Jookerr44 (EUNE)
: i dont even know if single adc can 1v1 her when she has those 2 items impossible
MF has high base damage, she can, but anyway you have to outplay her to not get stunned and smth.
Devrost (EUW)
: Yi was never broken and he will never be if he doesnt get a rework.Low elo..even janna is broken for them.
Low elo, low elo, everything you can say? Plat 3 where you are is not high aswell
: lags and freeze FPS. AMD FX
Same to me but also after these patches and maintance my fps from 120-100 dropped to 70-50 and also get fps drops to 30 fps or less all that started after server maintance.
ouyqf (EUW)
: Why trolling player is everywhere now ????
: 9.3 ADC rankings
I tried 3 of them. I don't know why but it feels you just don't do any damage, even with IE and Zeal upgrade.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Thank you for bringing back early game crit items :*
Do only I feel weak AF with crit ADC's after this revert? Like idk, until 4 items I just tickling enemies
: Client freeze when accepting match and dodges you (MacOS)
First I had this issue not for every game I tried to play, after it came for every game, lost LP 4 times of this bug, tried to play normal games with friends same bug, so I just tried to reinstall/repair client and looks like it worked, played 5 games after that and no problems
Rioter Comments
: Is the matchmaking broken?
Well its still better than one time matchmaking for me. My team max Gold division. Enemy team Master,Diamond,Silvers
: why do amumu and malphite need AP scalings?
Because they're immortal tanks , how can you carry by building full tank and dealing no damage, NO WAY you can't carry , thats why they got this damage/scales.
AstralDream (EUNE)
Pfff. It's simple BAN = ONE MORE LESS PLAYER IN GAME. If that player buying rp whats the point for rito to ban him? LoL quality is terrible , community full of toxic/dumb etc people. RIOT: Realease 4 new skins. :)
: Will a taunt,jokes,interactions,recall....update ever happen????
Even most of 975rp cost skins get nothing only colors , like Vayne heartseeker skin , it changed only your Q animitian when you roll from your back appears few hearts, WOW can't even do your W rings red color?. Heartseeker Ashe? Recall animation , skills animation etc. Same cost much more changes and worth paying.
Gaddafi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jjEWolUy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-12-30T00:12:46.866+0000) > > "**Yasuo’s on our radar as a champ who’s probably too strong at present. **Now that we’ve got most of the pre-season follow up work done, we’ll be putting more focus back onto general champion balance. **That means for patch 7.1 (the next patch we’re currently working, which will likely go out in early January) or 7.2 we’ll be looking at champs like Yasuo, Hecarim, Syndra, etc.**" > > Don't worry he's getting nerfed soon-ish. Syndra is even more stupid really, you can shut her down in lane but she will get feed either on your jungler ( if she is smart enough to pick him out in it ) or by your bot lane cookies. Then, press R fiesta, throw in some Q here and there.
Syndra in next patch will get true damage from W, nice nerf rito.
: meanwhile caitlyn, twitch and vayne are pretty much perma banned. i wonder why
Vayne perma banned , because she can outplay those tanks with her R>Q and she has late game. Caitlyn? She has only 4,6% ban rate it's perma for you? Twitch is compared to other adcs are broken , he has Q who gives him att speed + R who gives AD and he just show up and instakill squishies , if fed > tanks. I don't like him and never liked him so I can't say anything about him. But you know there are more ADCs not only these. :)
: wow if rekkless himself said that then adcs are too weak for sure. you should make a petition to buff them asap.
Nice sarcasm , but there are many ADC mains who say the same there is one more popular adc main Phylol , thinking same :)
: There's nothing to discuss. I guess we just play different games.
I think no , why then even one of world best ADC Reckless say that ADC is weak now?
: ye i don't play adc i main top that's how i know it's the most broken role in the game cuz when i had 412 armor 4300 HP yorick, twitch was killing me literally in 1.5 seconds. There are no tanks in late game and nobody can even touch adc in late game.
If you behind in level , farm, items etc. it's normal but why when everybody in the same level,items and tank building full tank , can one shot squishy [ ADC ] it's that fair? Isn't tank job is be in frontline absorb enemy team damage and protect ADC/Squishies from enemies? But now they just go in frontline and one shot adc <3
: adc is the most broken role right now. pick any adc, buy Lord Dominik's Regards, kill 600 armor malphite in 2 seconds.
