Reichs (EUNE)
: Why laners say they have had "0 ganks", when they have actually got many?
Its quite simple, especially in the top lane. Top lane is essentially won by whomever receives the most ganks as usually the lane is ignored by junglers which results in the later being unlikely to win if they are repeatedly ganked. Now, in terms of the 0 ganks issue, if a jungle ranks top early in the game and takes the kill, the top lane does not gain much of an advantage as the levels of assist gold are quite low, and if they are low after the gank they may not be able to push in the lane to gain an exp advantage. More importantly, if my jungler has carried out one successful gank top lane, however their jungler has ganked the lane over 5 times, the effect of your gank is worthless and your top lane is at a huge disadvantage. Essentially, in comparison to the other team, they have received 0 ganks. However, it is also important to note that some players expect the jungler to win the lane for them, and therefore if they lose lane, they blame that loss purely on the jungler because 'he didn't gank enough' even if they have had the lane pushed 24/7. In conclusion, a lot of the time the laner will just be annoyed that they lost their lane and that their opponent simply has a higher level of skill. However there are cases where even though you may have carried out a gank, they are still at a huge disadvantage, feeling demoralised, and getting comments such as 'you should have won your lane, I ganked you' etc are likely to tilt them more.
: Need A member for Clash
Hey, top main who just got to Gold 5, would love to join the team. Adequate at mid as well. Summoner name: JNVG
: So because I'm unranked, it means I have no opinion here. Hmmm. Seems legit. League community is the most toxic after all.
Hey, just because someone disagrees with you it doesn’t mean that the ya re personally attacking you. I believe the previous commenter was simply saying that people with low spec pcs should not be able to play ranked, rather than dismissing you because you aren’t ranked.
: Player reaching out for advice to reform
To be honest I'm not sure what has happened to the honour system, last season I hit honour 5 straight away, this year i'm still stuck at honour 3. I terms of dealing with tilt, I tend to get pretty tilted while playing but find that flaming the player out loud to yourself is pretty good as it relieves a lot of the stress, also, if you can play with someone else who will remind you to keep everyone muted, that would likely help as well. Overall, I think it's easy to take the game too seriously and get too invested in each game. I'm not saying don't play to win, more like, if you play well you will climb over time, you don't need to win 6 games in a row, after all, there are always going to be unwindable games, with afks and people who try their best but end up feeding. Finally, if you disconnect your keyboard then you can't flame. You're welcome ;)
: Ok, shit happens. I forgot smite as a jungler.
What do you want people to say? Well Done? You successfully wasted 10 minutes of everyone's time instead of 50.
Mumblebum (EUW)
: I'm effing CRYING like a loser
Every single day... Oh these people flamed me, it was so sad. Just. Mute. Them. It's not that hard, you can even mute their pings now as well.
: Silver(V) Looking for friends
Hi Silver 5 here, add me in game if you want, we can talk, and play some games as well. IGN: JNVG
Yaveinn33 (EUNE)
: Players should stop thinking that they must be good as korean players
Right, so... "If you were a Korean I would bully you.... because you don't have good self-esteem???" What?
: Top laners are too easy to outplay
Oh, I get it, at first I was really confused then I realized you posted this in the "Jokes" section.
: Win a mystery gift! - It's my birthday!
Hey, threw this together, thought it was kind of fun, and saw that you like zed ;) Claimed by Darkness Pulled by the shadows, darker than night, Lighted red by my captor’s eyes. Zed, he’s here. Given a challenge that all could hear Inside his mind they could feel no fear. Victory wrenched from my hands; Enemies flow across the land. Mighty warriors fall before him, Even his presence weakens my limbs This is the end of the shadow’s reign Here to destroy and claim my fame, Enough, he declares. Reduced to nothing more than a grey screen Poisoned by the shadows, I have been.
Laban (EUW)
: Bronze V lf team
Hey add me, bronze 2, was silver 5 last season, I play top, and sometimes mid
: Team
Hey, bronze 2 atm, was silver 5 last season, I can play all roles, worst at jungle, and prefer top, or mid secondary. If you get enough people to make your own team I'm happy to join, add me if interested
: The way I normally improve in a game is by competing with better players but because of me beeing stuck I feel that I don't get that chance.
