: I really like this skin, Would I be able to use it as a wallpaper for me computer? I dont want to use it unless you say I can. {{champion:40}}
: My only criticism is that she looks way too skinny, other than that it looks amazing.
Thank you! Yes I know exactly what you mean, and it was unintentional, believe me.
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: Started with me today... Tried pretty much everything, nothing works.
Same here. I can't see my friends and they can't see me. And it only seems to be me who's having the problem within my group. So far I've tried: - Restarting the client - Restarting my PC - Restarting my internet router - Flushing the DRS - Logging in as admin - Changing the date/time - Reinstalling League And even after all of that, it still doesn't work. {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}


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