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Jaspertje (EUW)
: The Champion pool contains to little hot scarcely dressed male champions xD
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: A jungler that controls minions.
I mis-thought your idea :s I thought of a minion tamer ot something
: My thoughts on Overwatch
What about BattleBorn? {{champion:222}}
DaanVV (EUW)
: Champ idea: Xin Ian
{{champion:222}} Oooooo another yin yang user, he sounds balanced both in abilities and in story
: Yeah just like Deadpool .Imagine when he is about to curse "Ahhh u son of a...Forgot that this game is PG-13".He just would be very funny
I got one when he/she about to get a kill but get killed instead "OH COME ONE!!!!! I GOT YOU" or when the player don't see their mana bar empty "HEY I love to do this attack but by the RIOT rules I got to have mana to do it, ^^ god we need a champion like this
: A Champion that can break the 4 wall
{{champion:222}} So I read all of the comments below me but I throw my hat into the ring, This champion of your idea, will they only 4th wall the player and insult other champions or is there anything else? I like Deadpool, he just nuts as balls
: I make a champion
{{champion:222}} you got my interest
Zieera (EUW)
: Jinx(hair down) #fanart
{{champion:222}} Awesome
: Create the BEST (PUNNIEST) Username you can think of!
AmumuLuvU ^- that what I can only think off
Solash (EUW)
: Not gonna lie, this is pretty adorable.
{{champion:222}} Me and my sister Jinx agrees with this ^^
: Yes but jinx is insane not a psychopath, and Jhin is a show boat. Lol I forgot about mundo who was a mad scientist trying to perfect his killing Methoods lol, but yeah there ya go XD
: Champion Idea: Kados The Psycopath
{{champion:222}} If Jinx & Jhin were not enough >:) I sense Jason Vorrheeves with this champion when reading his ablities
NakaoWolf (EUW)
: Valintines day Fiora <3 fanart
not Valentines day Fiona, Heart breaker Fiona {{champion:114}}
Abishua (EUNE)
: Why sponsor people who insult others, destroy teamwork and ruin the game for others?
I just mute or don't type back and I stick on Coop vs AL most of the time. {{champion:222}}
Atakke (EUNE)
: Champions in profile page
I thought you mean having your favourite champion icon as profile pictures, not what you posted :( sorry
: If you ask me to report someone...
it good that player can have a laugh while playing the game no matter what skill level you are.
: See your own champion hits the live server? THAT'S A THING
: Or a long lost brother of shaco and he cursed shaco to become demon jester because shaco stole jared tricks and now seeks revenge? Howeer the description of this champ looks actually very nice.
Ceitti (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Horen - The Pulse of Nature (Reanimate Ability! Transform to Giant Tree R!)
: Jared the mischievious magician?
Jared can be a pupil to Shaco and learned few of his tricks before going out on his own. When I looked at this, I think wears a purple trench coat that button up at his mid riff and wears some odd style leggings and a half boots. his right eye has a tattoo and when he walks he spins his weapon. {{champion:222}} I hoped I helped.
Kítty (EUNE)
: Riot how do you create a champion?
{{champion:222}} A champion takes around a month or two to be develop from concept to final build.
Jabutosama (EUNE)
: [Champion Concept] Water Elemental Lucius
{{champion:222}} They did have a cut champion similar to your idea but the abilities are different
: T REX champion
I did had that idea as well but how you going to plan it out?
: Ain't happening, the 2D aiming is completely unrefined on console for something as fast paced as league in comparison to fps games or the likes
At least I tried to simplify it for consoles and the controllers{{champion:222}}
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: I made a little manly Teemo drawing :D
Arnold voice: "I been pumping iron since my latest deaths"
Daromiro (EUNE)
: Summer is kinda close so i thought about a pool party/scuba diving Jhin
{{champion:222}} His E can be a sea urchin. I like this skin idea.
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JinxBigBrother,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pyOmMA48,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-21T13:28:28.187+0000) > > gut feeling or something? just exited like JINX'S BIG BROTHER
Heh you like my Username {{champion:222}}
YumeZiX (EUW)
: [Champion idea] Arkaweiss, the Golden Aegis
{{champion:222}} Nice, A honourable fighter who cares for their fellow teammates.
: I have a feeling that EUW is going down because of URF.
raps1355 (EUW)
: Why do people chat so much shit in this game?
{{champion:222}} When I use chat in PvB or PvP, I usually talk nicely to my teammates or the other team but I do get players that call me a troll or insults when I play with my friends who got me into LoL now and again. it best to mute them when they start.
: Bringing a giant from Freljord
{{champion:222}} A frost giant similar to the Smite god or something? I looking forward to seeing the your concept.
100Foxes (EUNE)
: An ideea for a champion
{{champion:222}} I'm with the support theme with her. Is she a rival to Zyra?
senia (EUW)
: my champion reina the shadowstalker
EyeOdin (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Joon
{{champion:222}} Why Dragon ball z comes to mind when I see him? Anyway who is he good to team up with?
: Champion Suggestion (Zia, The Animals Voice)
{{champion:222}} Look awesome as a champion.
: Thanks for your opinion :) well maybe a primal version would look great and also kind of project one. I will update him soon with basic stats, item examples, playstile etc. as soon as I will have time :) stay tuned.
: Kunai is mainly a 1v1 champion that is good in early game. He counters stuff like champions that need help in lane.
{{champion:222}} Ohhh alright
fifiara (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JinxBigBrother,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=GzFP8hxW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-03-30T14:04:52.919+0000) > > {{champion:222}} Nice idea :) but the name Puk is risky to my mind yeah, i've realised that. I know that i should change it... Well, i haven't got any good idea right now. Could somebody help me? Calling fan-made champions isn't very easy.
{{champion:222}} Writing a list of names is good as it works for me when I can't think of a good name.
: [Champion Concept] Deül the Undefeatable
{{champion:222}} That a awesome drawing and good abilities. I can see him being paired up with Karma or this fellow{{champion:111}} for a balanced team. what skins have you though for him?
fifiara (EUNE)
: [Champion concept) PUK - the forest spirit
{{champion:222}} Nice idea :) but the name Puk is risky to my mind
: The players themselves
I agree with you as when my friend who got me into League of Legends she told me about the players who do like what you say. In most of my matches I had players who were good teammates then when I join my friend and her friend in other matches, we get a few idiots who insult me as I'm still a beginner or call us scripters for being a good team. Anyway you were trying to help the Jhin player out but they were just angry for getting K.O a lot. {{champion:222}}
: Was aiming for a top lane champion :/
{{champion:222}} I can say that they can be in all lanes with their abilities and supporting champions next to them.
: Thar and Hajri - The Ghostly Couple
{{champion:222}} Awwwwww :( Romeo & Juliet styled champions. I can image their playstyle in my mind. Are they support in anyway?
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Skins we would like to see added to the game
{{champion:222}} I love to see Champions infused inspired skins like Jinx chaos for Annie, Vi Justice for Veigar, Twitch Poison for Malphite etc. So it basically one champion persona on another Champions.
: jude is like a bit of a darius, and kunai is a squishy focused on strong mid-game
{{champion:222}} Right. Who is he strong with and who is he weak against?
: Champion Ideas
Nice, Is he a fighter/tank and/or support? {{champion:222}}


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