If you are stuck then that is cause you are competing against players better than you and losing, no other way to look at it. Some games people might afk or troll, but on the whole the game will be relatively fair, sorry ;(
: Im sick and Tired of my teammates Silver hell
Hey, I'm not going to lecture you on how you should be able to get out etc, there are a ridiculous amounts of threads you could look at for that, however some of the stuff you said does not add up, even if you consider yourself gold you are still very very far from the top 1,000 players. I think that is an impossible dream, no matter what you are experiencing, no player in the top 1000 would ever be stuck in bronze, silver or gold etc
: I am very sad about Rakan
Damn, really? I've only played one or two games but I thought he seemed pretty broken. Granted one of them was with xayah, and I believe they are stronger when played together, but in any case, he has a really good kit. Maybe his q isn't great, but the targeted knock, double shield allows for clutch saves and escapes, and the ultimate is really good as well, especially for a champ with a big let, like malachite, mf or orianna. I don't really have enough information to give a confident view though.
Dexoii (EUW)
: Looking for a team ! I can play Top, Mid, Bot and Support!
I mean, if you are going to make a team I'm happy to be part of it, I'm currently bronze 2, was silver 5 last season, the times I can play are very similar to yours, I live in the UK and I'm 16. No cat tho :( I play top and mid, top I can play either carries or tanks, whichever you want, favorite carry, jax, favorite tank, malphite mid I can play alkali, annie, or veigar. IGN: JNVG I have discord and Skype, I send the names if you want to play.
JamesIAm (EUW)
: It should already be installed, have a look in your riot games file.
Where would I find that?
Rioter Comments
: How the %%%% do you win against a lane bully?
Adding to this, I've noticed that often junglers forego top lane completely. The enemy might be at your tower the whole game but junglers stay in the mindset of "top lane is an island, I can't gank that"
Riddarn (EUNE)
: Disenchant the expensive shards and reroll the cheap ones.
okay, thank you
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: Hey i was looking for someone to coach me too can i add you ?
Sure, anyone is welcome not add me and ask, currently I have exams coming up, but after june I can help every day if need be. Please note I can only reliably get you from bronze to silver. I can give you advice but I don't yet have the game knowledge to get you further reliably.
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: Why do you believe that "noobs", "afkers" and "trolls" have a higher chance of getting randomly sorted into** your** team and not your enemy team? Why do all players who feel they are stuck in low elo believe that? In the short run, you might be a little bit unlucky but IF you truly are better than your current league thus deserving of a promotion, you WILL win more games than you lose in the long run. I bet there is some other dude who complains to his friends how he is stuck in bronze 3 due to "this BubbleButterz" who "trolled and fed the entire game". I dont want to be rude, and I dont say that stats says everything, but judging on your ranked stats, its actually more likely that he is right, since you average 2/10 w low CS in your games.
I think that its hard to feel motivated with a 52% win rate or something similar, even though you may be climbing it doesn't really feel as though you are getting results from what you put in. Compound this with a losing streak an an afk or trolls and it really seems as if riot is out to get you
: Needing a coach. Would love it with skype or discord.
Hey I'm not particularly good at the game, skill level around silver 4. Ranked low this season cause I don't really have any time to play the game. Im happy to give you some help with what you need to do to reach silver, beyond there, can't really help. I've coached two of my friend from bronze 5 0lp to bronze 2 promos (still going, should be silver soon) and another into silver. If you could reply with what lane you play, e.g. I have no idea what to do in jungle in terms of pathing, although I could help with mid game etc. Im happy to use Skype or discord but it really depends on what times you come online, in terms of whether I can watch and coach you live, or watch replays and relay your mistakes to you the next day. If you want to give it a try msg me on league. IGN: JNVG
Tayroar (EUW)
: How do you beat tryndamere?
Play fiora. Easiest lane you will ever play. Hit vitals, force him to constantly use his q. Kill him lvl2, 3,5 and 6. At this point he is so far behind and you've taken first turret that he has no way of clawing his way back into the game.
Solash (EUW)
: A reminder that "Feed" is ALSO not an adjective
God Damn. You are my savior. This annoys me to no end every single time i hop into a game "gg sandra feeded". NO SYNDRA DID NOT FEED. SYNDRA IS FED YOU MONKEY.
