: 52, reached Bronze 3 in Flex this season. Your reactions and cognitive processing slows considerably as you get older. Although 33 is not old, you will certainly be slower than when you were in your early 20's. I have several other friends who play and are 40+. We are all in Bronze.
Can I call you daddy?
Renold (EUNE)
: those runes wont give you free gold all the time..most of time gives you potions so it gives you safer early..So no thats not broken.You should watch tank runes..thats really broken.Tank meta again.
Renold (EUNE)
: You know that thos emasteries work nice in lategame champ and thts it??????You do no dmg with those runes at all.Gp is more weak early then supposed to be before but he scale faster. Whats so op in that??????
That you scale before you are supposed to
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: > [{quoted}](name=Jesus Chickenist,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aJp4mcsi,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2017-10-26T18:27:40.489+0000) > > Janna, Galio, Ardent, Tristana, twitch late game trishotting tanks, Cho 1k true damage to champions, Maokai Reg and tankiness when even slightly ahead. > Should I continue? Ardent has been brought a manageable level (not sure how that affects Janna by hey ho), Trist was more of a product of Ardent, same with Twitch though both at late game hyper carries so that's kind of expected. Cho always had that potential and he's far from being unmanageable. So, that's maybe three egregious balance mistakes this season?
to tell the truth what %%%%ed up Cho is the buff to his R to make it scale with HP, without it, yeah, it would be balanced
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jesus Chickenist,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aJp4mcsi,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2017-10-26T18:27:40.489+0000) > Should I continue? Yes
: To be fair, this one of the few major balancing missteps they have made in a while.
Janna, Galio, Ardent, Tristana, twitch late game trishotting tanks, Cho 1k true damage to champions, Maokai Reg and tankiness when even slightly ahead. Should I continue?
: There is no Viktor games in your profile at op.gg so stop talking bs there
Another profile where I have Viktor Xkeip, RU server :^)
: As you say bruh
But me being an occasional player and having 70% win rate, it means something, maybe you should stop whining and actually get good at the champion?
: Ok i have 100% winrate with sion in 1 game he is op. Legit AF.
: It's 3% x 100 AP per tick, and it always ticks 3 times. The total DMG is 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 (+ 60% AP) (+ 9% per 100 AP of target's maximum health), the only way it could 1 shot someone late game (Assuming 600 AP and 0 magic resist) is if they have around 900 hp and they stand in the gust for all 3 ticks. I don't know why you think the scaling is wrong though, the dmg is correct (it may be too strong atm, but it's not "wrong").
Because in game he is dealing 1.7k or more damage to squishies? With just his Q
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: Show me you 70% winrate when you play at least 100 games
I'm not a OTP, I just play him when Kata is banned, and works just fine, if you don't get how to play him and adapt it's not our fault, lmao
: Viktor 47% winrate
I got 70% WR on Viktor ?? https://i.imgur.com/FXDlDKq.png
I'll try to say what people are trying to say in a kind way, since this community is full of salt and %%%%%%ed (Look all the answer, holy shit, mental age about 3 years old LOL) I have 7 permaban in record, and I would say half of them were reports after the 15gg ban and that gets you basically automatically permabanned, even if you just type "gg open" in a 0 - 20 game at 5 minutes, it doesn't matter, for riot you are a piece of shit flamer (Just because an automatic system, no supervision by any person, nothing, decided you were toxic, and you can either get that by an X number of reports or because you typed any bad word) Still, riot refuses to unban most of the C L E A R L Y, unfair bans because they think you will create another account and spend €€€€ What they don't understand is that most of the time it happens the opposite, so, their loss :^)
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
The point -----> you 1.He was quoting what other people said 2. I'm just quoting a similar case, no needs to be the hero of the forum, you ain't mod, you are just a user modwannabe, disgusting
DeadRak (EUW)
: Tired of low elo
Let's start by saying that any pick works in low elo as supp. I climbed even by playing GP support when I was filled. All you can do is either take a hyper-carry mage- support (Veigar-Brand-Vel'koz), build the AP item mixed with the sighstone+ red trinket + control wards, and then go full AP. OR Take cheesy picks: Blitz, Thresh, Naut, Leona+ ignite everything aggressive that you can use to snowball the lane and roam around the map WHEN DO YOU ROAM? Never when the lane is pushing against you You roam when: 1. ADC just went back, you are full hp-mana, let's try a roam mid/ ward around the map 2. Your laner is missing Peeling supp just works if you are confident with your duolaner and if you think they can carry
RIOT TM, I got permabanned for playing Aatrox in a gold account, after getting trolled and reported by my teammates: 1st game"Oh we got Aatrox, might as well open"- mid 0/7 after 3 minutes 2nd game In champ select "Can I play Brand jungle since we have Aatrox top?" Me: "yeah sure if you are comfortable with it why not" Game starts, I check his Op.gg 10% win rate with brand, always played jungle, MHHH Well that's fine, unlucky games (?) Comes top dies goes mid, dies goes bot dies Every gank miss all the skill shot Starts flaming me I'm confused I ask why Still answer with flame flames back once Extreme toxic behavior, BANHAMMERED
: A little improvement to the Champ Select
There is the chest icon next to the roles, click it, it shows all the champion you didn't get a chest with yet.
