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: Let me introduce you to League's shop :D First - release a champion that is really OP so even if your enemies already know the skills it's still hard to lose with it. Next - wait for people to buy it. Next - nerf the hell out of him so everyone will be mad because he will slowly become useless. Next - buff it a little bit so people think you can still play it. Next - release another champion so people will forget about it and buy another champ.
the thing is hes solid all game early mid and late
2xDealer (EUW)
: Ah, you forgot. A week of 7800BE -- make him OP A week of free rotation -- nerf him into the ground it works this way
oh yea forgot about that
: nerf aphelios pls
remeber that this is an adc marksmun and he can one shot an fed assasin so is he balenced ?
: Play teemo top. Feed your laner so the enemy will think you are useless. in teamfights, hide until this son of a witch comes near your shrooms and Q AA W AA AA and he's done. easy fix.
thats teemo but the diffrence is that while he has to farm and stuff and squsie realy early on with sett even if your behind w does 500 dmg max health with conc and e q and r thats about 1k dmg at lvl 6 plus got realy good wave clear good fighting poitenal and great in teamfights
if 100000 people play sett hes probbly not gonna have a outsanding winrate considering not most people know how to use him
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Uraraka (EUNE)
: Building armor counters assassins and lethality and try to include some defensive items too. He got buffed for Worlds and I think there was a skin released for him just now, so he won't be nerfed.
thanks i did not know that guese im a re tard
: Don’t forget that being fed doesn’t mean you are tankier unless your building as such... a 6/1/8 squishy is as easy to kill as a 0/0/0 squishy... if lee hit his item breakpoints and you let him combo onto you your gonna die still, same with any champion with full damage Don’t forget though that he is squishy and very reliant on his Q follow up, a good support will render him useless.
yes im well aware but im just saying that his q dmg is too much and lvl 5 is like a less than 5 secend cooldown if youve got lucidity boots than its broken in the sense that i can spam it until i hit q and i can follow it up with r and then kill someone like that thats the
Typhl0 (EUW)
: dw he is getting nightbringer skin it wont happen now
im just saying that he shud just be nerfed and riot shud stop making money grabs with gay anime shitt just so they can buff so then they lee fans can complain like the yas fans and such even tho that there both broken i feel that lee sin is more broken beacuse he doesnt have to go like 2 item sets insted he can prob go full ap and still win just with like q and r even tho that they dont scale with ap
: You're still new to the game, he's just a noob stomper.
if i get one shot by a lee sin thats 2 levels below me and im half health thats a noob stomper are you %%%%%%ed or somthing if you play for 10 years and are washed up does that make you a noob im not a vet like 10 years more like 5 but i think that mabey his is overtuned and broken period they should make his q do less dmg and w give you less of a shield and less lifesteal and the ult be nerfed by like 25% dmg or 20% just so hes more fair im just saying if this was like a solo lane champ people would just hate on it like they do with irelia and yas and call them broken and noob champs so the point im trying to make is that hes a too overtuned and that his w life steal is too much also his e cripple is too big of a slow paired with leathilty items than he can 1shot you with 1 q
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