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DutchPro (EUW)
: They get thousants of reports per day. A bot checks through them. This means an afk won't be spotted as long as they don't disconnect. That's why I am worried that he will face 0 punishment. The only time employees check the reports is if the person has had previous suspensions and might need a more severe punishment.
Politely dude, you have no idea how they decide which reports to check in person
lamdataf (EUNE)
: Why draft pick needs 20 at least champions to play?
I would guess it's because the free week rotation has changed (this is included in your 20) and as your owned champs and the free week rotation overlap, you no longer have 20 unique champions.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Afks ruining my game and causing demotion
Fyi, riot has said previously, they view one report the same as 9 reports (from the same game). It's hard because you want someone human to look at it as you know that it might be hard for the system to pick up. I have no idea if this works, but if it's a weird case (they're trying to avoid getting banned by moving around in spawn), I write a note in the report box. Again, no clue if that works but that's what I do. Other than that, just report them and let them get banned if riot deems it serious enough.
JamesIAm (EUW)
: The problem is you can then adjust your summs based on what the other team has. (Once on the loading screen you can see their runes, summoner spells, match history etc.) And you could say, oooh this poppy is going full damage with ignite, rather than the standard tank, I'm going to take barrier rather than TP. Then you have an advantage because you've seen their plan.
This being said, having a reminder each game if you're the jungler and you don't have smite would be useful. OR EVEN BETTER, have an option in the menu whereby you can set default summoner spells for each role, and at the start of champ select those are selected for you. You still have the option to change them, but if you forget you'll have your defaults you set earlier.
: Changing summoners spells at the start of the match?
The problem is you can then adjust your summs based on what the other team has. (Once on the loading screen you can see their runes, summoner spells, match history etc.) And you could say, oooh this poppy is going full damage with ignite, rather than the standard tank, I'm going to take barrier rather than TP. Then you have an advantage because you've seen their plan.
Strigina (EUNE)
: Not according to Riot support >Platinum Tier: Can only queue with Gold and Platinum players, with exceptions listed below. The exceptions are for diamond players as dia has harsher restrictions.
Yeh I'm gold 1 and duoed with my siver 5 friend yesterday
: When is the PTA nerf coming???
Yeh, you talk about Vayne (who is definitely the most overpowered champ you named), but most people are taking fleet footwork on her. Nerfs are rarely as simple as they seem.
celiskyla (EUW)
: In my area it is. 119 is good. And yes I have a 1 gb wired connection
In that case I'd recommend setting up the ping monitor I mentioned in the original comment. Come back to it after a couple of days and see how it looks. If you have those results and they don't reflect what you're seeing in league then we know where the issue lies.
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Smerk (EUW)
: Yeah, I know that you're more likely to get your primary role, but I also get quite short queue times, something that I wouldn't expect if there was abundance of midlaners and shortage of supports
I would guess they widened the elo of people you get matched with. I mean play a couple of games fill and see what you get.
celiskyla (EUW)
: Hi thanks for the feedback. I tried restarting the router, but it's still the same. Checked internet speed also, and it is giving me consistent pings even in other games. I usually have 119-124 ping in LoL but now it's ranging from 160-222. I don't know what's causing this anymore. I don't have any packet loss also. I am starting to think that there is a problem between my ISP which is Etisalat and Riots server.
I'll be honest 119 is more than most people I know would play with. Is that normal for people in your area, do you have any friends who play that you can compare with. And is this a wireless or wired connection?
1n5tanc3 (EUW)
: i do quite like the support role. I've had a few good games with Morgana and Lux - I've also played with Janna in bot games, but I've also realised it does also depend on your play style balancing with the ADCs. I had a horrible game playing as a Thresh support with a Draven that kept charging in getting squashed in less than a second each time, and flaming me for it, ha ha! I feel rewarded for being able to impact the game as support... snowballing and also getting the ADC to snowball too, even if other players don't show it - although I find that a decent ADC does acknowledge when I've supported well. (And also the team in team fights) I do enjoy the jungle role, but I'm not good enough at it (yet?). i tend to fall behind (although i have had some good games as Yi) and coordinating ganks with laners is sketchy, even if I ping in advance. Maybe bad timing, or I'm too slow - I'm not sure. Think I need more practice before inflicting my sub-par jungling on fellow PVPers...
