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Zaeano (EUNE)
: You change Katarina ... How about master yi ???
I main Master Yi and let me tell you, ANY form of CC is a deathwish for Yi players like myself, Rammus / Naut / Sylas / Panth / Jax Etc. Hard counter him He is designed to be an easy champion to play because he is a starter champ only worth 450BE.
: Clash error? 11 Of June 2018
Unfortunatly clash has been cancelled as of the 11th of june
: > My KDA is usually always positive Positive KDA usually refers to a KDA that's above 3.00 > its my teammates that let me down all the time You have a 34% winrate and your average CS per game is ~100. Is that also your team's fault? If you really want to climb, you need to admit that it's actually YOUR FAULT that you're stuck in that elo, and try to improve your gameplay.
I've always been sht as CSing but cmon that winrate is down to feeders, I usually have a positive KDA because I'm usually 2 kills above my opponent
: Yup, just played a game of trynd and won xD
Dude, hang on a minute, I don't need to get real with myself I've been caught in the Bronze loop. Don't get high and mighty with me I was Silver V last season, but since matchmaking is a piece of sht I can't get good teammates
Rhoku (EUW)
: Alright. Both are good cary roles. But the champions are problematic. First off Xayah and Jhin have no place top and mid. dont play them there unless u want to play ADC. Second, you need to play champions that are both mobile and do damage. Examples are Zed and TF for mid. For top you want to play champs that are pretty much ticking time bombs. meaning no matter how they do early on, they will end up being a beast anyways. You want to play champions like Tryndamere and Jax. I would say Tryndamere because personally he is easier to play but thats up to you. What you want to do is you just split push. You wait for the enemy to group up and then go push a side lane. The enemy team will think that they can push harder than you so you have to tell ur team to defend. Just make sure ur team can 4v5 a teamfight though. If you need to, you can go back and defend. Also, get real with yourself. Ur %%%%ing bronze. Yasuo? Ekko?. These guys need skill which you do not have. Get easier to play champions. Right now focus on playing as much as possible. With leauge you just get better with experience.
Yup, just played a game of trynd and won xD
: Conceding a tower can be a good thing though. If your Mid or Bot carries have fallen behind, you can let your top tower fall, assign the carry to that lane so he can safely farm around Tier 2 tower and get back into the game. But that is some deep shit and you probably cant use it in SoloQ as ppl have the minds of a potatoe :)
Exactly, my friends don't wanna play league because the've gotten bored of it :(
: How the flying F*** do I get out of Bronze V
Yes, I do help but its very inconvinent because then my lane opponent takes a tower :(
: How the flying F*** do I get out of Bronze V
I play top or mid, Top: Garen (Main) Ekko, Xayah Mid: Ekko (Main) Jhin, Yasuo I farm, get kills then my team feeds their lanes and I cannot carry hard enough for us to win
You can't, you have to attack him out of his Q
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