: interesting game mode, i like it all except for the last part "you have to be killed by the fountain to win **been killed by a player (getting a assist on you when the fountain kills you)** ~~or another turret~~ will not grant you the win " that part is stupid and flawed as anyone can just place wards around their base and then recall as they see you go past them and attack you once when being killed by fountain or about to so then it ends up with them getting an assist. people can cheat and use this to their advantage and then while ur dead they can run to the enemy base by taking advantage of the death timer. add more rules and if a person is dead then the enemy must not move or push until enemy respawns again or else they can farm but must recall to base and not leave their base until enemy respawns please figure it out or fix it or do something because this is a really fun game that i would like to play
Hey thanks for the feed back and I know there need a lot of tweeking to go into the game to make it perfect that is one of the reason I have uploaded this so other people can help what is missing and what need to be done to make it more better <3
its lit fam (EUNE)
: Well seems interesting but it's a little odd that you casually have to farm to level six, instead of just trying to go into fountain whenever you want
well it just give everybody there ulti and then it is fair game for everybody
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