: RIP Dominion - A Look To The Future of The Game
I posted something similar 20 days ago (https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/2iqHUdlv-i-miss-dominion). I don't know if you call me a casual gamer but I think Dominion was one of the most enjoyable game modes in League. No one forced you to adhere to meta. You simply pick the champs you are comfortable with and hit start. I get that rito wants to gear everyone towards LCS but at what cost? There is no incentive for fast paced action and fun. Even though they are patching the game towards fast paced matches however SR has lost that "fun and enjoyable" aspect a few seasons back and it has rarely recovered. I have not stepped into SR for over a year now and I don't intend to anytime soon. I mostly reside in ARAM and occasionally Twisted Treeline but even then those modes are hit and miss. There is room for the return of Dominion permanently and also room for rotating game modes. Even if the queue waiting time were long during the last days of Dominion, those that wanted to play that mode stuck to their guns, it shows how they really enjoyed that game mode. League's population is on the rise however choices are limited. Riot needs to increase their options and offer choices to their customers. I've watched many companies and games disappear due to the developers not listening or refusing to change and evolve. I've stopped buying skins because I didn't think my brand loyalty was rewarded. I suspect I am not the only one that is considering that route or hasn't already gone through that route.
: I miss the backdoor strategy.. It's really fun, and I played it when I had just 20 mins. For aram you need 30 mins.. Riot has to bring back dominion. **Why don't make a petition and send it on boards in every region!** Any volunteers who want to make it? :D
we will probably get shot down by the LCS and meta mafia so might as well just reminisce on the good old days of 4 top and 1 bot rush on dominion :)
: I agree wholeheartedly! Dominion was a fun alternative, allowing one to play your fave champion(s) in a less strict lane & role, I hope it will return!
me too and I hope it remains permanently. Nobody genuinely cared in Dominion, it was simply fun and there was no pressure to adhere to meta. However I get that Riot wants to promote LCS as much as possible and to do that is to create a gaming environment that subliminally forces players to adhere to their required mentality of supporting their status quo: It's all about ranking and the meta.
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: sorry for resurrecting a very old post, hope there is no infractions. but i wanted to reply too .. 44 here playing since season 2, on and off. finally got to silver this year :)
Welcome to the party! I quit playing ranked. It wasn't fun and most people were too competitive in solo q and would open the flood gates to insults and verbal abuse if you make a mistake. If I ever go back to ranked is if I join a team and even then I wouldn't go full gung-ho on it
: Fairly dissapointed
This change seems a lot different from the other end of season changes previously. I mean the learning curve seems a lot steeper. Previous changes targeted certain aspects of the game and some minor tweaks in others but this one for some reason has put me off the game. I feel like a newbie again who just downloaded the game.
elin990 (EUW)
: Who are tough enemies for Garen?
Just a question what about vayne? I mean vayne's E I reckon would be the most annoying thing for most top laners
: It's a skin line that is inspired by mecha genre in general... Only one that could have inspiration from that specific anime is Rumble.
You don't see the Galaxy annie recall with the giant mecha head as a gurren lagann reference? Or the colour scheme?
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Hannsen (EUW)
: I don't know if I got it right, but you missed the thing, that Vulkan is an "addition" on a low level side for computation, not for graphic-operations at all. For this you'll need to use OpenGL or DirectX. But you're right, that Vulkan is the "better DirectX 12" in the way, that the computations, that you can do with both are available cross-platform if you're usign Vulkan and not only limited to Windows 10. If there is ever the need to get features like this I think it will get Vulkan, but I cannot imagine that they'll drop DirectX-support like you mentioned, because the would need to rewrite the whole engine without DirectX and this is to be honest much work - the resources for this they should put something else in my opinion.
Vulkan is the child of Mantle and OpenGL. It aims to compete and probably replace DirectX as the go to API for game developers and offers cross platform support. Frostbite engine, Unreal, CryEngine, Source and so on are all adopting Vulkan. It offers native rendering and support for triple A games on OS's like Linux. This will probably make Steam on Linux a thing as the previous one was barely experimental. > not for graphic-operations at all Vulkan is a low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics and compute API. Vulkan targets high-performance realtime 3D graphics applications such as video games and interactive media across all platforms. Compared with OpenGL and Direct3D 11 and like Direct3D 12 and Mantle, Vulkan is intended to offer higher performance and more balanced CPU/GPU usage. Other major differences from Direct3D 11 (and prior) and OpenGL are Vulkan being a considerably lower level API and offering parallel tasking. Vulkan also has the ability to render 2D graphics applications,[6] however it is generally suited for 3D. In addition to its lower CPU usage, Vulkan is also able to better distribute work amongst multiple CPU cores. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vulkan_(API)#Software_that_supports_Vulkan
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Jarwan (EUW)
: Share your most played champs and why
After playing specific champs so much, do you guys find it difficult to adjust to other champs? I mean knowing everything and anything a champ is capable of in situations and then playing something else after. I feel like it takes time to adjust. Do you guys meet the same hurdle, if not, how do you cope?
