: i dont think nasus is an fair champion. u got like 8 min to stop him and after that he can easily dual u. After 15 min he should be able to 1 vs 2. 2 years or 1 year ago he had a buff which made his Q a 2 seconds or less cooldown when he ults i already thought that that was op. Then recently he had a buff which gave him 12 stacks on a large minion and i thought that was out of controll. Now conqueror got nerfed nasus gained more power. + i hate seeing trick2G play him. The champion is just too broken. i find infinite stacking too broken too be in the game. Ye veigar has it aswell but veigars Q is a skillshot so it can be dodged and Veigar is easy too kill. People say Nasus is really easy to kite. Ye maybe if u play vayne but kite him when u play Xayah or any other unmobile adc
its not hard to kite him with most adc
Noctiss (EUNE)
: "stop chat and play"
most people say it because it can get toxic very fast and it can turn into flaming
: I want the buff because my jng is bad. Since theyre bad they wont be useful to the team, rather they'll just afk farm and feed. So I should have the buff
that is such a bad reason to get the buff
Silent Note (EUNE)
: So I did the math for earning the 100 Prestige Points next event
does anybody know what the next prestige skin is?
Warlwick (EUW)
: It's not. PA is still the best. Whats the point to build "late rune" for "early jungler"?
HoR RooneR (EUNE)
: Nerf YI Pls
just cc him. its not that hard
: perma banned for this?
Bss Nikko (EUW)
: bard > comet vs electrocute
i am not sure but maybe because of burst
Pelmorr (EUW)
: Diamond 4 lp gain and loss
its because riot did something to the mmr because of the people who did the server transfer thingy
: Remove Stopwatch
i think stopwatch is unhealthy for the game. because you dont need any skill or anything to survive
: Loving this April Fool's idea; can we make it permanent please?
i dont think its fu. imo its just annoying because of the spam
: I want my promo game back
shouldnt be a problem to get back in promos. if you are good enough you should climb
Ahries (EUW)
: Prestige K/DA Evelynn and Ahri
tbh we dont need more prestige skins
: Looking for teammates to join a team. Diamond +
was interested before i saw the ranks (i am probably not high enough rank to join)
Fatgum (EUNE)
: What is this minion block? ._.


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