I don't play a ton of PVE ers. But the 2 roles you're talking about do depend a LOT on your teammates, and you will probably find that people are much better at coordinating with you as you level and rank up. The on the way ping for jungle is pretty crucial though, keep that up because it helps your laner a ton
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, my history of games as mid/supp tells me you are wrong. I get that secondary role so rarely that I wonder why people think that support is underplayed
I think they've just changed it to give you your primary role more often. Play fill it's not all the time but a lot of it is supp.
1n5tanc3 (EUW)
: Any roles underplayed?
Support > Top/Jungle > ADC > Midlane source: playing fill a reasonable amount.
: Are placements accurate?
It also takes into account your MMR. So if he had been winning a load of games at the end of last season and you had been losing a load. It also takes that into account. But to answer your original question, they're not accurate. Nearly everyone get's moved down at the start of the season, the idea being that you should climb up to your appropriate rank relatively quickly with lp gains you get.
celiskyla (EUW)
: Lag Spikes ingame!
Unfortunately your download speed isn't actually tied to your ping (which causes lag spikes). I personally haven't been experiencing lag spikes, so it may be your ISP's connection with the router. Or may just be because lag spikes are particularly evident in league. You can use [think broadband's ping monitor]( to check your ping over a couple of days. When I used to get lag spikes however it was due to my router being old. A quick reboot of that would clear up the lag for a couple of days. So if you're looking for a quick fix I would try that. (Btw if you don't have a wired connection I would seriously consider looking into one - It can help problems like this a lot).
Tammyart (EUW)
: Just curious guys i need help
I wouldn't worry too much about your initial placement. If it's lower than last year your LP gains will be high and your LP losses low. So just maintaining 50% wr will mean you climb :)
: Hey, everybody has diffrent oppinions and that's ok. How about we agree to disagree?{{champion:17}}
Sure :) {{champion:163}}
: Well I whould not done so if by his decison he is screwing over the whole team and I whould have nothing againt it if it was only him who he damaged but you have got to remeber when you damage yourself you damage 4 more player with you...
So what you're saying is that as you're in this game, people should only play what you want them to play? The decision was not an inherently bad one. He can get behind the Janna and the Sivir and blow them up with his ult. The pick was perfectly reasonable into that team, and that's assuming he was last pick. If he isn't then he just has to take his best guess. The advice I was always given was play something you're comfortable on rather than a counter pick. So no I don't think his pick was awful, and he did nothing to intentionally damage 4 other players.
: But please, look at the team he picked Twitch into, the only champion he chould easly kill is janna, every other champion whould be much easier to compete with for other meta junglers like Jarvan.
I'm not disputing whether it's a good pick or not. But you can't report someone, hell you shouldn't even tell someone off in chat, for playing a champ that you don't think is a good matchup. That's his/her choice to make.
: Erm I don't understand your response. I'm either connected to the internet or I'm not its as simple as that. And still your reply makes no sense, as it would imply that the problem is on riots end...
I think what he was suggesting is that the issue may be occurring between your ISP and riot. They put out a video about something similar [here]( That would be my best guess. But honestly if it's only happened once, I wouldn't sweat it, the leaver buster is probably only 5 minutes. If you have friends that don't want to wait, race through 5 co op vs ai games to clear them (an hour or two's work).
: Keystoneless champions
The problem is it can be hard to predict it's effectiveness for even one additional keystone. Klepto is a good example, it was kinda obvious that it would be good on ez and gp. But very few people predicted it being as good on illaoi as it is. If they just add a load more keystones, it'll be other champs that don't have an amazing keystone. So instead they have to try and find a keystone that fits a current hole but doesn't become too oppressive on anyone (trying to allow for multiple keystone options for most champs). The best way to do that is extensive testing.
: I admit you are right, but the twitch that was playing with me knew he does not have that kind of experience to help his teammates out due to the fact that he now has 3/3 lost twitch games.
So then you're getting on to should there be a minimum number of games required to play a certain champ in ranked. There this gets a little more interesting. There are arguments both ways. I will remind you though, you have no idea how much he has played twitch in normals. He could have a ton of experience in normals and just not be very good. In fact, having looked him up on His current score for this season in twitch ranked is 1 from 4. And he had 35 games of him in season 7. After EVEN DEEPER research, he has level 6 mastery on twitch. You can see champion mastery [here]( I think this sums it up. You played with a guy who played a perfectly meta champ, to a substandard level. That happens in most games tbh, at least one person.
: Sorry, but I don't know what is concidered a serious enought language?