Arthymst (EUNE)
: EUNE and EUW Server Merge
For all the people complaining about the Ping issues: EUW server->oland EUNE server-> German It doesn't change much, you would experience something like 5- more MS and even so, the merge will for sure find a better position for the server.
Etherim (EUW)
: Merging EUNE And EUW Will cause problems. A lot of problems actually. The only benefit from that would be that if you have relatives on another server you don't have to transfer/create another account anymore. First off a lot of players would question why the servers merge and will dislike the idea. The queues (Log in queues) are going to be Extremely long. Languages, we already have trouble getting 5 people in a team that speak english (Which is simply the easiest way to have great communication with the team rather than teaching every single one of your teammates french lol) So imagine some more countries with more languages getting added in one server. Try to imagine a team made out of: British, Polish, Russian, French, And German people that all only know their own languages. Yeah that would be quite awful regarding communication. Im quite sure that a huge amount of people logging into the same server at a time can cause everything to crash and bug out. The ranked system is also going to be affected greatly by this: (Challenger and Master players especially) So in my opinion merging EUW And EUNE Would probably look like EUW Back in 2012/2013. (If you haven't experienced what euw was like back then it was constant high ping with attempting to reconnect 87% of the game lmao with a shit ton of bugs) Alternative solutions may be minimizing the transfer cost from Euw to Eune, Fixing some problems in Eune, or simply leave it the way it is
You don't need to speak any language, I play on RU-EUW-EUNE, and in the RU, I always say to the team "I don't speak Russian, If you need to tell me something use pings" at the start of the game and it works, riot created any kind of ping to communicate with your team
: I have high ping on EUW servers and i really don't want it to merge, just transfer your account to EUW, why you wanna ruin it for all of us?!
I play on EUW, and being in Italy I have a better ping in EUNE, (EUNE servers are in GERMAN, EUW in Oland), but anyway the ping difference you will feel are about 5MS
Solash (EUW)
: How exactly does allowing you to swap out summoner spells make LoL more children orientated?
Solash (EUW)
: >Not if it is good Even if it's good, it can always be better
Making it a children-friendly game is not the way
Mocton (EUW)
: Ok hear me out, Riot is doing a great job with League of legends and if you really wanna know why i think that here are the reasons: 1.The game needs to be refreshed 2.You have the same shit in every team 1.Tank Top 2.Off-tank or DPS in Jungle 3.MID Assasins or Mages (exept yasuo who is a fighter) 4.BOT ADC and Support 3.You are not the only one that plays this game and riot have to make changes that needs to be good for LCS and for casual and Casual-Competitive players 4.The Runes needed to be changed no matter how you look at it 5.Stop complaining about the plants because you %%%%ing use them too mate 6.The Herald is a important objective, and yes if you loose a tower because the Herald destroy it you deserve it because it's a %%%%ing Team game 7.Now stop talking BS over boards and learn how to play the game,because this game requires teamwork focusing on objectives not just proving your skill in lane.
1. Not if it is good 2. Not really, in this META the tank is much better in the jungle, but since you are a THAT MUCH EXPERIENCED PLAYER AS I CAN SEE ALREADY FROM THESE 2 WRONG POINTS, I can see everything. 3. You can't change a game just for LCS, even because, we all know Koreans are the firsts to get used to new mechanics and they will just continue to have the lead, especially now that NA and EU teams are making a sort of come back 4. No 5. I use them, I feel no satisfaction in escaping because of them/ but rage when I lose a free kill on a 1 hp target that survives just because of them 6. Yeah it is, nice objective, it is supposed to be taked down from 2 people and most of junglers can take it down solo, which make it even more unfair 7. I've been in competitive teams in my country so I know better than you how it works Anything else?
: You do give a %%%%. And a pretty big one at that. For what its worth, your anger at least seems to stem from the fact that you (used to) enjoy this game, which i suppose is a point from which we could start a reasonable discussion. You wrote this because you are worried/angry about the direction the game designers are taking. Setting asided whether I agree with you on that for now, your intention with this post was to raise awareness to what you perceive as an issue. If not, you wouldnt have bothered writing this. And because you think those things are an issue, you want them resolved in some way or another. In order for this to happen, you need other ppl to support your point of view, and therefore you created this post. You do care about the opinions of others, maybe not mine specifically, but there are ppl you would very much like to share your point of view on this issue (i.e. the game designers). This is a fundamental quality of human discourse. If you truly didnt care, you wouldnt engage in it. I dont criticize you for voicing your opinion, heck, when it comes to tanks, im even inclined to agree to a certain degree. I just dont see why ppl would need to try so hard to maintain this cognitive dissonance of pretending not to care when their actions so clearly speak otherwise. There's only 2 things I take issue with on this post: 1)It doesnt actually help ppl improve the game. You voice at times valid concerns, but in a way that makes it hard to identify any actual problems and instead focus on raging for no clear reason. 2) Wtf is it with ppl who have not once tried out a single one of the new runes, who have never seen the system in its final and completed form, to criticize it without even bothering to wait to see its actual impact when they come out. So far, everything we've seen is part of an unfinished WIP, and until its final version comes out, we can hardly render any sensible judgement on it.
