Jerion (EUW)
: Season 4 semi pro support LF for forge team.
If someone wants to duoQ I can do some games too :)
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Praevius (EUW)
: LF Diamond 4 + Support for Forge of champions
I cant find you on discord.. i think i know someone who could help you :)
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Nikoła (EUW)
: Dia 4 Adc Main LF Supp Main D4+
Would love to join but cant be asked to solo grind through all this low elo shit on this server :D I am support main for 7 years. Last season peaked plat 2 on EuNE... got acc on this server this season. Ended up playing some games and sticking to g5. :D
: Serious team looking for coach (paid)
You can contact me. I was coaching the team that won BESL this year. Prefer if you answered here, because I rarely play on EUW smurf recently.
Zoru (EUW)
: UK EUW LF Forge Team Support Member Plat4+
I was plat 2 previous season on Eune. This season just recently started to play. If you are interested I can show you what I can do. Mechanicly I am still good. Need to catchup with the meta.
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: I'm a Plat 2 Peel Support Player, I'm better at peeling than you - Change my mind. xD
Let me play adc. If I don't die a single time then you might be better ;)
Faboya (EUW)
: [EUW] Five Seasons Diamond Player Looking For Another Smurf to Play and Practice With!
Add me: jerion. Might be exactly what you are looking for.
Mellÿ (EUW)
: Main ADC looking for a main jungle or support to climb with [Platinium] [EUW]
Not in your provided elo range, but I am great peeler. too bad it doesnt quite help in low elo soloq :D
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Brokenhz (EUW)
: Looking for support
Poramies (EUW)
: LF a support main for Duo!
Nice post. Added you. I think, it's a match.
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: New England - recruiting for Dia / Plat / Gold
G5 support. for now. ended last season as plat2
: gold 2 adc LF a support for duo (plat last seasons) gold +
your friendlist is full... just add me :)
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