: Name 1 tylers acc that was unbanned. As i said stop spreading false information
never said an account of tyler got unbanned. just said that he himself got unbanned. better read the post again instead of shittalking for no reason
: We dont. Permabans for toxicity are neverlifted. Feel free to give us the name of "unbanned famous streamer". If its tyler1 i suggest you read up on the system and tylers ban before making more irrelevant posts spreading false information.
It is tyler1 and i dont spread flase information at all because he actually got unbanned. I dont know the reasons just mentioned it.
Riptorned (EUW)
: Hey, gold is supposed to be tier 3, yet I'm gold 5 and got thrown into tier 2, (I'm the only person in the team, no one else is in it so no higher ranks,ect.) name Riptorned euw edit : (one of my teammates is gold 3 and sits at t2 as well, yet another one is g5 and sits at tier 4.. idek anymore)
we also have another gold 5 player in our team that is tier 4. So we tought the tier system is based on mmr but our gold 5 tier 4 player has the same mmr as our gold 5 tier 2 player.
: I did that but they tell ,,Any suspension cant be removed,, but they unban feeders right? So if they can unban feeders they can unban my account that is banned bcs someone hacked it right?
they also unban famous streamer.... I'm sure we all know who i am talking about ;)
Riptorned (EUW)
: Clash tier system busted?
I am tier 4 and my rank is currently silver 2 while gold 5 players are already tier 2. Looks for me like riot skipped tier 3
: Hello there I am Sean and 16 yo I play LOL since S7 I can say that I have enough skill to play with you guys I M s5 midlane Main my highest was S4 70 LP My mains : my mains are zed lux Zoe Taoln and also possible azir I am from Austria but speak good English because of my dad who is American Why take me : I don’t Flamme play safe if needed know when to back off , have good map awareness and can lane swap if needed zed top talon etc I hope I have a chance to play with you and hope to get an answer Kind regards Sean
: Need boosting to bronze,
well you start with a pretty high mmr on a new account. 9 games should be "enough" tho
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: Im only available for the whole of the 16th or up until 4pm (gmt) the other two days, so i'd probably only be able to be a subsitute depending on the game times. I can play Top, Mid and ADC the best but the other two roles as well
: MLTHawk - IGN Top Main Camille, Jax, Shen, Cho'gath, Vladimir, Gnar : are all my current picks Silver 4 in promos to Silver 3 in Solo Silver 3 in Flex Use Discord all the time
: Hi Im a Gold 3 Support Main, most played champs are Lulu, Janna, Karma, Nami. Name: TheWaschbâr
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