNOT go above that. In other words: ARMOR REDUCTION =/= LETHALITY =/= ARMOR PEN PS: Dominik regards woul be calculated for the extreme case right after cleaver, thus not changing the result - from 30,4 armor down to 19,76 armor, next line will be unchanged. - So dominik regards is wasted gold on squishies.
: What happens when u exceed the Armor of enemy with Lethality and Penetration
WIKI: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Armor_penetration#Lethality Examples Given 30 flat armor reduction and 30% armor reduction, and the target is affected by 10 flat armor penetration and 45% bonus armor penetration, Target A has 300 armor (100 base and 200 bonus armor). The 300 is reduced to 270 (90 base and 180 bonus armor) by the 30 armor reduction. The 270 is reduced to 189 (63 base and 126 bonus armor) by the 30% armor reduction. The 189 is considered to be 132.3 (63 base and 69.3 bonus armor) by the 45% bonus armor penetration. The 132.3 is considered to be 122.3 by the 10 armor penetration. Target A takes damage as if it has 122.3 armor. Target B has 18 armor. The 18 is reduced to −12 by the 30 armor reduction. The −12 is not affected by any further calculations because it is less than 0. Target B takes damage as if it has −12 armor. It seems that aditional damage would be dealt only if your armor REDUCTION - and specifically FLAT reduction (which is applied BEFORE lethality) exceeds targets armor. In other words: No, lethality will not increase your damage when your targets armor would be bellow 0. Realistically speaking it's impossible to reduce targets armor bellow zero.
Nolex (EUNE)
: Its the way of playing since the realise dude xd. You had 7 years to learn it haha
It's PaG VentusKing. Look at his profile, he only cries about the game how bad it is... Just ignore it lol :D
Rioter Comments
dún (EUW)
: In defense of the Treeline
This post is pure 24 karat Gold. Thank you very much.
: I usually just play blind pick and try to learn a few toplane champs or new champ/reworks. My TT rank is silver 2 so i would have a pretty long climb. If i got Kayn consistantly it would be much easier but since he's the best jungler for the mode hes permabanned.
Get a duo and funnel yourself up the ranks. In low elo nobody knows how to play vs funnel.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: I played 2 games recently, and both against with bots...literally going in twr, or using summoners spells for nothing, didnt speak, and having a predictable behaviour
Well you are low level, so your MMR is not established yet. So unfortunately, you do encounter bots. But once you manage to improve MMR just a little bit they disappear.
: That's a great idea! I would try and do the same but i don't think my mental would survive.
Well i was P1 last season, so i'm not gonna suffer that much. Or maybe that's cuz I'm one those rare creatures that played TT from time to time...
MusicaroN (EUW)
: It was bad and only used by level up bots anyway
Those accounts were low elo anyway. I personally never ever encountered a bot there. (cca 200 games on TT)
: Twisted Treeline Memorial. (RIP)
So the tinfoil theories about neglecting TT so that they can remove it were true afterall. Oh well. Time to get diamond before they shut it down then.
Madnasher (EUW)
: Klepto, broken or no?
Ok lets look at this case. You bought and upgraded boots to Mercs at min 6. Thats 1100 gold + 900 gold for the wamp scepter later on. You bought it a minute earlier though. (That could be cca 400 gold from perfect farm+passive gold.) (im disregarding starting gold since you both bought starter items) So you are comparing cca 3400 gold at minute 10 (Kennen) to 3000 gold at minute 9 (You) Kennen used 3400 gold on gunblade. You used 2K on boots + wamp. 1400 gold difference, but only 1K taking into account Kennens later Recall, thus farming 2 more waves. At minute 10 he was 10 cs up against you - cca 180 gold for Kennen First blood assist: 150 gold for you Kennen killed Keanu Reeves though - 300 gold for kennen. Minute 9: Kennen kills you: 300 gold for Kennen. Lets recap now. Your gold: +150 from assist Kenny: +180 CS lead, 300 for Keanu, 300 for You. Thats 630 gold advantage for Kennen. So he needs 370 gold to catch on the difference. Klepto can give you up to 110 from the money bag. Kennen also sold 3 pots from klepto - 3*32=96 gold So if kennen got 3 money bags, or just 2 but weaved in the 2 autos after each spell, it's pretty easy to do. So the real difference was that you backed earlier, and bought upgraded boots. Not Klepto.
: Pantheon Dodging
Oh boy, and when you do pick him and realize that he hasn't hit live yet (9.16 bruh), you are gonna get furious. Unless you are talkin about PBE of course.
Xerofir (EUW)
: Remove Snowball
Short answer: NO Long answer: NOOOOOOOOOOOO
: TFT "RNG" controlled by your opponents..
That's as if you said that it's unfair when your lane opponent attacks you as you go to grab a CS. It's just part of gameplay that lets you punish your opponent.
: Sion level 1 Solo Herald - PLS FIX
Oh nice. I will abuse this now.
: Who would mind if with preseason the inspiration tree would just completly be deleted.
geez not you again... How would I be able to play Clepto Lucian top then?
: my account is cursed
you are also attention-whoring on boards nonstop and it's annoying
: i got banned for being told "%%%" and many other things by flamers.
why do you write like this what the fcuk is wrong with you
: So when are the real ranged toplaner nerfs coming?
Oh look, it's him again. They literally just nerfed most of ranged pokers early, but, nuh it's never enough.