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Jarwan (EUW)
: Lately reporting
Just got into another game, mid laner ahri feeds a kata then kata starts roaming and steam rolls me as a supp in bot then the adc blames me for feeding and then ahri jumps in and accuses me for feeding. Spent the whole game being flamed. I muted them and continued playing. End of the game all hell breaks loose. I can't supp people like this as it just makes you feel awful. The worst thing is my vayne called the shots, I jump in to initiate and vayne focuses their leona so she leaves me to die. What am I suppose to do in this situation. You can't commit your supp if you can't defend her when she needs you to.
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Tom Raider (EUNE)
: Help North-African & Middle-Eastern Players !
Honestly the LOL community in the Mid-East and North Africa is so huge. I'm surprised Riot hasn't built a massive server may be in Dubai for that region.
Guadaloop (EUNE)
: Proposal: ban a team mate during a ranked game
Muting the player in all chat is better than simply banning as like WilliTheWit says, people will abuse the system. So ban them in all chat instead. I don't get the all chat feature as if you do meet a prick in game, they can choose to share where you are going to anyone.
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Neoblade1 (EUW)
: "ez" is bannable?
Yes it is and I'm guessing you got banned for it? Well deserved ban. Every now and then everyone has a bad day or bad game, you don't need to rub it in their faces as eventually they'll just hate the community, the game and in turn become toxic themselves. If someone is flaming and being toxic and you come around and destroy them and win, that is satisfying enough. Don't become them by turning toxic.
Elijen (EUW)
: Reasons why leveling champion masteries is frustrating
I wonder if after reaching a certain rank with a champion, the masteries adjust and become harder to obtain higher ranks? As I currently stand, I have 600k mastery points with Annie. I used to see a lot of S ranks but my last couple of games in all the game modes were I did well with 15 - 25 kills with her and doing objectives only netted me 'A' and 'B' ranks. Is it because I have had too many S ranks or is it because I got too much mastery points on her? I don't actually know how the system works. And I'd like to see a full detailed explanation on the system from riot if possible. It's currently vague.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: I was never that much into FF series and the last one that i played was Final fantasy 13,which i coudn finish because it was so fucking boring. This is a cinematic trailer that shows absolutly no gameplay sooo .... https://media.giphy.com/media/zYRwFQ9DJ0R44/giphy.gif
I second that. 13 was way too boring. What the hell was that all about. I'm not gonna touch this one either. It just got really repetitive.
PusimTravu (EUNE)
: Now, that was a bit rude, no im not playing mid for the first time. First of all, you are wrong, every single champ u put in there has a counter play and none of them can one shot like Annie. ( Most of them can but they have to land a skill shot to do so, which makes it much more easy to counter ). If a player actually knows how to play mid you dont lose to leblanc and fizz unless they are good too, so no i wont be making those posts. Second of all, I dont want to be rude now, but u are a bit lower division then me, and silver is exactly where even i can go and play like 20/0 with Annie. And once againt not to be rude, but maybe that is why any of those can one shot you at 6. Problem with Annie is that shes as simple and easy as it gets but still really strong leaving no room for counters ( especially if she has her flash up).
Are you suggesting Annie has no counter play? A Leblanc could do the same that Annie does and she doesn't need flash as her W works the same. The thing is you played Azir who doesn't do well early game and scales much better mid to late. Your soldiers will constantly push the lane and her, so far back that she will constantly be hugging the turret and won't be able to roam. Annie uses flash to initiate and escape. Force her to use her flash with the help of a jungler or just use your soldiers to farm safely and anticipate her stun. Riot has already made it easy to spot her stun by displaying it over her head. I'm not sure what more warnings you require. She is a burst mage, designed to burst squishes down to ashes and she isn't the only champ that can do that. The biggest gripe with people crying about Annie is the fact that they can't react fast enough to the flash combo so the simple solution is to chip at her advantages. She has no escape once the flash is gone so if she does use it then let her push and set up a gank with your jungler. If Annie is caught short without a flash, she will die most of the time from a good gank. As Azir I would have pushed for tower and stay away from her till mid game and force the wave constantly.
