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: Giving Free Lessons on Mid Lane [Diamond 1- Master]
RoC Hulse (EUW)
: What a permant ban?... really?
perma ban was harsh, but there were probably games other than these when you have been a douchebag
RoC Hulse (EUW)
: Permantly banned for chat abuse?
imo that's too much talk for a game, just shut up and play and stop saying report team mates, say it once if you really really need to but don't say it more than once
: I find my Perma Ban unfair.
use the word cancer bro, you deserve it, also the french thing
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: Why did sivir lose at spelling bee?
Gj, wp. I hope you came up with this, if not, fine.
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DSyryus (EUW)
: "silver and a good player" {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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darkeryar (EUW)
: Am I seriously the only one liking the draven heads.
they suck and dont look good, if they were like the skin, then fine..
Kumbano (EUW)
: That's probably the shock...or Stockholm Syndrom...
MonsefMA (EUW)
: I Cannot Get Anything but skins in Hextech chests
I would save them all till you have more champs, but you do get champ shards in chests
Endellion (EUW)
: You say all that and you've got the Draven icon? Double standards much?
: > [{quoted}](name=Jóseph,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jAPf3hsj,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-04-01T23:20:50.122+0000) > > pissy HOW? effectively nothing HOW? Well; > FU draven really, they get this skin out, and if they do make it cost 5000 RP that was a bum move by them, everyone is going to hate draven after this. nice try though riot, nice try. I wont even want to use the skin or play the champ, because it's draven. The face is effectively nothing. The skin being is 5000RP but 90% discounted is an actual joke, and your hatred towards Draven because of it is just plain pissy.
The face is not effectively nothing, if it lasts for 3 days it's gonna be fucking annoying. you cant tell me it's not done badly and distracts from game. I wanted urf, not this trash. you're the one sounding pissy m9. {{champion:17}}
Endellion (EUW)
: You say all that and you've got the Draven icon? Double standards much?
not double standards
: Firstly, wouldn't put it past Riot to troll then release it tomorrow. Secondly, wouldn't put it past then to not. Thirdly, that's a bit of a pissy reaction to effectively nothing.
pissy HOW? effectively nothing HOW?
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Ez GaEm (EUNE)
: Guess im not playing for the next 3 days
well, we don't need to notify you, as you'll be checking to see if urf is here
LegendCZ (EUNE)
: The new event is litelary bad ... here is why ...
its free, but it does suck, you dont have to pay
: To everyone who complain about URF
It is Christmas, and we didn't get presents. so...
: For the same reason that 0/10 draven tries to duel that 15/1 vayne exactly that.
so much respect for this comment, gj
: Account Permanently Banned
that text has to be edited, or you must flame hardcore in other games
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: Hextech crafting is ruining normal games
But the gaming experience is usually unpleasurable. idiots saying in normal ff20, lets surr its lost. stupid DOUCHEBAGS. why the F are you playing if you're not gonna try to win
: True, that's what spectate is for, but why is it so important to know what they're currently playing, but you can't spectate them or directly ask them before/after the match or during in voice chat? If it's that important but you can't discuss it with them then it sounds like you're spying on them.
It's important because it's a feature that was removed for no reason. and I want it back, it annoys me, and it takes away from my league experience
Andrasta (EUW)
: I sometimes still see a champ being played but it's never the champ that friend of mine is playing. And sometimes, it's not even part of the match. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: then people would start using "repart" instead of report and then they would need to do the same thing -> next word etc etc
Make it punishable then, it should be, it loses a lot of games. that word can fuck a persons mindset and make them not care
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: LF players to join a ranked team for tournament on sunday!
Hi i'd like to join, im silver, add jóseph in game
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