Neither do I, they try to avoid telling people to stop them abusing limits
: Why is riot going blind to this?
Then onto your point about an auto ban feature, this already exists, some people even troll by trying to get teammates to say particular phrases that get them banned. No reports needed, the system sees serious enough language it automatically bans them.
: I am sorry but you are clearly wrong beacose jungler who has under 50 precent winrate is not a strong jungler and that twitch had already knew that he cannot play twitch due to the fact has has already lost 2/2 games on him! Winrate according to
Right, twitch has been a strong jungler for a while now, regardless of winrate. If we go by your logic then here are the champ's that it shouldn't be possible to pick in the jungle: Poppy, Rek'sai, Maokai, Ivern, Kindred, Kha'zix, Elise, Nocturne, Zac, Kayn, Ekko, Lee Sin, Camille, Master Yi, Diana, Twitch, Hecarim, Rengar, Tryndamere, Graves, Volibear, Fiddlesticks, Olaf, Gragas, Nunu, Quinn. You can't ban someone for wanting to play a champ they don't have a a ton of experience in ranked on, and for all you know he could have experience in normals. And after all of that, particular one tricks have stupidly high win rates on champions like Karthus jungle, because they know how to play it. Your suggestion would stop you getting carried by people like that. All in all, no you should most certainly not filter champs out of certain roles.
: When lucian is gonna get a buff?
He's tricky. He seems to be either absolutely useless or S tier, probably because his kit is so fun to play. He has so many tools to move around and output damage, if he gets buffs, some people become unstoppable on him.
IzzŸ (EUW)
: Year in Review
Try going to: I believe it's because your login name is different to your in game username. :)
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: im currently nearly dropping into plat because of the games so if i dode and lose lp that made me go onto -10 im already being shielded from dropping , the fact is my dodge should of been reset it had been more than 24 hours since i last dodged and shouldnt have given me a 30 min dodge timer
yeh I'm like 90% sure that's not how it works. - The 24 hours bit
: Awful Game
The more you dodge the higher the LP losses and leaver buster timers will be. Some people just mess around in champ select, I'd stick it out (you're not gonna lose much more LP even if you do lose) and then you can report them at the end.
: How do I deal with trolls and instalockers?
I mean he was 1/3 top, which is really not that bad at all. Then 2 other people came top and died to his laner (he should've done more here). And then he goes in to try and finish the fight and dies(?). To be perfectly honest, that sounds like a bad play combined with bad judgement. Annoying? sure, reportable? no. (this is just my opinion based on what you've said). The only particularly bad behaviour was the taking top lane after it was called. And even this could be down to him seeing it first on his screen and you seeing it first on your screen. Anyway I wasn't in the game so I'm not in any position to tell you what his intent was, if you do believe he was intentionally feeding/losing the game, you can report him from the end of game screen, and if he does throw intentionally multiple times Riot will see the reports and ban him.
: Then why was I banned for 14 days, when in the chatlog it shows only 1 game I flamed in? This is stupid.
Can you post the chatlog? I'd happily take a look at it for you :)
: TOP 10 HATED Skills
Of all of those, Fiora's w is the least bad. I'd say something like Ekko R? Kog W? or maybe Soraka W?
: > I've just been waiting for 1 minute on Loading Screen > match ended up as a remake , with , ofcourse , ME , as the leaver! Remake can only be done after 3 minutes into the game, so that first statement is false.
More than that, the game almost always give at least a minute for everyone to load up before it starts the game so you're looking at close to a 5 minute wait. Can't speak for OP but I'd guess the game crashed, he relaunched and only then did he wait 1 minute on the loading screen.
: maybe a good idea for improving Ranked mode
Full disclosure, I've played champions that are new and have just come out in ranked games before. In fact I normally do (when they're not banned). What people always seem to underestimate, is that while I'm at a disadvantage not having as much experience as my opponent on our respective champions, my opponent also has no idea how my abilities work, where as I very quickly pick up on their range cooldown and damage. I'd say I mantain a positive winrate on the vast majority of new champs (and when I play against them) simply because I know the abilities of both champs in the matchup and my opponent only knows their abilities. I know my opinion is very different from the vast majority of people on the boards, but I would like to clarify that when I do play a new champ in ranked, I don't troll or anything else, I try my best to win.
