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: Yeah, I'll help u 2
> [{quoted}](name=Get em Tibbers,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=eFNuiMhg,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-10-06T12:58:24.913+0000) > > Yeah, I'll help u 2 Can i drag you for a game as well :) {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
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Keomon (EUNE)
: There is an unoffical app for windows phone that im using where you can chat with you friends on lol it is called ofc lol chat. For android i think there isnt anything like that but for ios there might be...I think that if they make such app it would be apsolutely in the list of top apps in app shops and it might bring them more players probably... Just a thought....
See I have an old phone, so most things don't work on it, but yearh they need to make an app for it!
: Dodging ranked(upvote if you agree riot has to see this)
I really do think it is unfair that you have to either face that punishment and lose so much lp, or you have to play a potential 50 minute game with trolls and them lose the same amount. Imo you should get one free dodge a month (Or something) because sometimes you just know that the game is gonna be a loss no matter what you do.
: Do you grow a bond with your favourite champions
Yes! I used to love the old Karma, she was amazing. When they reworked her, I stopped paying her almost immediately because I relaly just did not like the new way she was made. I have however returned to her and relove her again, because she is soo good! And my all time favourite is Sona, and I have loved her since I bought her and will probably continue to love her unless they ruin her play style!
Keomon (EUNE)
: League of legends mobile app?
See I'd love an app for League, It'd be great to check up on things, visit the boards and all that. But also it would be really great if there would be a chat system so you can talk to your friends online without having to log onto the client. I think they need to make an official thing for checking your progress, like lolking or lolnexus.
Aimist (EUW)
: Top Tip On Soraka?
Okay, so not my main, but I am really getting into Soraka! And yes do not build spell thief{{item:3303}} . I built it thinking oh this will be good more ap cd and whatnot. But the passive on ancient coin{{item:3301}} is amazing! It gives you back 5 hp if you are near a minion that dies. Okay, so that with obviously her W is really REALLY good! I will now build this, because I only found out about it a few weeks back and haven't played her since.
MistWind (EUW)
: Write here what you learned from your last game!
I learned that Sivir {{champion:15}} is probably my only good adc!
: Shout Out To All You Support Mains Out There..... WE LOVE YOU
I am a support main, but gotta agree with others, some support mains can be right d-bags, but still thank you!! <3 When i read the boots of speed one... Some times we can't even afford that..... :'(
: What if you could redesign the looks of a champion, who would you change?
Well, was gonna say Taric till i read on, So happy he is getting reworked! Other than him though, i would really like MF to be changed, imo she is just needs to be updated, i really don't know why though....
: Why are you using your Summoner Icon?
I use this one because it just look nice, and every time i swap to another, i will always change back to this one.... I really don't know why
: Can't climb as Support in SoloQ
In SoloQ it is a bitch to climb! Been stuck plat for a while ¬_¬ But try to pick up Janna! One of the best supps to climb with, or Even Sona for an agressive supp. One thing that I would definitely do is ward more! Honestly just excessively ward, tell you team to ward as well. The vision can be the difference between victory and defeat. If you ever want to duo, just pop a friend request and we can duo normals! :)
: Most popular roles
Bot lane I generally prefer, but support is my favourite! :D
MajorNN (EUNE)
: How can a support main get out of lower elo ?
Pray to the league gods..... Or! Try to find an adc duo, trust me. I main supp and been stuck in Plat for ages... Also preferably do not duo with someone lower than you, unless you can guarantee you will win the lane, because even if you win the lane, you can lose the game easy if the rest of your team sucks. Also if you do duo, i recommend switching roles (Seems weird if you want to main supp, but it will help) If you know how an ad plays you can build around them better as you know what you need to have help in that role. Also Sona is one of my main supps, so fun! But Try to get someone like Janna, or Nami because of the amazing disengages, as Sona you will be very much in the fight whereas with Janna, imo you can focus more on supporting your team. Add in-game if you wanna duo normals sometime! Maybe it would be better to play with in game practice :)
: floating fish and burning man we see in movies or cartoons but heal water with fire wtf.... i mean...c'mon man
True, suppose. But still we all see weird crap in movies. Healing fire with water, is probably one of the less weird things in anything... :D
Bàri (EUNE)
: Finally made it to Plat...
Plat is easily the worse Tier! Not even kidding, probably about 1/2 just decide once they get to plat to just become trolls and morons... But good luck anyways! Plat on EUW Is horrid ¬_¬
: Snakes need to buy boots
As does a Yordle flying a plane, or a Ghost, shadow thing that has no legs...
Imbue (EUNE)
: Music or no music?
Disney when i need to relax (It is awesome) Or instrumental music Otherwise when i really wanna concentrate on the game, there is not music, just the ingames sounds
Exlerth (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=CC Tenshi,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=flezeEN1,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2015-02-07T11:06:14.146+0000) > > When is it next open? I live in the UK and I'm finishing my A levels this year so I'll be looking for some work / something to do with my life That will probably be next year. They tend to announce the Internships around autumn I believe. This is the first year the EU Office offers official internships, so glhf everyone!
OMG In uni, Why couldn't this have occurred before i joined! Working at Riot, for like anything would be awesome!
: Nami heal Brand with wather >.<
Nami is a floating fish, lady, thing... Brand is a burning man. But healing fire with water is the thing you question.. XD
EN Tenshi (EUW)
: What music do you listen to while playing Soloqueue?
I listen to many different things but usually either - Disney (Yes.. I know. But it is still awesome...) or just whatever is on spotify atm, as it is just background music really. Current rating : Plat 3 Favourite champ: {{champion:37}} or {{champion:40}} Cannot decide... Janna was my first champ ever bought, but Sona too amazing!


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