: Yeh, I've heard DOTA 2 gives access to all champions for free. While that would be amazing for league, there were a few issues that prevented it in the past and indeed still affect it today. 1. LoL is Riot's only game. While DOTA 2 was supported by one of the most powerful companies in gaming, Valve and therefore Steam, Riot was started from the ground up. They chose a free to play model but didn't use ads to support their income. This point has become a little moot though given how freely champion shards are given now. 2. If they wanted to change it they'd have to create rewards similar to the Urfwick skin. However, Runes were often seen as less important by players, sticking to two pages for AP and AD respectively. Champions were bought more often, thus it would have to be done very carefully. Since every single player owns at least one champion, the rewards would require a lot of champions to be half decent. While I do think having all champs for free would be nice given that now they have chests and enough skin events to sustain the company, sadly I think smurfs would get the most practical use out of it. The rotating free champ pool is great for helping players finding new champs they want to save up for, but I'd argue the amount of BE gained from first win of the day is a little too low. As for 2 rune pages, honestly I think now we can edit what we roll out with right before the match starts, it doesn't matter too much. I have 18 pages and Jesus it's impossible to manage. Making a new page each game actually feels easier.
A clear and insightful answer. Thank you. I can definitely see where you are coming from. I dunno, maybe I sometimes just feel like the whole system is too bothersome. You see, I actually enjoy resource management and these minigames that we call loadouts. I seriously do not know why this system appears to be such a nuisance for me. But yeah, thanks again for your answers. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I have 20 pages and i very often end up modifying the same one, simply because, given different matchups, i very often needs more than one single setup. And it's frankly way easier to click twice to change one-two runes, than make another page with these two different runes and remember that's the page with that modification for that kind of matchup (which was instead the only possible thing to do with the old system). That would be way more confusing. In all fairness, back in the day (and today) i kinda felt like scammed by RioT, because if i had the chance to give up some page and receive even only 10 RP for each, i would have got at least 150 RP now, possibly more. Instead, i'm now stucked with all those pages i will never use...! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
Sometimes I stare at my copy of the Rainbow Six Siege starter edition in the trophy rack and keep thinking to myself "Wow. That is a horrible cash grab. I am glad that this kind of behaviour doesn't appear anywhere else". And then I remember Riot Games. LUL Companies need some money, but sadly, some are just way too enthusiastic. There are some situtations that could be handled more conveniently, but yeah, unless it would risk besmirching the company's reputation, all the hassle is hardly worth a crap. I have to say that at Blizzard Entertainment they actually care about their customers. Their customer service is very generous, to be honest. Now, I do believe that some of the pricing that Blizzard does is way off the charts. But their customer service is, in my opinion, way above Riot Games level.
: What I'm pulling out of this rant is that you want more rune pages because you can't be arsed to change them each game. I wouldn't exactly describe it as a dire situation or "a vexatious, horrible issue". You could have just said "giving us more rune pages would be nice". To be honest though, I ain't fussed. Even with the maximum number of rune pages I normally just rebuild a page from scratch to fit whatever match-up I'm against. Even with my main, even though I have a page dedicated to him I still open it up before every game and decide what secondary runes would be best for the laning phase IE can I be greedy and take footwear or market over biscuits etc. Hell, the new system is WAAAAAAAAAY better in this regard compared to the old system since runes couldn't be changed before the match, only masteries. Back then you had to gamble whether it would really be efficient or not, such as going against a full AD team but wasting rune slots on magic resist. The old system punished you for not having more runes, this system means that if you just put a little effort in and check your runes before the game starts, then it's down to your pre-game choices and doesn't require you spending IP, BE or cash to improve your chances of starting with an advantage.
Fair enough. I didn't actually want this to became a rant, nor did I want it to be overly dramatic. But I do however think that I am speaking for the majority of the community. Or am I wrong? We are talking about buying 1 page over a playable characters, isn't 6k still quite a lot to ask for? So why add the option to buy the pages in the first place, if we could conveniently change the runes between the 2 slots, not to mention the "outrageous" price. Okay, maybe I'm carrying this shit too far xd. But still, I do think that it is a ridiculous restriction. You see, I come from faraway lands called Dotalands (as my name suggests). Champions are free there and skins are the only thing that you can buy there. I have yet to adapt to your culture and I do not succumb to all that "encouraging champions to be played/mastered" crap to justify a price tag for a playable character. Yes, I know. It is a trending choice amongst nowadays videogames. Heck, even most of the other mobas around have buyable characters. But come on, do you really think that the 2 rune pages are actually enough? Anyways, I still do appreciate the thoughts tho +1.
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