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Adama (EUW)
: it takes a while. You also played a lot of games recently with someone that isn't even level 30 yet. That tanks your mmr too.
Hes actually level 60 dunno what opgg says lol, but sure he's unranked though.
Adama (EUW)
: Judging by your match history you are playing vs very low elo. So yes, your mmr is trash. Win. and it will improve. Lose, and shame yourself for losing vs low elo.
It just doesn't seem to rise a bit. I mean i do silly mistakes but don't get punished by them so it feels kind of cheating.
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: I believe that anyone that has played this game for at least 2 years ,even less, can get Diamond ,so if that's the case ,what's stopping everyone from doing it ? Maybe you can tell me since you're probably higher.
6 years in gold and going strong
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Possible (EUW)
: or is it just that you are not good enough to get out of that elo?
The mechanics and the knowledge i see here on other people on this elo are just so bad that i can't be one of these kids.
: why don't you just acknowledge your bad and learn from it 6 years in silver? if you did truly hit plat you would be able to climb back up i hit gold 1 month ago and i just hit gold on my smurf yesterday you belong in that elo when i was playing talon jungle TALON JUNGLE i still climbed out of silver on my smurf with a 70% winrate and im only gold 4!!! its so easy to carry in silver if you are gold and you was plat!!!! you should be able to hard carry since plat players have way better macro and if you have been playing for 6 years your mechanics should be good as well but but looking at your opgg your not a plat player no way in hell you are
It is easy to get fed out of bad enemies, which i do every game, but always enemy team has that one ultra fed one and we lose because others fed him :) and my mechanics and knowledge surpasses everyone in this elo, even in gold, hell i know more about the game than u do.
Roxãs (EUW)
: well, that is not Riots problem then^^
I've hit gold more than 10 times and everytime with a different role or a new champ that i had played, first time in season 4, so it's not about that
: If you want to climp then you need to do more that your team. In last 10 games you was just a little better that your team. Take a break for 1-2 days and start to real tryhard for that climbing.
just had a year break and week ago started again after month break
Possible (EUW)
: Must be Riots fault and your “always bad” teams
If it's for 6 years then it is
Roxãs (EUW)
: keep playing Kha, Lucian and Wukong and you will hit Gold. I wonder so much why people play Low winrate (own winrate) Champs instead of champs they have a high winrate with.
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: Click Lisatietoja
oh lol ty, feeling stupid now and my client started, you da mvp <3
: Go to task manager - find league of legends and end the tasks then you should be able to start it Just this problem, i cant navigate from this point for some reason lol
Eambo (EUW)
: [RESOLVED] [EUNE/EUW] 08-02-18 - Platform Issues
Why doesnt my client start when i try to press it, only the logo appears and nothing happens?
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Then you shoudn be surprised if you don't perform well after making big breaks. It takes consistent effort to perform well on league, especially because league is constantly changing and evolving.
tru but its really frustrating that i was much better and have so much time under my belt
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Ok, but the amounts you've played are still very small. In earlier seasons it's a bit more, but it's still on the low side, but as time went you you played less and less per season. To make matters worse it doesnt really look like you have a main role or champions and play 50 different champions per season, i don't really see much consistency across the seasons. It does look like you gravitate a bit more towards bot, but that's it.
its because i started army last summer.
: Then GO PLAY! If you're actually on gold lever or whatever, GO PLAY. If you're good you'll climb. If you actually make non stop sick plays with amazing macro and micro management you should get plat 5 easy. I'm going to bookmark this post, and if you're not plat 5 by the end of this season I'll tell your army instructor to bully you
im getting bullied by my fellow partners already, thats why im home to settle down for a bit.
: You play 5 years and you're stuck in silver. You know how Mmr works? It's your matchmaking rating. Obviously you are on the same skill level as those people who just started playing. Says more about you than about them imo
my mmr was bas cuz i didnt have time to play last season because of army so i was only silver.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Maybe you are playing this game for 5 years, but the amount of ranked games you've played is very small. You're still silver and are made to play against other new players because in these 5 years you barely did anything worth calling climbing.
i have only played ranked after i hit level 30
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Do you have some xamples of those guides? That's alot fo games, but i doubt you could invest enough time in any of them for a higher rank and the fact that there's so many of them your progress gets messed up from jumping around from one to another, kinda like you already do in league itself. Looking throuth your past season experiences i don't see any consistency, your games tend to be spread out among many different champions and roles.
