: {{item:3140}} {{item:3139}} {{summoner:1}} Also he's not getting any movement speed from his ult
He gets movespeed because when he Q's and he has phage it makes him fast as fuc boi, and he gets to use the Q more often
: > nobody enjoys either playing or playing against https://i.imgur.com/wSm0Uuv.jpg Sorry what? I do certainly enjoy playing Nasus Also GP is exactly the same, except for the fact that GP has range and mobility.
GP is also scum but not the focus of my post. If you enjoy playing Nasus, I feel bad for you.
: He's getting kited around so easily, no need to nerf him actually.
So easy to kite when his wither basically stuns you after slowing you for about 3 seconds and then also getting move speed from ult and phage.
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Phreezing (EUW)
: I get greeted with a black screen a lot saying please try again even though my connection is fine
Happened to me around 5 times now. Can't connect to game, internet connection is fine, match never appears in match history.


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