: > [{quoted}](name=JakiStow,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=m3IQYTsB,comment-id=000600000001000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2016-12-20T12:18:25.434+0000) > > I agree to the last part. But in order to learn from mistakes, you must actually do mistakes first, right ? I am sorry, but everyone does make mistakes. Even LCS players occasionally does it. If you are living in delusion that you never make mistakes, it leads only the fact you make and repeat same mistakes over and over again as you cannot get they are mistakes. The son of Trumpf is good example if this delusion of infallibility.
That's exactly what i'm saying from the beginning ^^'
: Questionable players on ranked
Or you can accept the eventuality that people play worse than you. I'm sure that you did the same mistakes as they do at some point. Some people take longer to learn than others, and the "lvl 30 for Ranked" canot take this parameter into account. So just deal with it, they will go down the ladder and you will go up.
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Just stop bitching about it
{{champion:3}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:3}}
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Stefan0071 (EUNE)
: Yorick new skin
Still waiting for Crazy Catlady Yorick: http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/attachment.php?attachmentid=769430
xaeDes (EUW)
: Now it even is a feature? It is not a feature. You shouldn't interprete my post as a rant but rather as a suggestion for improvement. This is board is for the new client and riot WANTS feedback from the users. This is the point of that post. I see something that can be improved here. If it is necessary for some reason it could be better communicated or just integrated into the following updating processing. Not everything is done for a reason or a good reason. Not every change programmers or designers or managers make is optimal (far from that). You seem to imply that. I disagree. I don't like it because it is useless (from my point of view it IS useless; why not integrate into the update period or just skip; it looks like a countdown so I NOTICE but I can't skip.) and because I don't like to wait. And why should I?
I see what you mean, don't worry :) But the way you formulate it will never make you heard. Saying "this IS it", "this ISNT that", "you must do that", etc. is too definitive and makes you seems closed to discussion and only demanding stuff without trying to understand (I don't say that's what you are, I say it's what you look like). If you want to give constructive feedback, that's good, but try to be more open minded ways, using "this COULD be" for example, and asking for explanation, so that it's actually open to discussion.
: And majority of players are douches, and acting like an idiot is part of being douche. Refusing to listen advice is intentional. Refusing to learn from your own mistakes is intentional.
I agree to the last part. But in order to learn from mistakes, you must actually do mistakes first, right ?
xaeDes (EUW)
: I dont understand your agenda. Of course I didn't code the client. I am not the programmer, I am the user. And in this role I can give feedback and I will. For me it is annoyance enough to complain so I do. Your threshold is obviously different and thats okay. But just because someone disagrees I wont take it back, it annoys me and I complain. Easy. That is feedback.
You can complain, I wouldn't but you do what you want in the end. The thing you shouldn't say is "this feature is useless". It is not, it wouldn't be here otherwise. You cannot say " I don't like it because this is useless". Be honest with yourself and say "I don't like it because I don't like to wait".
: > [{quoted}](name=JakiStow,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=GxiOFFFy,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-12-18T13:15:20.798+0000) > > Selfishness and stupidity causes toxic behavior. That is also true.However,i agree with the other guy that auto-fill increases toxicity especially in low rank.
I don't really agree. Those people who are toxic "because of autofill" would have been toxic for something else anyway. Auto-fill doesn't increase toxicity, it makes it appear at a different place, that's all.
Aladoron (EUNE)
: Okay, tell me, who forces you to overextend and dont use ward and dive 2 towers and buy stupid items or invade alone? Or is there a random effect in the game, which teleports you under enemy tower, or prevents you from recalling? If there is, i've never encountered this, can you show patchlog about this feature? Or, if these effects doesnt exist, then you stay there bc you wanted to, you dive tower bc you wanted to, you overextend bc you wanted to. The only random effects in the game are the criticals and dragon types. +(on which side you start on, ok, there is kindred's passive also...) So tell me, who forces you to do stupid things, if you say its not intentional?!
Those are called "mistakes", "bad judgment" and whatever else you can find, but those are not intentional. You say all this as if you never ever died on LoL, never ever did any mistake. You may be a good player who only do small mistakes, but accept that other people are different than you and can make bigger ones. Being stupid is not intentional. Being a douche is.
Aladoron (EUNE)
: So i deserve a defeat bc the matchmaking sucks, and there is an idiot in my team? O.o Flawless logic man, flawless logic! And OK, i lost one game, idc, but these idiots will roam around and ruin all games what they get into, bc they simply DO NOT KNOW how to play according to the gives division.