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S1lentA (EUW)
: Standing up against toxic behaviour gets punished
I agree that there are toxic players who will insult you during the game, but insulting them back means riot is unable to differentiate between the two of you and you will both be banned. If you accept that then fine, go ahead, however i get the feeling you want to flame them, have them get banned and you roam free which is not acceptable. However I do agree that the report system is worthless and essentially has no effect. Finally I'm going to touch on a sensitive subject.... if you are bronze 5 it isn't your team which is holding you back, you are just bad. It's harsh but a simple truth, it is impossible for you to have an afk every single game who loses it for you, furthermore i've looked through your match history and about 50% of the time you do well, 50% of the time you do badly. How can that be? You are playing against people who you are clearly better than, since they are bronze 5 so how can you lose lane? It seems extremely cold, but you need to accept that before you will be able to improve. Last season I was convinced I was an azir genius and was stuck in bronze 4 cause of bad teammates. However when a friends told me I was bad at azir and if i wanted to improve and climb i should play annie, i listened to him. Eventually i finished the season in silver 5. Please take my advice, you need to identify and accept your flaws before you can improve. I'm perfectly happy to play a few games with you, maybe i will be able to see some mistakes you cannot, and hopefully you can do the same for me. If interested add me, IGN: JNVG
: I believe that in some cases the jungle may not have made any obvious mistake, but if the enemy lee sin has visited my lane 6 times and you've done nothing but farm you've messed up. however most of the time its due to players losing their lanes. It seems that many people think that it is the jungle's job to win their lane for them, and so will flame you accordingly
Although i must say, its very rare that a jungle will ever come top lane, almost every game i ask at the start, "hey jungler could you come top at some point to help me get a lead" and almost every single game no ganks (form my jungler or their's). I understand that's part of top lane and junglers want to control dragon etc however they dont seem to realise that one tank could win top lane as the enemy jungler is unlikely to gank for the rest of the game
Biuvoc (EUW)
: you picked ashe toplane...seriously lol
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Why people flame jungler all time
I believe that in some cases the jungle may not have made any obvious mistake, but if the enemy lee sin has visited my lane 6 times and you've done nothing but farm you've messed up. however most of the time its due to players losing their lanes. It seems that many people think that it is the jungle's job to win their lane for them, and so will flame you accordingly
: Personal Hate, Tryn
If it's possible to give an answer from someone who loves to play trynd, I dont believe he is a broken champion. He has the potential to be, but only if a few specific things happen, he wins lane (either by farm or kills) or he is ignored in the game. However its very very easy to play against trynd if you know what you are doing. 1. Pick a lane bully or hard counter, trynd is only strong if he can get fed, either by free farming or by getting kills, so pick a lane bully and make his life hell. 2. Make sure the jungler helps out top and the lane ends with your laner stronger than him, this means that when he tries to split push, your laner can simply rotate top and kill him and/or force him to back 3. dont ignore him, this will allow him to farm his way back into the game, and if it continues, he will push all the way to your inhibitions while you are fighting at dragon. Watch the minimal for when he starts to push and send someone up there. IN terms of his dmg. Its true that trynd can build full dmg and still survive for 5 seconds due to his ultimate, however, the counter is very simple, either kite him, or cc him. Although he can still activate his ultimate when cc'ed its impossible for him to achieve anything. Furthermore, you can force fights 4v5 when he is split pushing, or if he is with his team, poke them down... he has no poke and so will be useless when you eventually engage on his weakened team
slepac96 (EUNE)
: Unbalanced Champs
I agree that yasuo is fairly strong for a champion, and there are other much weaker champions. Specifically i get annoyed by the small windows of initiation, i.e. when he doesn't have passive up and when he doesn't have 3rd q. Also i find it annoying how his ultimate cd is so short however yasuo is defiantly not the most broken champion in the game right now. Remember poppy a few weeks ago, darius at the moment, it is ridiculous to hate on yasuo just because you cannot play against him. Every single player has 1 or 2 champion in this game they can't play against, for example, i can't play against zed while others find it quite easy, it is impossible for riot to remove champs people find hard to play against or there would be no champions in the game. for example, I've had people rage when i play max and fiora saying "there's nothing i can do against you" but just because they can't play against me doesn't mean the champions should be taken out of the game
Encrux (EUW)
: If the port is blocked on the router, you won't be able to bypass it as far as I know. What you _could_ (not should) do is maybe ask your neighbour if you can use his network to connect to league. There are also some other workarounds that would require you to use your smartphone's mobile internet access as an adapter for your PC, but as long as you don't have some sort of infinite data-flatrate, it's gonna cost you a lot. In all honesty, the best thing you can do is convince your dad to unlock the port for league. Try working out a compromise of some sort.
Okay, thanks. I don't think I'll be able to do any of that, neighbours don't particularly like us, very low data limit on phone and my dad thinks the game is a waste of time :( thank you for trying
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: A skin boost will give everyone in your team a random skin but you only get to use it for that game... you don't get to keep it. But you do get bonus ip for your whole team.
really? that's actually extremely disappointing, seems like it isn't worth it, to use a random skin for a random champ for that one game...
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Herfalum (EUW)
: yes it is really sad. but it turns mor into frustration now becausenoone from riot even cares to look over this situation...
sorry to say this, but it can turn into whatever you want and it won't make a difference, no matter how big this thread gets or how many tickets to support you send its unlikely anyone from riot will care :(
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=JNVG,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=RKKQAZbB,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-09-19T18:42:55.934+0000) > > suck, you are in plat, but you suck. Thanks for that great boost to my self esteem m8. 5 years and still in plat is pretty sad tbh
fair enough, i suppose that if i spent 5 years playing league i would hope to be more than plat.