I see 0 games with ADC in match history , then better don't talk that adc is the most broken role :) If he got fed 20 0 , got peel from team and understand his champion , know how to kite , yes he can kill malphite. But if he do at least one mistake malphite one shot him with your 600 armors , fair?
: Please stop this
Saddest thing is that , these players still playing League of Legends
: Champions that should be reworked
It's so sad to see that this good post has only downvotes , because those mentioned champion mains , who can enjoy that champ who doesn't need any good skills , mechanics and deal insane damage, just never agree that their champion would be nerfed/reworked. And for sure all those hard champions who at least outplay that one bronze , brainless champ > NERF!
Eveninn (EUW)
: I can only talk from personal experience... but lets go: {{champion:105}} Dodge ult, exhaust him when it connects, or simply use hourglass. I never found him to be a problem as long as you manage to avoid his ult-combo. Without this all-in kill pressure Fizz can do little. {{champion:254}} That Girl deals damage *or* is tanky, both only past her 3rd item. As someone who generally plays Cinderhulk Vi I can only giggle when a Warrior-Triforce Vi dashes and and dies with a halfhearted Combo of mine. If playing tank her damage mainly relys on her team's followup. Lategame she can affectively do both, but she isn't tanky enough to tank through CC, and she almos talways overengages which gives time for an ADC or DPS mage to take care of her. {{champion:45}} His E indeed is an amazing zoning tool, but as every other CC-Combo shillshot/Area it's possible to Keep track of and dodge it when respecting it's range. {{champion:99}} Similar to Veigar, he whole kit relies on this lockdown. Try to stay Aware of it and dodge it, then she can do Little. Similar champions would be: {{champion:103}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:25}} who all will kill you if they manage to combo onto their CC spell. {{champion:12}} I actually don't know him well, but he basically was 'Knockup, and then try to not be useless'. In a 2v2 Situation on bot all his CC might realy be strong, but once you manage to either dodge his W-Q or get away from him after the knockup you should be safe to kite him as he still has reasonably long CDs. {{champion:164}} Is still new and likely has tweaks coming her way. {{champion:122}} As you mentioned, kiting. As every juggernaut he is extremly strong in even combat, but he doesn't have the range nor mobility to easiely create this Scenario. Dodge the Q and either stay otu of his E r CC him and he's done. {{champion:245}} "Insane damage while having also an assassin kit," Yes, that's how assasins work. His shield and ult or both rather telegraphed, which makes them be able to be avoided by simple movement. {{champion:55}} It might be my personal pool, but it's mainly her E resets on the passive. When avoiding the daggersshe can't all in, but her E resets give her a lot of thigngs to work with, especially against skillshot based Champions. {{champion:75}} He is called a 'timebomb', and holds true to it. In early his impact will be very minor. It's about getting a lead there and then ending the game before he gets much of a problem. If he indeed gets to stack up and into lategame he is like most Juggernauts... just that he 2hits your turrets alongside the way. :c {{champion:157}} Many dislike him, with good reason. I can't tell what exactly are his probelms, but it seems to be that his weaknesses can be hidden to well. (weaknesses are really hard to abuse against a good Yasuo, as he has good Tools to protect them) {{champion:112}} Viktor is *THE* laning phase Mage - being noticably the strongest. However, from what I saw so far he seems to struggle with range lategame. Try to pressure him when he steps up so he can't unload onto the target he aims at. I hope at least some of that could help, due to the amount of Champions I didn't have time to go into Detail. <.< However, if you want more specifics on a certain one I'd be glad to try and help. ^^
> [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mgMEIotF,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-12-20T10:03:29.792+0000) > > I can only talk from personal experience... but lets go: > > {{champion:105}} Dodge ult, exhaust him when it connects, or simply use hourglass. > I never found him to be a problem as long as you manage to avoid his ult-combo. Without this all-in kill pressure Fizz can do little. > It seems that you have shit personal experience... but lets go: Dodge ult? He misses it , but it anyways effect you , exhaust ye everyone has exhaust in team and have 10 sec CD on it , use hourglass you know that there are champions who is not AP there are Tanks , ADCs , Fighters etc. :)
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mhkiler (EUNE)
: every time fiora come 1 vs 1 in that game i killed her easily! but in team fight shyvana and braum! protect her!!! she was too strong ! just she kill us! what i should do in that game! and do we have item that decrease life steel?????
