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: He looks like a cross between St Mary and Shiva lmao, I really like the composition, and the diagonal, and of course. And partly because of imperfections, the lean towards godly in pose is bigger than all league's splashes, maybe you don't see it; the only thing is buckle kind of pops out (maybe would look better compositionally if it was turned counterclockwise a bit idk?) and also position of the hand on the right down on the drawing. I hope you will find feedback interesting and of course, keep drawing. Also, since you made it look kind of right of the romanic illustrated scriptures kind of (lol), maybe try to imagine it without shadows, at least everything except the mask. This, also makes it so that the composition can make sense even on a bigger scale, like 3m Jhin wall painting loool ( I did NOT give you that idea) but you know what I mean.
Thanks for your comment, I realy appreciate that. I will try to improve on what u said.
Zophyr (EUW)
: I demant a drawing of my main, Garen, in his finest skin, rugged, my lord.
I will try fellow Garen main.
: It's really good ! Keep going^^
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: Lags at Minute 5-10
Good News! I played 2 games now and they didnt lag. Maybe they fixed it
: Lags at Minute 5-10
This post has 3k views but only 6 comments... how?
: Ping or FPS? > Ping
I only have low fps during the 5th to 10th minute
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