: Yhea there is the fac profit. -.-
Dude, they're running a company not a non-profit organisation. Of course they won't invest heavily in something that won't even pay for itself, much less earn profit.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Thank you very much. You are a genius :D
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: Need tips on Gnar
Like Get Juk3d said, always take tp. I see a lot of people max q, but I always max w. Cleaver into Frozen Mallet is always a great choice. And when laning, you want to poke as much as you can, but never fight unless you have at least 80 rage. His roams aren't bad, so if you push a lane in and have nothing to really do, other than stick around and wait for it to push out, you should go toward mid and try to help your midlaner get a kill if possible or do a scuttle and ward enemy jng. When you get ahead I don't think it's really bad to go for botrk, especially if your team is super behind. Sometimes when that happens I even go for Guinsoos for that 2 auto proc of your passive instead of 3. Like Bjergsen says when ahead build tank and survival items, when behind go for offensive items.
Warkinge (EUW)
: Nemesis was really bad tbh. People like it because they either did not play it or forgot how horrible it was playing it.
Nah dude. I loved that one and I played a LOT of it. I even made a friend while playing it, so Idk, Nemesis is great if you ask me. You got to play champs you usually never would and it was awesome. It was a gamemode purely for fun. Especially if you have an idiot cousin whos like: " Hmm I feel bad for them, I'll give them Jhin " after which that Jhin proceeds to destroy you :D
Rismosch (EUW)
: I have a crazy stupid idea to fix Lethality
Soooo you want only ADCs building ad or what? Why would assasins have to be purely AP? Doesn't really make much sense
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: Disable autoattack
Yeah, I'd love to, but when I have a team like this? I also have games when I get crapped on, but at least I try to farm. I dont think any of them had more than 120 farm after 25 minutes. So frustrating.
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