Coxis (EUNE)
: Hey Afilathiel, It's not that they are ignoring the SoloQ matter. It's just that they are busy right now with other stuffs, like maintaining all the stuffs available right now, provide new content and with the LCU. It's not like they don't care, but it's down the queue of the "to-do" list for now. :) They also said that in a dev blog post earlier this year.
" Maintaining" that is an oxymoron when you put it in the same sentence with "Riot". Sometimes I feel like they haven't got a clue unless it involves making money.
Infernape (EUW)
: Annie's stun
Out of curiousity why does it seem everyone has it for Annie this season? A number of people have been campaigning for her to get reworked and Riot has done that. Unfortunately those people that campaigned don't even play her but those that do, know what that patch has done to her. She is unplayable at the moment full of glitches. Her stun either works or doesn't, just depends on the mood of the game. Tibbers is unresponsive to commands like a millenia teenager on prozac. Tibbers also stops moving once an enemy decides to pop into a bush and out. Even if said enemy stands right infront of Tibbers face, they won't be attacked as tibbers stands still until it goes back to cooldown. Now reading this post where you still think she needs to be punished more. Can we also make it that if tibbers is spawned but doesn't stun enemy that it turns around and attacks Annie instead?
Player 00 (EUW)
: Nah I don't think so Annie is too broken no matter how you put it. I was Orianna with Deathcap and Athenes. She was Annie with +0 Rod of the Ages and Abysal Scepter. Look I couldn't even CS because she just ulted me from nowhere (cus her ult has insane hitbox) and Q W and I died. When I came back to lane she only had CDR boots more and she did that to me again. And again and again and again. She is too strong no matter how you put it. (again I don't force you my openion just trying to discus why I think that champion is broken in my eyes){{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
So you had a bad game where you got the floor wiped on you and then decide she's too OP? People like you were the ones who got Annie reworked in the first place. The rework has destroyed her, she fits an extremely small niche in the game at the moment. She'll disappear soon enough in the way of the dodo.
Player 00 (EUW)
: Broken, underpowered champions
Annie needs nerfing? Have you played her? Her stun and tibbers work when they want to. Flash stun is at the hands of god now if you are lucky.
Jarwan (EUW)
: How to get S rank on supps like Soraka?
Wow this escalated quickly! I didn't say I was the best soraka, I'm still learning. I used to play mid a lot but with this dynamic queue doing a mid/supp split, I always get supp so I might as well learn the supp role. The question is out of curiosity on how to earn S rank with Soraka, by no means was my intention to say I was the best and to be fair with the deaths, I'd rather jump into a fight and heal my team mates in crucial times as opposed to staying out of it. Thank you for those who have replied with informative discussions. I'll put the knowledge to the test in my next games. Cheers!
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efol00 (EUNE)
: But dosen't that balance her? If she could land all of her ults and w's she would be totally over powered in team fights and against in lane. Her q's range is already massive so isn't that enough?{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Q range is massive? You, what are you smoking? I want recommendations. Flash R is a gamble these days. I'd rather stick around bushes until someone decides to walk into my face to ult to reduce the chances of failing. They screwed her up badly. By the way, has anyone noticed that when tibbers enrages and the enemy walks into a bush, tibbers stops moving! Even if they pop out of the bush, he just stands there if you are dead! What why?!
Infernape (EUW)
: I've noticed that Tibbers doesn't even get enraged. He just stands still even if the person he's targeting can be seen. I've also noticed that he stands still even if you tell him to attack something.
Yeah, they say he enrages if you stun someone and he attacks them but he actually doesn't most of the time. At the moment he's only good for the initial damage when he pops out and if you are lucky, he steals a kill with his AOE.
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: Play good enough so they dont surrender? 4 people agreeing to surrender has nothing to do with premades.
Hello, when 4 people agree to surrender, the game ends. It doesn't matter how well you play. What version of LOL do you play where the game continues on even though the vote has been cast?
: Teleport has become dominant, picked on both top and mid. Possible ignite buffs?
I actually prefer exhaust mid. Ignite falls off in end game and unless you are playing vs a Swain or whatever it is better to take exhaust as it doesn't fall off, you'll always cut someone's damage by half this would include a damage dealer jungler, top laner and adc. The supp can exhaust the adc and you'll always have someone on the other side gunning to shut down your adc, as a midlaner I tend to stick in the background with our ADC waiting to jump in so when it comes to protecting the adc, I'm that last line of defence. In this season, ignite is situational, exhaust is a must. That's just my playstyle for mid.
