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: Do you really think Riot would punish AFK'ers? Nah, all they care about is NA pro players, forcing people to play premade, and making more money. Few AFK'ers have never hurt anyone.
Hi Well, thats kind a good thing (to me in this situation!) and a really bad thing to the community but...yeh...its rito... Thanks for the informantion bro :D
: Kick your dad in the nuts for me will you.
Hi Relax, I will do that for you xD
Maluber (EUW)
: You could always ask you mum/dad if they need you in the next hour or 2 and explain you'll be on an online game if not and that it's impolite to leave a game in progress.
Hi Most of the time I do that, but sometimes my dad RANDOMLY happears in home like a ghost and I can´t say no to him (because...its my dad...) As a said it was only two games in one year that I play league, so its not that bad rigth?
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