That's just because i haven't had any time during this season, i'm not home during weeks so i can only play during weekends. And yeah i hate it that i used to switch from game to game all the time. I used to get so angry at league that i changed to csgo for couple months and then came back. But then there's the people who can just play anything and be good at then in matter of couple weeks, that annoys me.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Or just pick a main role on the main account and save time.
I'm currently maining mid.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: For someone who calls himself jack of all trades the amount of games you've played is way too small. For starters at least find the role you intend to focus most of your time and few champions you intend to play. Btw what kind of guides did you watch? Were the guides you watched were youtubers suggesting you to play flavor of the month champions?
As for the guides i have watched basically everything to improve and have asked my diamond friend to watch my games and tell me what did i do wrong. The games i have played in competitive mode and end up hard stuck in average rank are: LoL, csgo, overwatch, paladins, battlerite, hearthstone and maybe some others that i don't remember.
: A another way to test your skill is make a new account and main one role. Since the new account doesn't have mmr it makes it easier to climb. I did it and managed to get the new account to plat 2 in 150 games even tho the main is hard stuck plat 5--3. Only took 60 games to hit plat. Your main account due to having a past mmr making it harder to climb. I've also been playing since season 1.
I can't find time to level up another account..
: All I can say on short, is to **choose one-two champions on a single role, and try to improve at maximum on those**. Also, check always minimap, as I can see you have quite many deaths per game(I suppose because of jungler or just because enemy mid roamed and then came mid with higher advantage and beat you). Also, I see you prefer lane champs, so you have to focus on improving farm and on "knowing your enemy champion limits". You have to know every time when is the right time to do an engage or run or stay still(based on each other builds). Also, a good start for this is to watch champion stats: pick rate, winrate, ban rate on opgg, good builds on and for runes, opgg/riot guide/runeforge are ok. Also, try to make your builds always by watching what you need in any situation of the game, what enemy has, what it doesn't, adapt your builds every time. Choose 1-2 champs, get good on them(also you can search for pro players that play those champs e.g. if you like much mid, watch Faker(he has many replays-> opgg, twitch vods etc.) etc.) and so on. Watch what mistakes you have done after every game is the best way to improve. Also, training in sandbox is a way to improve your skills by practicing combos etc. Good luck next season(joke, no luck but what we make :) )! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Its just that i get bored of those champions very quickly and i don't want to just be good at two champions. Also as i said i haven't been able to play this season almost at all so i'm rusty af. Also i always know what went wrong.
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: Guys...
Well this happened to me after i somehow got to fucking bronze 3... (this acc gold, main plat)
archerno1 (EUNE)
: U didnt start to suck. Your MMR improved so you are facing better opponents, but u are still trying tactics u used against less skilled opponents. You are just getting tilted because stuff that worked against lower ELO doesnt work anymore. U gotta adapt, change, improve.
this acc is gold v and i play vs silvers and on my other acc i play vs plats
Mosómacska (EUNE)
: Maybe the games are now not in your skill state.
No, i went on my other acc (this one) and i play vs like silvers and i just started to do so many mistakes i cannot believe how bad i'm currently playing
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: try to not quit after challenge instead focus on improving. you seem to do well on taric, id say pick one more support. and ward alot and keep looking at your mistakes. keep eye on all deaths and 2 deaths is a improvement. since u will main only 2 champs you might as well get 2 rune pages dedicated for them instead. of AD/AP runepages that may not be useful for champs in general.