: They could show if you got the secondary, Yeah, and if you do not accept your then you get the queue penalty so people won't have to hear your cries on champ select about how dynQ sucks so bad. :3 There is an easy answer. Too Many Mid laners. A.k.a. people who think they are faker or xpeke
you get queue penalty if you dodge at champ select. Even currently you can choose to not accept a match when the game finds you one and you don't get a dodge penalty so how does that turn into dodging? When I first started playing this game, my first champ I played around with was Ashe until one day I met a smurf Annie who absolutely destroyed our team so from then on I decided to play her and its been about 4 years since then and I still only play Annie. I knew nothing about faker or xpeke and I did not care much about ranked until 2 years later. I play mid because I simply enjoy mages and the solo game play it offers. I'm getting to my thirties, way too old to try and be a teenager haha
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: So basically you are complaining that people who work as a team will have an advantage over people who do not work as a team. ...If you have bad players in your team you have disadvantage either way mate.
No, its about premades. If you end up playing with premades with VoiP, then their communication is already better than yours. I don't care how fast you type but its easier to talk. The same fingers and keyboard you're using to type is what you use to play. A bit difficult to multitask in a fast paced unpredictable environment.
Joyi (EUW)
: Kenen, princess Azula?
I like where this is going. We need to break a few more trademarks though. Aurelion Sol as Appa may be?
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: If you want a defensive option then you can go with {{item:3027}}
I never really used Athens as defensive primarily. Mana sustain to keep me in lane and poke. The mr to slightly reduce theirs. I'll keep an eye on that item now
Goodnigut (EUW)
: How about {{item:3003}} and the use of "**Dangerous Game**" mastery instead?
Already use dangerous game. This season been going 12/18/0.
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Uberfrag (EUW)
: Am I the oldest league of legends player?
28 going on 29 soon. May be not as old as most of you in here but I feel out of absolute touch with the majority of the young'un in here. I grew up on the Mega Drives, Ataris. Out of curiosity, did anybody else try and blow into their cartridges when they stopped working?
: She could one shot our tank with 200+ mr btw
What tank? I main annie. I have never in my gaming life managed to one shot a tank with even 100 mr let alone 200+. A tank with that much MR means they got at least 3k HP by that time. There is no way for annie or any other burst mage to be able to one shot a tank at that stage. If any champ is fed in this game, it's beyond devastating if left unchecked. It's not just a case with Annie alone. As for those rework with mages, from what I read in the notes it looked more like minor tweaks to bring them into the meta once again. Not major reworks requiring a relaunch like Taric, Shen et al. They even reduced some of the gold costs of items. They basically decided to listen to people from pre-s6 who were screaming about the nerfs mages received and the buffs assassins/tanks got. Some of that has changed now.
Vaccine69 (EUNE)
: Riot forcing old league players to quit
I still play annie mid/supp. Been playing her since S4. Every season they change items and playstyle. Every season I have to adapt to some of the bullsh*t that riot cooks up. This season took the cake. Burst mages disappeared into oblivion. The game favoured assassins. They have tweaked the game a bit now and I've started seeing more and more mages being played. Midlane is still predominantly full of Ekko, LB, Zed, Yas.
: That is by no means an excuse to give up on the game. It's like you play chess, lose two pawns because enemy outplayed you and then you just forfeit the game. Of course, chess is less forgiving, since you are playing alone and there is nothing you can do if the other player is just straight out better at the game. However, League consists of 10 player (5 on each side) and if you make a mistake, learn from it and move on. That's what grown people do. It's pointless to cry over a puddle of spilled milk, so you get the point. One more thing: depending on division, chances for comebacks are higher the lower the division is. There are so many games thrown in silver gold and platinum divisions, that it's simply incredible. It always happens that one enemy team member gets ahead and starts screwing around, making unnecessary risks and ends up getting killed. Late game, it's a minute penalty if your character dies, giving the other team member advantage.
Glad someone actually gets it. Only a few days ago I was begging my team mates to stick around a bit more that we can still win. Guess what, the other team got cocky and sloppy and we kept chipping at their advantage. We won that game. We couldn't believe it ourselves. It's not the first time where the other team thought they bagged the win only to lose it with overconfidence. The game doesn't end until their knocking at your nexus. All I'm asking is for trust and perseverance. I just don't seem to get it anymore in my division. I don't mind people giving up in normal and draft. It's where you try new things without consequences but quitting before the 5th minute in ranked? Come on now.
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