: I suck at League plz send help suck, you are in plat, but you suck. Thanks for that great boost to my self esteem m8.
Herfalum (EUW)
: I just got banned, even tho i didnt do anything wrong
That's a real shame, to spend so much time working at something and have it taken away due to others actions. Unfortunately if riot won't do anything, then it's over, I'm so sorry. But they control everything and unless you appeal this judgement or something I don't think you'll ever be able to fix it :(
jacktjong (EUW)
: Its just play style. An assassin doesn't shred tanks, but kills the backline before the tanks can do anyhting about it and especially Akali is made to get into the backline, oneshot someone, and then stay in her shroud untill her team follows up. Cass on the other hand is someone who has a bunch of trouble getting to the backline and shreds tanks, yes. However, if you're looking for a carry its really what you need to do. If tanks are your concern, buy Cass, if the glass cannon backline is your concern, buy Akali
okay, thanks for your help, i'll look into it a bit more and try and work out which champ i want
: Well, me as tank main would not suggest i because i know from my CC that it will b e a hard time when she is longer than 3 seconds under cc, but if you can dodge good and not playing veryo ften against Ali/Naut or Rammus and you like to burst down everyone at lv.6 then buy her
would you suggest more of a high dmg mage like cassio? she seems to shred through tanks quite quickly?
: But then she found that item and it was K {{item:3100}}
So, would you say she is strong right now, average or weak? Because I was thinking of buying her tbh but heard a lot about how she wasn't very good atm
: Fiora or draven to buy
Fiora 100% 1. early game you destroy everyone with buckets of dmg Late game you destroy squishy carries with buckets of dmg, also you destroy tanks with percentage true dmg and let which gives EVEN MORE TRUE DMG 2. Destroys everyone in tf, easily get triple kills every fight and always lives due to ultimate heal and life steal from ravenous hydra and other items 3.One of the most fun champions I play, normally in top lane it is quite boring but as fiora you are always fighting, always trying to get ahead and if you are good, you will. also the W TILTS PEOPLE SO MUCH, its so funny as you see them rage at you because you blocked that stun and they got stunned instead :). Can also easily 1v2 at about lvl 6 with just one kill, so strong and easy to snowball with. 4. Not sure what this question means but... I just bought fiora a few weeks ago and I am loving her, so fun to play and tilts the enemies so much. also the 1v2 potential at 6 is so strong, all you need to do is block their cc with w I hope I convinced you to try fiora out. my match history consists of 8/6/2. 11/4/3. 13/0/1. 5/1/8. 8/3/5. 12/9/6. Not the greatest scores but keep in mind that these are the only games I've played since buying the champion so for the first five games as fiora it's pretty good, think about what your scores could be when you master her.
: I actually like him alot. Level 6 Kled with 70% winrate with him so far. That's not bad in my book. And most of the stuff is just not right. AA has no steroid? What is his W then? Waveclear? Build an hydra and you are fine. Dash no aditional effect? Not true, if you hit an enemy you get another dash which is able to follow over walls. You get sticky as hell. Q CC trash? I think it is really useful in early and it gives you a nice junk of damage later. Ult long cooldown. Right, but it has to have it. It is not just an dash with a shield and % Health damage. It is a moving tool for your whole team. Actually pretty strong if used correctly. I do pretty fine with him and win most of my duels with him. You just have to use his strengths right. :) And if I remember correctly, there is one buff for him on the PBE, removing the lowered damage in dismounted form.
This post is almost entirely correct,if i may add, + His w is on an extremely short cool down if you max it 2nd, which you should be doing + His dash can negate someone's flash if you already hit them once with it + He has incredible early game dmg, and can easily snowball + Getting skarl back negates lots of dmg your lane opponent did, putting you ahead of them on the other hand - His dismounted form is almost completely useless SO slow No ult or cc Takes a while to get skarl back And that's it. I personally really like the champ and think that if they could somehow buff the dismounted form it would help alleviate a lot of the problems
MateFoxer (EUNE)
I was under the impression that due to her mark only being consumed with an auto instead of her e she was underpowered
: That's why my ticket is 1 months and 3 days long with over 30 Riot posts in it and them claiming they are enjoying/having fun on it? Okay... Must agree with you then. 3 full pages, next post is 4th. 1 page contains 25 posts. So maybe "30 riot posts" is actually less then it originally is. TY
Please don't take too much offense, it was simply from my point of view on your answer that it would be like that it was the reason they agreed. Of course since I didn't have all the facts it was hard to be certain but that was the impression i've got, if you don't mind could you link the thread so i could read it? Seems quite interesting
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