Do you even know that you're playing a team game? You may not always deserve it, but you're all in this together, for better or worse. This time bad players made you lose, another time good players can carry you to victory. Then if you choose to remember only the bad situations, to bad for you, you have a sad life.
Kusluk (EUW)
: Autofill causes so much toxic behavior.
Selfishness and stupidity causes toxic behavior.
xaeDes (EUW)
: For me thats defeatist attitude. Take everything as it is and dont complain. The client discussion board is for feedback and my feedback is clear: Remove the 10 seconds that were not necessary in the old client. Or do you think the additional 10 seconds is an improvement over the old client?
I don't think that's an improvement. I say "think for a bit". This is obviously here for a reason, this is not free annoyance. You say it's not necessary, what do you know about it? Did you code the client? Don't think so... And I don't say "take everything as it is". I weight whether it is worth complaining about it or not. 10 seconds is definitely not worth complaining about. Now if you're either too conspirationist to believe that Riot does things for a reason, and too impatient to find that 10 seconds is nothing, I really don't know what more I can say to you.
: It has a real meaning, it is there to allow specific champs to increase their dps by some ammount. I don't know how you think it could be that it is there for something else. Watch spotlights for champions like Vi or Camille. Their AA reset mechanic is mentioned and they are suggesting you to use these spells right after an AA to increase your DPS. I don't find any other use that mechanic would have and it seems that Riot designs skills with AA reset to give these champions a way to increase their dps by timing their attacks.
Yes I see. The only issue I still have with it is that the champion suddenly hits at lightspeed for no consistent reason. Like if the reason is "this spell empowers Vi's gauntlets, allowing her to hit extremely fast" it makes sense to me, it's consistent with the champion concept, etc. But if it's like "Renekton starts hitting extremely fast and cancelling animations because some godly sweaty hand managed to hit buttons fast enough" it sounds weird. Of course I'm exaggerating :p But that's a bit how I feel, that it has no consistency or "realism".
Rioter Comments
AstralDream (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JakiStow,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=e7P1vEg6,comment-id=00030000000000000000,timestamp=2016-12-17T11:10:06.091+0000) > > Maybe you should ask yourself about your own impact on the game. > > I won a game recently against an overfed yasuo who destroyed me on mid. But he was playing solo only, never helping his team, zero teamplay. So we easily won in the end. Not because his team was bad, because his team was outnumbered since he wasn't with them. > > I'm not saying that you're a solo player, I don't know anything about you, but that's an example showing that playing good yourself doesn't do everything, you must help your team. > > One thing is for sure, if you insult your team in game, you're guaranteed to go down the ladder... I just played a game where I did the most dmg to enemy champions in the whole team, I was playing support. Its not about my impact on the game its more about crappy matchamking and stupidly broken MMR. Few games before that we won, I was playing support my ADC was total idiot, but we won, now what happened there? We boosted that idiot that was playing ADC to win we had to do it, now that idiot got 20 LP or advanced a division if he was on promo, he will now go and destroy someones game again and again until he gets to a level where his team won't be able to carry playing 4 vs 6. That ia a lot of rage inducing games for some people, poor people that get this idiot in their team. Whole MMR, and as a result of that matchmaking is not working at all. People that should rot in b5 are boosted up to mid silver, even if they don't deserve the rank, then they start feeding and braking games over and over again. This whole system is pure crap. If you get few of those idiots in your team and lose the game your MMR will take a big hit, so you will go down along with the idiots that need to go down, your personal actions in game means nothing, if enemy team is ahead you will do badly and get low mark at the end no matter what. You can take 2 people with the same MMR, but they will have very different skill levels, cause one is really playing and the other one just got carried few games and as a result his MMR got to value it never supposed to reach, cause if you win a game, no matter what you did in it your MMR will raise a bit. There is a lot of boosted idiots running around, real problem starts when I get 2 - 3 of them in my team and enemy team gets none of them, and it happens way to often. Then there are idiots that just change the champion, like usually they played Cait but now they switched to Vayne for example, since its ADC they think they will play Vayne on the same skill level as Cait and its not the case again, and they feed and flame you cause they think they are good, maybe they are good with Cait but with Vayne they suck beyond reasons. Whole rank system is not working properly, as a result game is rage inducing shit. I could mention other issues, like total lack of teamplay for example, lets say I play mid, but I got countered. I will need help, but no one cares, even the jungler. There was a game where top lane got screwed, jungler didn't go top even once in a whole game, mid lane didnt help either, and late game was fed top facerolling whole team. Not to mention the love and greed for kills and kills only in low ELO that is totally RIOT fault for not putting more effort into hilghiting important things while new players level up their accounts.
