: most do, I see tons of accounts that have 50 lv7 champs or more
And what's wrong with having many lvl7 masteries champs? You pay so much attention to this?
: Because they don't use mana, how would they run out of it?
You can't understand a simple question, please let someone who knows the answer explain this to me and leave the thread.
: And the answer was already way above > Gamedesign, playstyle, balancing. If you want to hide your ranting at least give it some effort
If you can't give a helpful answer just don't reply, thank you. If you want to fight with someone go somwhere else. Ignored by now.
: Sorry but you don't appear like you do. Here, have some help: >Why some champs have mana, some energy and some nothing? Champs like Garen or Katarina for example. Isn't this unfair?
Champs like Garen or Katarina for example. **Isn't this unfair?**
: Sorry but you don't appear like you do. Here, have some help: >Why some champs have mana, some energy and some nothing? Champs like Garen or Katarina for example. Isn't this unfair?
I think my question was clear. Why some champs doesn't have mana or energy. CD or damage isn't the answer when Katarina exists, or Yasuo
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jean LaSkarsgard,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ALben3sY,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-17T09:37:28.914+0000) > > Why some champs have mana, some energy and some nothing? Champion design. The ninjas make sense, as that resource is exclusive to them (and Lee Sin for whatever reason). Besides, Energy has much of the same limitations of Mana, as you need to use your abilities correctly to not deplete all your energy at once. Some champions have unique resources, like Renekton and Rumble, which kinda make sense when you consider how their kits interact. Champions like Riven, Garen and Katarina are just what they are. That's the best answer I can give you. Is it unfair? Not really, at least not for most of them. Champions are balanced around that.
The question was about champions with no mana or energy, who can never lost a fight cause they ran out of mana or energy. Don't tell me you didn't die many times cause you didn't had mana or energy.
: No, you actually talk about having energy/no resource being unfair in general
No, I'm talking about champions who have no mana. I know what I asked, thank you
: Gamedesign, playstyle, balancing. Would a champion with: "100mana: deal 1000 + 3xAP damage, 3 second cooldown as a point an click ability with high range" be worse than a champion with: "no cost: deal 100 + 0.3AP damage, 10 seconds cooldown skillshot with short range"? Or is it more about context?
I talk about about champs with no mana, not just Garen. Katarina, Yasuo, Riven don't have mana too
: cause garen uses no magic, he just hits with his dumb sword.. why should he need mana?
I have lost 1vs1 fights cause I ran out of mana, why Katarina or Garen can't have this?
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: Yeah i had this a few times, i think it's a bug? It's not often i would say 1/10, 2/10 games?
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: Yesterday we had a 5 man disconnect - everyone of my team disconnected, not the others though. Solo/Duo btw. so no premades on the same connection or anything. We still nuked them anyway.
I don't care, different players, different champs etc. Your point? And I'm not talking just about a 2 min reconnect, I was lagging after 10 minutes of the game for the rest 20 minutes. I was Qing and my champ was doing it 3 seconds later
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Loonsteer (EUW)
: when you start winning you get worst team mates.
Cause the games are planned. Riot matches you with players, isn't just random
ArcherX (EUW)
: Suggestion for BE balance riot
50 games for a level but more BE per game, 100 (if it's lose) and 150+ if it's win
: Against tanks, there is only one Magic Penetration item you need: {{item:3135}} {{item:3001}} and {{item:3151}} are potentially good choices against tanks as {{champion:69}} too.
Every other mage can take MP boots too tho and deal extra dmg
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: They said low levels get low tier champs lol.
We need to reach llevel 50 to get a 6300 champ..sad
: Free champion rotation
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