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auneg (EUW)
: ***
So i should not be able to voice my opinion and then you come and insult me? So bot is dominant, that's why RNG is putting more pressure top and middle? That's why mages are back in bot lane?
: Not sure what this Jungle XP nerf was for either, nor why midlane would need an XP buff. But toplane did need it. Games were and are still decided by whose botlane feeds the enemy botlane first and those then can run the party.
Not really speaking from my experiance even if iam fed i can't kill top laners nor mid laners that are to fed. They litterly one shot you and then you just sit there watching the grey screen hoping that you can kill enough players to win the game. then again i am only ranked in gold, but in gold bot is very irrelevant unless you get super fed, otherwise top/mid wins the game with a couple of kills. I know ADC's are more relevant in higher elo's and pro play, but in most elo's ADC is the hardest role to climb with.
: If you think about the change, it's probably not gonna change anything for botlane. They increased XP lane minions give, and at the same time reduced the shared XP gain. That means for botlane, its a net-zero gain and loss. Nothing changed. For mid and top however, it is a small XP boost. The real winner here is midlane. Has always been relevant already and will be even more so, while toplane will probably still stay the unloved foster child where only the enemy jungler dares to tread, while your jungler afk-farms, dies invading enemy jungle for no reason or feeds botlane.
Might be the case, that the EXP will still be around the same, we don't know and i don't understand why solo laners need more EXP they are still almost always 1-2 lvl ahead, why would they need more EXP? should they be always 2 lvls ahead or 3-4? why should a top or mid lane be let's say lvl 16 and a bot lane and jungle at lvl 12-13?
: Adcs are currently the most important role in the game, the better bot lane always wins... the preseason is trying to help that. So yeah adcs are taking a hit, and yeah they deserve it as it harms the rest of the map especially top lane... and if they are took weak they can receive buffs later on. > And why the hell do you release another support? we already got yuumi this year, and now your saying that your "non traditional marksmen" is a SUPPORT Senna was one of the two most requested champions ever, only matched by yasuo’s brother... so makes sense for it to be Senna. She has to be a marksman and it makes sense for her to be able to lane with lucien. So in this situation the character came first and her role and gameplay was built around it, rather than the usual other way around. > from having the cloud drake essence and then also getting CDR on your ult cooldown are these not like giving all players a mini soujin? This is requiring 4 cloud drakes, if you’ve gotten all 4 drakes your prob gonna win anyway. Plus sojin was only bad on a handful of champions (aka jax), as this is RNG you can’t guarentee getting it and the right champion so that can help balance it out.
it does not matter that Senna was a highly requested champ, why should everyone else get a new and fresh champion while we get yet another support and another duo lane that will be impossible to balance for riot. It's require the 3rd drake to be cloud drake, the 3rd drake will keep spawning untill the elder pops. So first drake will be random, secound one can't be the same and the 3rd darke will keep spawning untill the elder pops, so yeah it's RNG still going to happen more often that you think.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Top was Always dominant from the begin of s8.Wtf you talking about. Right now evry champs scale better then adc.Evry single one of them.And champs like {{champion:266}} {{champion:24}} are very good mid lategame. {{champion:85}} is range not op...thats why he is good toplane he doesnt let you farm.Champs that can be tanky and do huge amount of dmg are more then fine.But you people seems to not understand what happened s8 with bruisers meta..
Amen to that! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Funny how u base your opinion about top lane from single aatrox game in pro play. Aatrox has 0 sustain on lane after all the nerfs he recieved to his passive making him pick only good against certain melee champions .Against ranged or poking champions u can go EVEN at best and going EVEN is not how u carry games. Hes overall weak solo solo queue pick and his low win rate proves it. Also stop using examples like Vlad Kled or Kennen which are just broken champs that riot just refuses to nerf for very long time and most top picks also struggle against them. Try playing any other bruiser/tank that isnt kled or gnar then u see how 'Dominant" top lane is when while being 10/0 and having 1000 gold lead u will struggle to do anything other than being meat shield for your team in team fights due to every single champion having 10 escape abilities 0r losing trades to vayne which has blade of ruined king and takes half of your hp in 3 auto attacks {{champion:67}}
Playing a tank is irrelevant because of a rune choice that now also will get fixed in pre-season, so then top will get more champs to play around with. getting abused by ranged champs no shit? a melee champ is supposed to be punished against a ranged match-up. And why should i not use examples of broken champs they are played in top lane right? they are relevant across all ranks? and they are abused at all ranks? hence why top is good and do not need more EXP and less EXP bot lane, or in the jungle this will not make those "broken champs less broken" rather the oppsite. And btw vayne's design is to kill tanks/bruisers. and she's highly irrelevant in this meta unless people accualy pick tank top and bot. Then again it's my opinion, top keeps smashing most of the games i play, and so does mid lane. Just feels strange that they are giving the other roles more love.
