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Amazitez (EUW)
: Looking for people to be friends with
add me, Iron Manan is my ign :)
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: > and said it is not a punishable act They were wrong and are up for a bad surprise after the match. > They also claimed to 'know' all the tricks to not get banned by doing the same. Yeah...people claim a lot of things. > I sent out a report for the same but received no acknowledgement like it is sent. That's perfectly normal. Normally you are not getting any info about the effect of your report. Especially in cases of players being afk, you NEVER get any kind of notification, since it's a completely automatic system (doesn't even require reports) that is not connected to the Instand Feedback Syste, so you can't receive report feedback. > Is there any way I can send the screenshot for further evidence? Not necessary. The leaverbuster is perfectly able to handle this.
They afked not by quitting the game, they afked at the base claiming the xp earned is not going to be afk-like.
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Iron Manan

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