I simply don't care because this "community" with "" because I can't call it like that, when most of the decisions come from bronzes, max golds mouth that dare to talk shit about balance like they are expert while they play since S5 MAX. 1) I'm not raging, I'm calm, I'm simply like that 2) New runes are actually an issue, I don't know if you saw the recent ones, but I will make you a summary: You can switch SUMMONER SPELLS IN GAME, WHENEVER YOU WISH, Aka, you are a snowballing champion, take exhaust, ignite, take a kill, switch back to flash ghost, play safe, repeat A rune, that gives a slow, every AA for 1.5 seconds with 8-3 seconds CD based on level (it means, master yi, at level 18, will just permaslow you, and frozenmallet will become a useless item I can continue forever with the BS they are putting into it. I prefer a game where everybody can oneshot anything, but tanks, than a game that is slowly moving his way to become more kid-friendly and make 10 years old play, like if this game level already didn't drop enough S2 silver = current high gold/low plat Enough said
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You play since season 1, season 1 when game was broken as %%%%, but are complaining that Riot is introducing some broken looking stuff. See my issue?
If everything is broken, the game is balanced, just saying
: If you dont care about ppl agreeing with you, then whats this pointless and badly thought out tantrum for?
to be honest Idgaf if people agree or disagree with me, gotta live with it, but this game will die when if the put the new runes, from the barely 60k views they do on twitch now they will pass to max 30k, I call it
Perilum (EUW)
: TL;DR 1) Plays since season X 2) Thinks his opinion is therefore more valuable 3) Trash talks game mechanics he can't deal with 4) Rest is nonsense
Yeah, my opinion is more relevant than all the trash bronzes that play since a season or less and are actually balancing the game. I guess you are fine with the gimmicks mechanics because probably you have a mental age < 10
: I like that one can recognize BS threads in a lot less time than was needed to write them. Smells like justice :D.
Smells like bronze community that needs gimmicks system to win their games to me, now that riot is giving you all the simplifications to kite and to all the mechanics you now no longer need. Smells like cancer.
Rioter Comments
el barno (EUW)
: well if your accounts get banned the system seems to be working.
marci010101 (EUNE)
: Let me find out, enemy players are always challenjour smurfs, only your teammates are inting :D
Did I said that? Maybe you need to re-read the whole topic, even because all the accounts I got permabanned are smurfs, my main account is D4, and I don't really give a f*ck to carry low elo trash players with a ego that not even God can measure
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: Singed will get a hotfix nerf
Hello, I start by saying that I upvoted your post because I always appreciate when people express their opinion in this s*****y community and they got always attached because of it. I won't start anything because RITOtm will always find excuses for his nerfs and buffs even when they are simply not needed (Lethality buff for example). I remember a player that showed a screen about the latest buff plus the champions played by the rioters that have to deal with the balance of the game and guess what? They were the same! *Gasps* Besides that, the same rioters try to keep out of the game champions with unhealthy playstile(That's why a few seasons ago APYI, Ap Tristan got deleted), most of the champions are still getting reworked (Ryze reworked 4 times since he is the favorite champion of the rito's owner but let it pass). Returning to the topic: {{champion:114}} should be reworked, her kit is unhealthy as the old AP Yi, following their logic, she has way too damage, in late you can not kill her and basically, by getting a frozen mallet nothing changed this patch fom her nerf {{champion:134}} Is the only champion that gets rewards for spamming a spell "Oh look you pressed Q 3 times, here have +500 damage on the ult!" {{champion:412}} got nerf recently too, but I think he is fine-ish at his current status, they just need to lower the amount of armor and AP he gets from the souls {{champion:92}} I'm sorry but I disagree with you on this one, Riven is a 50/50 champion just like {{champion:23}} , it's either snowball or getting snowballed without any middle ways, the lethality buff helps her a bit, but if she builds it she comes ubersquishy {{champion:103}} Welp, she has always been OP in late game she can kill a carry without her E-Q, just with 2R and one W so... meh, I always said she needs a nerf, but her early game is really skill shots reliant, in late she doesn't feel that way {{champion:61}} Even if you snowball her mid/late will be anyway good so... ehm, a nerf would be deserved these are the champions I would rework: {{champion:236}} - {{champion:114}} These are the champions that I would nerf: {{champion:134}} - {{champion:61}} - {{champion:245}} (too strong early-late game without need of heavy AP item, sheen+1050 hextech and you already can win every 1v1) - {{champion:103}} -{{champion:78}} - {{champion:74}} (right now is %%%%ing broken) Buff: All the adcs but Xayah,Lucian,Vayne,Cait,Jhin, twitch A bit the thanks but Sion, Maokai, Poppy All the midlaners but Taliyah, Syndra, Orianna, Zed, Fizz, Talon, Vel'koz, ekko, heimer, Ahri

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