: I checked their OPGG the next day, and saw that their match history had like 5-6 games after the one they inted in. Edit: I censored his name, and screenshot his match history after the 0/15 Azir game:
It looks like it was just 1 game when they fed. Unfortunately the system will rarely punish people until they have repeatedly done something wrong :/
LexusAD (EUW)
Really like the q and e changes. Honestly, I'd leave the ult as is. Azir currently has 2 particularly strong/annoying parts to his kit 1. His Reliability to poke from a distance with little warning/dodging 2. His fast dashes into ults (from his q e combo) The changes you've suggested to his q should stop the super fast reliable poke patterns, and the changes to his e mean he can still escape over walls but can't move dash very quickly behind the enemy. Therefore I think you can afford to leave his ult as is (I also don't love the idea of 2 types of soldiers, but that's personal) as a lot of it's reliability and speed (short of using flash) has been taken away.
: Isnt it the same with current Kog Maw and the other 2 main stack champions, Nasus and Veigar ... Even if they get shut down early or are behind they they have a really really high come back ratio unlike old Kindred. Im currently "trying" to play her but I cant enjoy it, everything feels underwhelming I dont know what items to buy the damage is really low with anything.
The difference is, with those 3, none of them have to go into the enemy jungle to comeback. With a playstyle like Kindred's where you have to frequently invade into their jungle, if you're behind and you get spotted, you're a free kill. If you don't go, you don't get most of your damage. It wasn't too bad at lower elos as people wouldn't establish very good vision. But at high elos, Kindred was almost never allowed to stack.
: Any possible chance of Kindred getting rerolled
She was changed for a reason, with her old kit, if she wasn't shut down early she became too strong late. So they nerfed her so she wasn't too dominating, unfortunately this resulted her being too weak in games when she was behind. As a champion she was too feast or famine which is why they changed her to allow her to be more consistent
: Bad behavior in ranked, and experiment
in terms of your basic flame: ie you're bad, stop feeding, omg why do you suck. I think you have to get a couple of games racked up before they will act upon it (everyone has a bad day every now and then). But if you start to get into real offensive stuff, swearing, racism etc. I imagine, you'll get at the very least a warning within 2-3 games, (they may skip over this as it's too serious an offence). Edit: When I say skip over, I mean jump to a more serious punishment, chat ban, 14 day ban etc.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Majority of the playerbase Care to show me the stats that backs this claim up? I have a feeling you're simply making facts up in order to sound like the majority agrees with you, which I haven't seen any evidence of.
I don't know how many times I can remind people of what the system was before. First it was pick order, you were last pick you were going support. Then it was 15 minute queue times to find a game, then came >the cancer known as "auto-fill" Now you get a game of auto-fill in every 20. We get it, you end up playing a role you're not as comfortable on. So you do your best and try and help your team win, same as ever. Someone has to play support, and with the current system it's either this or 15 minute queue times. *** Side notes 1. Riot has been trying to make support a more interesting role to play (to encourage more people queuing for support and less autofill) see new support items, lower resistances bot tower, Rakan. 2. Riot has said they are aware of the issue and are monitoring it: [Nexus article]( 3. As annoying as you may find it, autofill has probably also improved your play by giving you a greater perspective on the role of support, and the botlane as a whole (for people who don't play much adc)
OnJourney (EUW)
: Idea for a new plant
Honestly, blinds as a whole don't feel great to play against. They're not awful right not cos there's only 2(?) champions with them. But add a plant in with that functionality, and suddenly you can blind an entire team. I get where you're coming from I just think it's too far out of what we have currently. None of the plants we have at the moment affect how much damage you can do, they're all out of combat things, moving to plants that are in combat tools wouldn't (imo) work massively well.
ShadowsQLOL (EUNE)
: Why did i get banned for this?
You can actually get banned for asking your team to report people. And I mean with things like this: > ShadowsQLOL: EZ fck tard ShadowsQLOL: i %%%% your mother Are you really in any sort of position to contest the ban?
ClaudiuMB (EUNE)
: Banning a declared champion
Okay so building on this. Rather than just outright being impossible. Why not a pop-up come up saying, Are you sure you want to ban this champ, your teammate has indicated they would like to play them" If it gets to the end of the timer with this pop up showing, the ban goes through, or if it's within 5 seconds of the timer hitting 0. This way it would massively reduce the number of accidental bans, but if you want to ban the new champ so the other team can't first pick it as it was released massively OP, then you are still able.
: Percentage-True-Damage
Steraks is your best counter. It gives you a massive shield when you take a lot of damage but doesn't increase your health (other than the flat 400 health it gives all the time).
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