I used to feel that way too, that whatever I do in a game, victory or defeat will only be determined by "which team has the most bad players". Because I agree that the negative impact of a bad player usually outweighs the positive impact of a good player. But really there is nothing much you can do about it, except trying to notice your own mistakes. Even though you may not be the cause for defeat if you have hard feeders or teammates with zero teamwork, you don't play perfectly, you can always improve somewhere. And since you cannot change anything about your teammates, you need to ficus on your own mistakes. To stop feeling like this, I recommend you to play with friends, not alone anymore. This way it greatly increases the teamwork potential, and you'll have much less bad players in your team. Now I don't play alone anymore, and it greatly improved the way I feel about my (our) own impact on games. Now when we play as 3 and win, we can say it's because WE mostly made it happen, that it was not just matchmaking luck, and it feels much better ^^ Good luck :) EDIT: I may repeat myself, but do not ever call your teammates "idiots" or anything IN GAME. That may be very true, you may think it very hard, but please control yourself and don't flame. Not to be nice with them, but because it can ONLY make them play worse, so do it for yourself and your own chances of winning ;)
Aladoron (EUNE)
: I just explained why playing bad is intentional, but yea, dont read it xDD
"I just explained why 2+2=8, just read it xD" No matter how much you explain it and how much I read it, a wrong statement stays wrong.
xaeDes (EUW)
: I read sarcasm in that comment. I do know that 10 seconds isn't much and I could be patient. But why should I? The additional 10 seconds are an unnecessary change and it is my duty to report feedback for things that are not good.
Do you really think that they add those 10 seconds for the simple joy of annoying people? They have a reason for this, otherwise they wouldn't do it.
Bosnjo (EUNE)
: Lol, u re really something else, if summoner from my team have 3 1 on lane and after that says just ff i want to sleep and ofcourse we didnt surrend bcs team score is 20 3 and we have advantage of 12 k gold he started to go in enemy team and die 9 times in a row. How the fck thats not feeding like hell... And we lost without any reason. I wish u more expirience like this so u would change your mind about this :) btw im mid platinum now...{{champion:64}}
Well that case you mention is intentional and deserves to be banned of course. But not 100% of feeding cases are intentional, whereas 100% of flaming cases are.
Aladoron (EUNE)
: Talkin about plat+ ranked games, why would i flame a new player -_- If i would play in LCS and play like i play right now, i deserved to be banned from there, bc im not good enought to play there. So, i would totally accept that.....
Just accept that people may play worse than you while still being in the same rank. It deserves a defeat, not a ban.
R3DDzeu (EUNE)
: Nah, he's balanced dude.. like yasuo
Well, about Yasuo, I always ban him to avoid having him in my team. Having a Yasuo in your team is a guaranteed lose, looking at the type of players that play him.
: Karthus ult bug
Interesting, I hope they can look into it.
Aladoron (EUNE)
: If you say this, i have to assume, you have no idea how this game works... You can play defensive/buy defensive items, try to survive until late, farm under tower, buy wards. So feeding like hell is totally intentional. I'm not talkin' about 1-2 deaths, that is really inevitable. BUT the pure feed is trolling....
No it's not, maybe that person doesn't know that he should play defensively. That kind of knowledge comes with experience. When you started playing LoL, did you immediately know everything? You're just better than the guy, you are either smarter or have more experience, nothing more. Imagine what a pro would say about you if he reasoned like you do right now. I am pretty sure he would say that you're trolling because you are so bad compared to him.
Aladoron (EUNE)
: "Repeated Flaming on the other hand is 100% intentional and controlled and the person " And this? "Repeated feeding and playing bad on the other hand is 100% intentional and controlled and the person "
That's exactly his point, the second part is not true. Flaming is intentional, playing bad isn't. In a game there is always one team that plays worse than the other, do you conclude that every losing team loses voluntarily ? I doubt so...
