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LA Losty (EUW)
: Dont fight him in a minionwave them, if he cant kite tryndamere he dies. Also if tryndamere gets ahead at any point during the laningphase he can wreck yasuo quite hard.
but when u are in lane, there is almost always a minion wave
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: at least she need to actually hot those vitals
and ive never ever met a fiora player who has problems hitting those vitals. hence, it must be fkin easy.
: well there are earlly game champs, mid game champs, and lategame champs... fiora is a split pusher lategame monster... either you need to finish the game before she gets full build (like in the pic) or you have to group and take stuff togheter, to counter her solo push (AKA force 4x5) ... if you make her group with her team, her value decreases alot, since you have higher chances of protect the person she got her ult on and deal with her... if she goes full AD (like in the pic) she is easilly killed after her W is down (in teamfights)
lategame champs? fiora is fkin broken already at lvl 1 with her true dmg bullshit.
: you forgot to say Full AD Fiora with Full build ... it is expected to be like this ... preety much like a veigar pressing q+r on you and then when you see his build, he is full AP + 300-400 stacks on his passive...
i dont mind veigar at all. he doesnt deal true dmg %max hp bullshit. besides after his 1 combo, hes vulnerable until his abilities are back up. fiora bullshit q is up all the time and her basic attacks will keep wrecking u. They say fiora is skillcapped, but ive never seen any fiora players having trouble hitting vitals during ult. it seems fkin easy. When fiora is deleted, ill be happy to play again.
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Gualeb (EUW)
: can we stop making bullshit champion
This guy is totally correct. Dont know so many in this thread dont realize that. Coz ur playing one of the broken as fk champs with OP kits already and u dont want them changed??

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