Shamose (EUW)
: Top dominant this season? Nice joke.
Not dominant? Aatrox littely 3v1 (even after the nerfs) Vad 1v5 once he get's a few items. Kled still sits on over 55+ win rate. Kennen still can 1v9 with his AP ults. Look at top elo's im not saying iam top elo but top are relevant and strong. But saying top is not dominant i just lel
: Well it does give an even greater emphasis on the dragon making people probably teamfight even earlier :) But I personally think the dragon soul aspect is just bad design to limit the winning team to get it, just another snowball mechanic :/ The small decrease in exp shouldn't be that big of a deal, but I can see mages/early game champions taking over bot lane now to ensure drakes ...
Indeed more ganks centerd around bot from TP's top and roams middle and if you have a disadvantage already with the EXP, you are even more open to those OS combos, and once you get behind GL getting back in to the game just as you said the snowballing mechanic of the souls of drakes will be more relevant than anything on the map.
: All those oh-so-interesting terrain changes are going to screw over immobile champions even more vs mobile ones. Add being squishy to being immobile and I can well understand the frustration ADC players feel seeing these changes. And yes, ADC mains were exited for a new ADC (who would have guessed?) not a support hybrid or whatever.
Thank god for someone who understands! and yes the terrain changes will make immobile champs even worse, so RIP majority of the ADC's if people were tierd of seeing kai'sa and xayah every game these changes will keep them being perma picked untill they are dumpsterd like sivir :)
Shamose (EUW)
: oh no the top side of the map is getting attention in form of some exp changes. If only botside had something to do like a new %%%%ing game changing dragon system maybe they would stay relevant.
So that we get to keep fighting over the same drakes, with a twist once you get 4 elemental drakes? While top and mid i presume will get more EXP and be even more relevant than they already are, Top and mid are dominant this season. More lvls in top will just mean more abuse on bot lane, and jungle will be even less relevant, i can't understand your reasoning..
Érszi (EUW)
: What the hell is going on with botlane? it makes me so sad{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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SepharU (EUNE)
: Why loss prevention with AFK in team will never be implemented
they sort of already got a "loss prevention in the game, if someone does not connect to the game before the 3 min mark" No loss of LP or MMR so they should be able to build it from that one. I know what your saying about MMR/ELO that's is a computer generated score, its hard to change. And a misstake can cause the system to crash.
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MusicaroN (EUW)
: people are losing their minds because of the extended maintenance and now the login issue, and you talk about a typo they made lmao 😂
well they fixed it when i got in, #fixingtypos while shutting down the server
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appeltje (EUW)
: A critical error has occurred.
i do not personaly have it but my wife keeps getting this error everytime she plays tft. and only TFT because in ranked everything works as intended for now atleast. the only problem i have is when i play tft my screen freeze and crash but no error message.
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: Tell me how this makes any f*cking sense. (matchmaking)
I feel like the matchmaking system is pretty bad atm, me and my wife keep getting lower elo players on our team and getting people from higher elo's on enemy team. that in turn keeps making us have a disadvantage since enemy top for an example is high end gold, yes i know im not that high in ranked. but we keep getting punished by having higher elo's against us, then we have on our own team. How is that even fair? that in turn makes it almost impossible to climb out of our own elo when we keep getting higer elo players against us and not in our own team. I seriously think riot need to overhaul their match making system so people won't get punished. just for playing ranked, it's not really fun when the matches are super uneven, happens aswell for enemy team sometimes. had a thresh in enemy team and adc yesterday that was bronze that were teamed up with gold/silver players and our were only silver, and that bot lane could do nothing since they were lower elo against a premade bot lane. it's just so unfair in all senarios.
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