JeinLight (EUW)
: very good, thank you :)
: Your MMR is what the game uses to match you with people the same skill level as yours. You might notice that not all of the people you play with are the exact same rank as you, but this is because you all have roughly the same MMR. You gain MMR if you win, and lose some if you are defeated. You can check your MMR (though it's only an estimate) on Hope this helped! :D
: Not really. It could be 10 losses, it could be 1 loss.
: It doesn't matter at all if you are bronze 5 or bronze 4. You need to focus on improving. The easiest way to improve is by playing other roles. Play more jungle and support.
: You get at least one grace game, after that it's dependent on your MMR A notable exception is promoting from I to V the first time gives you 10 games of grace before it depends on your mmr, but if you promote from silver one to gold v, drop to silver one, promote back to gold v you get only one grace game
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LordRobsoon (EUNE)
: No1 want play with bronze
i'm trying to leave that league too, it sucks so hard... :/
: Nice people for IP party (and maybe for other stuff other day :D)
: LF a adc knows what is really "adc" to duo
added you, Jeinlight. Same happens to me but I am playing adc. I also play as a support, but since in bot lane you really have to play as a team to win the lane, I understand you. Let's play some normals together to see how it goes. Then ranked. Pleased to help you.


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