You can't do anything it's just game full of retarded easy champs with insane damage , who getting only buffed not nerfed , you can't do anything.
mhkiler (EUNE)
: why i loose! pls help.
It's simple Shyvana tankiness and killing squishies in sec , Brand ult with passive killing whole team and Fiora healing whole enemy team + true damage :)
: Maybe try Ryze, you can play relatively safe with him, and he has alot of mechanics/combos.
No , I don't like him. BTW I asked players to say their maining story or smth like that and what can reccomend to me to stay to one champion P.S. I like Taliyah , Kalista , Riven a bit.
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: > [{quoted}](name=NOO NICKNAME,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YqqnsgnG,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-12-15T17:11:22.663+0000) > > She&#x27;s one and last ADC who can deal with tanks and you cry about that? GO BURN YOUR SELF . IF ADC can outplay tank and fck him lets nerf her , if tank can one shot adc with full tank build lets buff him , GTFO WITH YOUR CRYINGS ABOUT ADCS. Dude, if you think 12% of maximum HP true damage should not be nerfed or changed, then please, go kill yourself. EVERY THIRD AUTOATTACK, with no special requirements like Fiora's passive, it's coimpletely busted. Like someone said, if it was 12% of CURRENT HP True damage, that would be fair. Plus, if you wanna counter tanks, just buy bonus armor penetration, lol.
Buy bonus armor penetration , nice joke only last whisper > lord dominik is good for ADCs only. BC is good only for few ADCs not for everyone , ghostblade was nerfed , because it was good for ADCs how much I play even having BT , Lord dominik , IE vs tanks like malphite with their usual builds you deal no damage + if he has thornmail you will kill yourself , fun yeah? And for you I think it's normal that full tank can one shot ADCs , first try to play Vayne or other ADCs to understand what they must to do to survive and deal damage and how much they must dodge, then talk.
: Anyone noticed abnormal range on the fizz ult?
Ye , his ult range and size is so dumb , but whatever he's easy , broken champion and rito don't care. Everybody know that , noone care
: Vayne balanced
She's one and last ADC who can deal with tanks and you cry about that? GO BURN YOUR SELF . IF ADC can outplay tank and fck him lets nerf her , if tank can one shot adc with full tank build lets buff him , GTFO WITH YOUR CRYINGS ABOUT ADCS.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: If you were the head of RIOT's development team for a day, what would you change?
Nerf all tanks and make ADC meta, which will never happens {{champion:32}}
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: lol, thats not rly him right ? :D He should have a team tag before his name.... Or perhaps he went 0/10 in Placements....
It's a bug , it shows another player division and mastered champions. Don't you know xPeke? he's midlaner not jungler :D
Rioter Comments
: And here i am, wielding the full arsenal of champions, yet still maining Soraka because she is the 450 IP OP champ.
And for sure , because you just need to press few buttons to be good , no mechanics , nothing just press few buttons.
TTekkers (EUW)
: The sightstone I can start to understand, but why'd you upgrade to ruby before building more damage?? You had no active items to reduce the CD of.
3 Charges not enough :/
: When are riot nerfing fiora??
Fiora? I haven't seen her so long. Better nerf mother***** TANKS who building full hp/armor/mr build and still can one shot any squishy. FFS WHERE IS BALANCE
: Early game towers protect you, mid/late game you protect towers.
Yeah , you must defend even nexus turrets from 1 super minion {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Now I'm not sure what's worse - the Support not buying sightstone or the ADC buying one.. Btw. it's Brand Support - they often don't buy Sightstones. Especially with poky champs you may buy the sighstone later and not immediately. I do that with Zyra for instance depending on the situation of course.
In my opinion there was no plan to buy sightstone in his build
: omg you are so sheep, why le not build {{item:2303}} to share gold whit the support?