oh i lost a game, you know how? our heim was afk :))))))
: everyone loses at a role for awhile that happens and it might be that you hit a New challenge level. its like a Bronze that reached Silver for the first time, he will meet A new kind of players. Forexample if u play Normals and have 1000 MMR and suddenly have winstreak your MMR jumps and now you face tougher opponents that doesnt mean your role is bad, it just means you need to change your playstyle and you can't get away with some of the mistakes that lower elo player forgive you for. ''i just kept losing even though i played very well.'' i used think like that, until i realized that there were many plays i could have done, Rotate better or roam or take objectives. some decisions like not farming enough etc. if you really are a mechanical god at 1 ADC then you can easily carry it into diamond. its either the mechanics are weak or the decisions are poor. Changing roles all the time and champs is not a solution. i can understanding switching from support because its not hard carry. but not because of losses, only suitable reason is because you can carry harder. but if you lose you need to review why, and what you can do better. Stick to 1 Role, forexample adc. And take only 2 champs maximum and really perfect them to the point that you can carry games with mechanics alone. Review all your deaths and make sure its not more then 5. if its more then 5 its always a loss even if you win. You can only die if u trade for a tower like inner. Or if you gain objective that is equal to it. all other deaths are pretty much bad. Get proper rune page for each champ that is tailor made. Dont just use AD/AP runes
i don't like to use rp to buy rune pages, just won a game as taric support 2/2/18.
: review why you lose, instead of just jumping into games. review why you used to win. did u change your playstyle ? Are you active enough in changing situations ? Do you play too many different roles ? if you don't want to play normals and work on your mechanics then that might be a issue as well. Looking at the match history your deaths as support are way to high. this might be bad decisions or poor positioning. Your warding rate is pretty low. U placed in some games.. 9 wards in 30 minutes, while your enemy placed 24 wards. average KDA of 2.8 / 9.0 / 10.0 thats alot of deaths and all be traced back to questionable decisions. there are alot of games where you have 11 to 12 deaths, that is supposed to be occasional and not the norm. U need to review each death and think carefully what did i do wrong and how to prevent it and not repeat. critically analyze your plays. Overall too many games played on too many different champions. you need to main MAX 2 champions until you really perfect them. Play your champions that you are the most skilled with <-- especially high winrate ones. U have only 2 Rune pages = AP and AD .. thats terrible. i would really suggest maining 1 champ if not maximum 2 and playing tons of practice normals. Look at each of your deaths and stick to 1 ROLE. +6 deaths in a game is alot. doesn't matter reasons its just too much. its either very bad mechanics or poor decision making. you need to spot which one it is and work on it.
I played support for a while and climbed easily to gold 3 then just started to lose every game and decided to find a new role, because even though i'm good at 1 role, i suddenly lose 5+ games in row and compeletly just tilt on that role. I used to main adc i was at good kda all the time, but i just couldn't play it anymore because i just kept losing even though i played very well.
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Marowak (EUNE)
: Low el
Don't give up, and if you deserve higher rank, you'll evetually get it. Try new roles and main something that you feel comfortable with. I started season in silver v and now i'm gold 3 and climbing, from silver 2 to this point only support.
: The keys?
dunno, i have gotten 7 pieces in 2 days
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: Ah well, what u need to understand. Everyone from gold dropped to silver. And people u faced in gold, u face in silver now. Now yes, maybe u can win your lane, but that doesnt mean u are best player in game. And your issue is, adc cant really carry in low elo as in low elo people have issues with concept of peeling. Now if u are facing equally skilled Shen who also won his lane, all he has to do is flash and E, and u are done for. His team full of bloodthirsty silvers will collapse on you like Night Watch on Jon Snow (spoiler alert). But what can you as ADC do? You have to wait your teammates to engage, you have to depend on them to protect you. Like your game with Lucian, ye, u did decent. But your support was mundo. I am sure mundo will protect you from Veigars burst. What i would suggest to you,judging by your match history, stick to Irelia, she can carry and you seem to be doing pretty damn good. Oooor, find a good support to duo with you.
In that lucian game, my problem was not veigar as i always got out of his stun. The problem was that i was not doing damage anymore after team just throw the game making them so fed and i didn't do any damage anymore. I just enjoy playing adc cuz i'm good at it and i like to just stomp them early. I'm scared if i take another lane, this top for example i would forget how to play adc.
Jodveuk (EUW)
: Now.. tell me what i'm doing wrong Good example Bad farm because team kept fighting and tried to help them and had no time to farm.
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