Vo1dWalker (EUNE)
: Punishment
Don't try to find excuses for flaming, there is no excuses at all. If you have a troll, he deserves to be punished. And if you can't be mature control your emotions, you deserve to be punished as well. Period. Now why do you have more risks of being punished than him? Because flaming is very easy to detect, it is obvious from your language in the chat. On the other hand, spotting the difference between "trolling" and just "playing bad" is very hard to do. Be aware of that, be smarter and don't flame, you won't get punished. Simple as that. Besides, flaming never ever increases your chances of winning (on the contrary), so if that's not enough for you to stop, I don't know what to tell you anymore.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JakiStow,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=e7P1vEg6,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2016-12-16T14:22:05.918+0000) > > Same as it is easy to climb when the idiots are with the enemy, which is more likely to happen if you don't include yourself in the idiots... Not true at all, don't put statistics into it, I have HUGE drag down currently, idiots in my team 24/7. Can't do a shit agains enemy team, and idiots in enemy team happened like 2 in last 10 game and 8 times in my team. Fall down from b1 to b3 in a day, now got few more normal games and got to b2 again and after that I got full retard team again. MMR SUCKS and RIOT SHOULD FIX IT.
Maybe you should ask yourself about your own impact on the game. I won a game recently against an overfed yasuo who destroyed me on mid. But he was playing solo only, never helping his team, zero teamplay. So we easily won in the end. Not because his team was bad, because his team was outnumbered since he wasn't with them. I'm not saying that you're a solo player, I don't know anything about you, but that's an example showing that playing good yourself doesn't do everything, you must help your team. One thing is for sure, if you insult your team in game, you're guaranteed to go down the ladder...
xaeDes (EUW)
: 10 Second wait time before update
I totally agree with you, 10 seconds is impossible to bear. Why doesn't Rito think about all the things we could do in those wasted 10 seconds? GG Rito...
IzzŸ (EUW)
: The Real Problem With Low ELO
"all mid an finish" is the cause of many defeats ^^'
: Y dont get my point, I want to use it AFTER it has been fixed, right now I have to launch the game twice to use the old client, whitch is annoying
Oh ok I get it now. Well just be patient, there is not much more to it ^^
: ***
No worries, I understand what you mean :) Usually I don't get mad at them openly either. I just report them and make fun of them in post-game chat.
Bap (EUW)
: The time of me buying the chests the support website said that it was frozen themed or whatever, i checked before i bought them.
Ok so it's a problem of wrong theme then. The way you said it in your post made it look like you were complaining about getting the same skins, not about getting the wrong theme.
: ***
No you didn't of course, and I never said that you did. You explained flaming behevior by the possibility of having a mental disability. It is true that some people have that, but since it is a veeeeery small minority, I don't think it is relevant. Of course they might get offended, but again, since they represent a very small minority, it is obvious that OP's words are not directed to them, but to the overwhelming majority of flamers who CAN control their emotions. For those people it is offensive as well, but it is very well deserved considering their awful and selfish behavior.
: True i have seen countless times people only caring about there kda being perfect even if it means not joining a teamfight untill everyone is dead so they can 'clean' up and go ggez
I have won a game recently when the enemy team had a Yasuo mid. The Yasuo was really good, destroyed me in mid, had a lot of kills and a high KDA. BUT he was always playing alone, pushing lanes alone, roaming alone, etc. so every teamfight was a victory for us because we were basically 5v4 all the time (or 5v1 when we happened to catch the yasuo). Result: easy victory for us even with a fed Yasuo in front of us. Teamplay >>> solo KDA
tavl0904 (EUW)
: Need help and guidance.
First of all, don't listen to the flamers, and don't take any "advice" that is associated to an insult! 1. (I don't play adc, but I do play mid). Morellonomicon is an item that you want to buy at some point on almost every AP mid. It gives everything you need: AP, mana, CDR. As a general rule, buy Magic Pen items for champions with a low scaling (small %AP on spell damage), and pure AP items on champions with a high scaling (70%AP on spell or more). Zhonya is a must against AD assassins. For more info, you can look at some champion guides on the internet. Don't follow them blindly, read the explanations in the guides, that will give you more understanding to make your own decision. 2. Help him only if it is safe for you. Example: if you're Cait and your supp is surrounded by 3 enemies, place some traps to slow down the enemies, but don't go fighting. Help your teammate from far away. 3. Look regularly at_ the whole map_, not just around your lane. You may spot the enemy jungler near the toplane while you're bot. 4. There is no set rule, it's mostly situational. If you know that the enemies are either dead of far from botlane, feel free to push. If pushing is risky (no vision, enemy's location unknown) stay on your half of the map and go for other objectives or ganking mid. Don't worry about KSing, you are a carry, there is nothing wrong in taking the kills. People raging about KS are more concerned about their own KDA-pride that teamplay, don't pay attention to them. 5. In most cases, after a victorious teamfight. Outnumbering the enemy is one of the biggest factors for objective taking. Hope that helps :) Disclaimer: all my answers are not set in stone, I am by now way a pro player, but I have some years of experience ^^
: I have a question, Why would anyone pay for someone to mmr boost/rank them up?