Oh damn , forgot about that, but nextime I'll buy it , don't worry!
Rioter Comments
: Totally not broken
Laif of ADC <3 Even supports can kill you.
: Mastery level for ranked games
Agree , there are so many people who just buy champion and first match > ranked.
: Yes I will ban Camille in ranked. Every game. Stop raging.
I ban her too , not because she's new , because she's op. Enemy team had Camille top 0 5 , but later after farmed up and bought 3 items she carried the game for enemies <.<
: If a champion reaches 3 items, he is going to hurt. Especially if you are a squishy mage. Seems a lot like Irelia honestly. I can't tell you how to play against Camille because guess what - she is new, i haven't played enough games to know for sure which champions or mechanics counter her the most.
Well 3k HP isn't squishy. And I said how can you counter her when she deal damage from BASIC ATTACKS [ I understand if there would be a skillshot to dodge or smth but it's BASIC ATTACK , stun>Q = GG. It's like Trynda just have Stun/Much longer dash/much bigger slow
: The one with constructive arguments in it. Relax. It's day 1 of Camille. She is going to be OP exactly because people don't know how to play against her. If she remains dominant, she will get nerfed.
Played against her she lost lane vs gp 0 5 , she stayed top and farmed until get 3 items Botrk/BC/Triforce, gp with score 10 1 lost against her , I tried to defend tower with Asol she killed me in 3 sec dealed 3k dmg, "don't know how to play against her".So how possible to dodge meele champion basic attacks? Explain please. <.< BTW she didn't used her ult , slowed me with 90% slow and few Q basics with Hook.
: > [{quoted}](name=xilien,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zBE4TE84,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-12-12T13:19:58.667+0000) > > Read the first line and the first line only. > > > Answer this, is Rekkles delusional? You know, the guy who has won multiple LCS titles, has been in the top 4 team in the world, has won several tournemants and plays for the most reputable team in EU.. is that guy delusional? > > I think not. yes. rekkles is very delusional. ADCs in general are very delusional. they somehow believe that their role is weak, but cant come up with a half decent explanation as to why its mandatory in any competitive game 100% of the time regardless of their perceived weaknesses. seriously, ADCs are the only class with any siege power. and since taking down objectives is about 90% of this game and the point of the game overall, the fact that they are the best ones at doing that one thing makes them supremely OP. wanna make them more balanced, make everyones AA damage to structures scale off their main stat, then buff ADCs to make up for the difference in power. but you would hate that because now if your class isnt massively op like it is now, it wont even be picked at all. LOL. GG.
Can you please shut up , I see that you have no idea what ADC is. You mean ADC isn't weak? For example tank malphite with boots and sunfire cape , can easily kill adc who for example has boots,IE or ER and shiv , so adc must kite , flash , heal for sure and hit about ~15 basics to kill that tank, and tank what should do? R-E-W-Q or whatever and take kill easily or if adc still alive chase it with Q because it slow and give him speed. For now only Vayne is the best choice for adc , because she can outplay and deal damage to tanks not like others adc's.
: On one hand I agree with you, because when I play AD I get completely stomped, because of the nonstop clownfiestas at bot lane and the almost non existant peel from my team, but on the other hand I get so mad when a Vayne 3 shots me when I'm a tank or when a lvl 3 graves is able to 1v1 a lvl 4 renekton. And me being the renekton I hit my full combo, graves hits only first part of q and the rest is autoattacks. How can a "squishy ADC" be able to 1v1 one of the strongest duelists in the game? Anyway this turned out as a rant, but I generally agree that some champs need to be touched.
After Graves rework , he's not ADC anymore for me , his damage is so insane and his lifesteal from nowhere is so dumb.. He has more sustain than Aatrox and if you see he's playable only top/jungle so he's not ADC , he became idk Ranged tanky fighter or smth like that.
: Master Yi bug
I reccomend to leave tihs bug , one less cancer champion in game <3
: "Hitler" is censored?
RITO censored my country word "laba" it's a shorted version of "labas" [ in english: Hello ] and it's more used to greet with girl. well , but now checked and it's normal again not censored , thank you riot.
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