: [SUGGESTION] URF and other funmodes to custom
Well I've only just seen this thread and already it has amazing potential. Instead of implementing the URF as a game mode, which may take too much time and resources (especially with balancing champions) adding this to a custom seems like a great idea! You have my up vote friend!
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: +1 Nidalee on enemy team 5 matches in a row. I'm aware of the percentage chances and that it is possible, but the amount of perfect poke compositions I face is kind of crazy. The only way to truly fix ARAMS accounts is, as you say, making it truly random and giving you any champion in the game. You still get rerolls based on how many champions you own. But yeah, it's sad that someone would make an account just to win in a mode that's supposed to be fun.
Just to start off with I'm not agreeing nor disagreeing with what you have to say, but that last comment doesn't really make any sense. At the end of the day people play for their own pleasure as with most games; so they're having fun. But I get what you're saying about playing against them.
: Which map? Magma Chamber? cause {{champion:85}} would be op.
Well the reason behind 1v1s and 2v2s being released for everyday players on Howling Abyss was due to an unfixable bug which they couldn't fix on magma chamber. So I believe it would be a new map or Howling Abyss, either way; I'm in!
: blocking people should also enable that you never see that person in ur team again
Mhm I think with higher elo match-making this may cause some concern, because you're always going to block people for one reason or another, so this may cause even longer queue times. I think however, if you ignore somebody it should stop you hearing their pings? I've had many games when I ignore people, but they just keep pinging me!
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