Because some (many) players care more about the outcome (i.e. their rank) than the game itself, while the main enjoyment should be in the game itself and the outcome being an extra. This is also why there are so many flamers, they don't care about playing the game, they only care about winning, so they flame and rage and insult whenever they don't win. They don't realize that losing is also part of a game.
Arpadzik (EUW)
If you're really a Xerath player, you'll notice that he is already very strong and perfectly playble (provided you know how to). No rework needed, but you should play him a bit more to understand him better ;) Good luck!
Ilcu (EUNE)
: Why I decided to quit League of Legends
Sorry for you. Too bad that the game is not at fault, but people (stupid and selfsish people) are.
AstralDream (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JakiStow,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=e7P1vEg6,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-12-16T13:54:59.448+0000) > > It's possible, but you need to drop your MMR a loooooooot before that happens. And thats quite easy when you get team full of idiots.
Same as it is easy to climb when the idiots are with the enemy, which is more likely to happen if you don't include yourself in the idiots...
Tayroar (EUW)
: Can you drop divisions?
It's possible, but you need to drop your MMR a loooooooot before that happens.
Mr Saàd (EUW)
: PLZ we need warwick REWORK
This is actually the next champion getting a rework.
SSSundee (EUW)
: Placements matches
I think it is more complicated that just the amount of wins, but a safe bet for you is Bronze III.
tortsY (EUNE)
: Just be active on the boards and try to help people :) meaby they will then notice u :)
I do, I do ^^ But this is mainly relying on luck, a proper application would have more chances!
: ***
Yes there are disabled people who can't control themselves because of issues. But when you see flamers in almost every game, I really doubt that 20% of the playerbase is mentaly disabled. The large majority of them can perfectly control their emotions, they just don't do it because they are either selfish, and too narrow-minded to realise the impact it has on their own chances of winning.
: I never saw emote usage as BM'ing. If I get utterly rek'd by someone and made to look really silly, it makes me feel better when I notice they're mastery 7, and I got rek'd due to their high skill rather than my braindead plays. I also giggle whenever someone mastery emotes as a corpse, never gets old.
I agree, in some ways showing off your emote means "don't worry man, you're not bad, I'm just better ;)"
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: The increased focus on money: All these custom events, such as PROJECT, and now the annual events such as Harrowing and now Snowdown too...so far ALL of it have been "for just a small sum...". There is no joy in spending money on this game anymore, not when it's turned from a healthy "IP or RP - or a little something if you spend a little extra and gift somebody" to akin to something favouring gambling addicts and RP only. I used to like the Snowdown Showdown event in particular: play a game of the special game mode for 1 icon, buy a event skin for another icon, send a gift for a 3rd icon, and get a 4th icon if you do all 3 things. Leaving the choices to the individual, without feeling any pressure to "GIVE US YOUR MONEY NOW!!!" as it currently is. Frankly, Rito Gems has become too big for their own good. What even happened to "a game for gamers, by gamers" huh?
It's not like you are forced into paying. None of what you buy can give you an advantage in game, so you only buy what you want as extra fashion. Riot doesn't force you to pay, they just advertise their products, which is fair for a company right ? Then if you don't want to pay, just don't. Simple as that. And as someone else said, on the other hand they are giving free stuff, what more do you want?
: What are your plans for the weekend?
I'll try to die while playing Xerath. But it's hard, I'm too good with him x)
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Let us mute pings
Better than muting pings, there should be a frequency limit. Like nor more than 5 pings in 2 seconds for example, to avoid spamming.
Rioter Comments
Bap (EUW)
: It wasnt bad luck if you read it properly, the website displayed different skins than what i got out of the chests which is misleading as hell.
The website said that the frozen chests (or whatever their names) have a theme that changes regularly. So if you bought them all at once, it makes sense that you got skins of that specific theme. The absence of additional loot and the reroll having twice the same result is pure bad luck though.
: Can you make the new client slightly less annoying?
Appart from the fact that it is a beta, and therefore that it is normal to be still laggy and buggy for some people (not all of them though), you should be more accurate in what you ask. Just saying "it's bad, make it better" will not improve ANYTHING because it is too large, and Riot can't possibly spot the problem if you say that. Say somrthing like "there is a delay between clicking ACCEPT and actually accepting the game". That's a realistic problem to observe and tackle.
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