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Perilum (EUW)
: Lock in your champion. You've pre-pick time until your turn to chose a champ. You also have 30s to actually lock in your champ. You've 30s time to choose your loadout as the screen tells you, when everyone picked their champs. There is enough time. There is no reason to implement a babysit system for people who can't even do the simple task of planning ahead with enough time and then actually verifying your choice.
I were first pick and since the system always let you pick a champ and then it locks in for you there isnt really a point in doing it. Still doesn't explain the point in kicking a player because its dumb. And i did plan ahead because i was deciding on picking between 3 different champions as it NORMALLY locks in for you there were no reason to do so for me. And that system has worked like that from the beginning of the game. for the past 5 seasons i've played. So yeah you're right there was no need to add this system that kicks players for not locking the champion in.
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: I see your point but then everyone chooses broken champs to play with.
Well, the champion pick mode was draft pick so players were able to ban 3 champions, 6 in a totall of both sides. ( would be 10 with the new system) And you'd play a champion that you have fun with. It's completely different in this gamemode than aram what champion you get. Since in aram even if you get one that isnt that great you still have a chance. alot of champions arent tuned for fast spells. And when you get handed a champion like that who's completely useless you're not only unable to play the game, you are 100 times more likely to bring your team down or the opposite(team mates flaming you) and you don't wanna play and it just ruins the game for you AND your team. Atleast back then you were able to put up a fight, and if it was a bad champ you got, well... Then you picked another one and had a shitton of fun. I remember when we were a full team of friends, and we picked champions that could get everyone else killed, like anivias wall etc, bait your friend into the enemies and then just jump out with Leblanc or ezreal. And so on. Whoever took that ability away to enjoy the %%%% out of the gamemode is, sorry to say. %%%%%%ed.
: they are shifting the game to require less skill and more luck in a lot of aspects,therefore this comes to a less of a surprise (examples being RNG plants, ability to solo carry lowered----RNG teammates etc.)
Exactly, And thats how blizzard killed WoW, What they did was removing anything that makes you feel good at the game, BETTER than others. While now, gear doesnt matter, And even if you're completely garbage you can still without any issue put up any fight. Making you as a player not to be able to become fight and push your limits to become a much better player. And thats what riot has done, they made it so Skills is less likely needed and everything resolves more around 2 builds. building anything else basically will be useless for the champion. I remember when you could build alot of different items and having alot of builds that makes you better. Same goes for runes and masteries. Everything just tuned horrible. And not only that, you had a build of your own that you play with that made you good and made you feel unique
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