: Plat Hardstuck
You say month, OP.GG says 5 days in plat. Just cause you play 15 games a day doesn't mean it's been a month dude :D
Rioter Comments
: It's a game completely based on rng, what did you expect?
Not a ranked Q in a game based solely on RNG
fr0sty500 (EUW)
: Yes, I get you. I even thought about your other dimension theory myself, but since Lucian himself changes back to the normal realm his subsequently fired shots should do so as well. This shows what was happening: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AsuwafQHkSpXkWfrKlm2RwgAaY7C?e=rpGAEe Pls mind that when I was playing I did not even see any more shots after Morde's Ult did end.
ok this is weird lul
: To the guy who just played klepto sona toplane in my game
Oh look its the guy that doesn't want toplaners to have range again. (He plays Urgot and Kennen btw)
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: he has 30min support games where he doesn't finish his support item to at least start warding he is one of the most insane and delusional kda players i honestly feel like he has some diamond account and just %%%%s about on this account to troll the boards with
Well from his KDA it would look like that. Like that one Master level guy who played in bronze and had a challenge to never die in game. That meant rushing GA on support Braum. Backstards op.gg looks pretty similar.
Backstard (EUNE)
: Aka you don't have the brain to understand what i say... But now i am aiming for paper.....As long as i can inform everybody about the pay to win situation while siting afk at the base i am good to go.... Those are back when i was trying to play and op.gg had me the best in my team every single game but hey MMR thought i was bad....or my pocket was bad for Riot.... https://i.postimg.cc/brjtp3tZ/66143266-1102030830007942-4019555941232934912-n.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/mgrFLcty/65857666-1103316856546006-2913019722645635072-n.jpg
You are either a troll, or completely delusional. I honestly can't tell. So, great job if you are trolling.
: give up lol he's delusional
he indeed is... but hey, it's kinda fun to laugh at people like him
: teemo support mid, 48% winrate over 200+ games in master
: What is the highest winrate you have with a champ?
Garen, 76% Sorry not sorry, i can't play difficult champs https://imgur.com/a/gMpCtJ3
Vulpine (EUW)
: To be honest, I'm excited about the ranked mode, next split I will be Iron4 in all 4 queues :) Image having ranked Aram, that would be awesome too.
Wait, I just checked your profile on OP.GG. Are you losing games on purpose?
: I dont think TFT ranked is a good idea
Yea I don't really get the idea. The refuse to make ARAM ranked, because champ pick is based on RNG. But then they straight up announce a new mode with ranked that is purely based on RNG? What the hell?
: "Activate a 6 piece Set Bonus" this mission wont complete i didn't get how to complete it 🤔
that means "Get 6 glacials in field" or any other group that has 6+ champs in it
: Odyssey, Summer, etc
Odyssey was gamemode related event (like now is TFT and its free pass), not really comparable. Simmilar events would be VS Passes.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: no special discount shop either no lootboxes just paying with my credit card for the cosmetics man rough times
But hey, we had the release discounts!
: Did they really just give us 200~ tokens (only)
Remeber when there was no free loot, no events, no missions, just the shop? Pepperidge farm remembers.
Sakushimi (EUNE)
: Farming Tokens are impossible now.
4200? Daaaayum. Thats like 10-12 games a day isn't it?
: How come we don't have an Udyr skin called "oh dear"?
well I remember when Spirit Guard came out, people said that noobs are gonna play himnow just cuz of the skin, and nicknamed these people "Spirit Tard Oh Dear". Sooo, the comunity has that skin, just not officialy.
: And it wasn't even solo lane.
Tru, mb. Damn this dude would not like to see the early days of league. Imagine if he saw the classic midlane matchup of season 2. Ashe vs Cait. He'd be like "ThIs iS nOt RigGHt, YOu ArE nOt SupPOseD tO pLAy ADcS mId WTF, REEETO dO SUMTING"
: There is only one way to safe toplane from being abused by ranged champs.
Daaaayum this is some next level bullshit. What you gonna say next? People can't play other champs than ADCs in bot lane cuz you say so?
: "Toplane was designed for tanks and bruisers" I never laught so hard. Well It's not like PEOPLE WHO PLAYED GAME FORMED META. They didn't created toplane for few champions. There is not such thing as original lane.
Well, technically the "original" top lane was mage lane. But yeah, OPs argument is so flawed I can't even...
Haze97 (EUW)
: If League created a dating site.
Picked position: Straight male, mid twenties, LF straght female, mid twenties RITO: Autofilled to Gay male, late sixties LUL
: Actually, to be more accurate, I feel like when I carry, I don't actually carry with gold and exp and kills, I carry my team with mentality, because that's literally the purpose of my most games, having one fed dude on your team won't win you the game, but having one fed dude who, calls the shot, tells his teammates to do this and that (in a friendly way) and can you didn't see his teammates that they scale and we can crush the enemy team we just focused for just one minute, that's literally how I carried about 80% of my wins, skill didn't matter at all in some games, one big throw from the enemy team could reverse your team's entire mentality, it's like getting first blood in silver or bronze, doesn't mean much but has a big fat ass influence on all 10 players.
You basically desribed this: Cool head, focus on macrogame And I agree
TheRaluxu (EUW)
: Sivir ARAM dagger gives 8% instead of 12% attack speed (and all items that use dagger)
how much additional AS does it give? Do you have a screenshot/video?
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