Proconsul (EUW)
: You will have to learn to think for 5 people. It's an art form that I'm far from mastering myself. You have to basically think of the game as a 1v5 using your teammates as over powered minions. They will overextend, they will face check bushes left and right, they will try to 1v3. The thing is, what will you do meanwhile? Does your 1/4 Zed, splitpushing the botlane totally alone and with no vision look like a juicy bait? Well, chances are he's gonna get raped by 2-4 ppl in about 20 seconds. Go top, take a tower, get vision in the jungle? This is how soloQ works. It's no teamgame in the sense that football is a teamgame. It's you vs everyone. Try to spot the one guy in your team who seems to have some understanding on the game. Ward for him, help him out. Never try to gank the lane that's feeding. They will cry, they will moan, they will curse the jungler for not coming. Mute, ignore, let him feed. Even if you get him a kill or two, will he carry later? Not likely! It's an art form, not a teamgame :)
Okay cheers, Also gonna take this advice to heart and see how it goes in the future.
Encrux (EUW)
: I'm not trying to be rude, but I'm trying to be honest right now. You don't know when to play safe. Heck, even I don't and I have far more experience than you do. In soloq, the only thing that matters is you. And you're the one you have to get fed. How? It depends. But in the scenario you described, you could use your teammate as a bait. You see your team running up way too far in bot. What's gonna happenn next? Jungler/Mid is going to roam bot, resulting in less jungle pressure and mid lane pressure. You could use that for your advantage, and either roam to the river and pick up free kills on their rotation, fight botlane and get 3-4kills or just push the mid turret Of course this is only 1 scenario where you were probably mid/jungle, but I'd say it's (atleast to a certain extend) pretty straight forward. You have to figure most out most of this stuff on your own though. If your teammates die for no reason, just don't let it get to your mind. It happens to everyone. And you know how it feels to get caught in a dark jungle. Next time however, don't just think about how your teammates are ruining your gaming experience by being "too aggressive", but try to think about how you could prevent something like this in the future. Soloqueue is about you, and not your teammates, that's why it's called solo...
Okay thanks, I see your point and i'll take your advice to heart for when I next play its just it can get frustrating when I warn my mid lane that my lane opponent is on their way to gank them and they ignore me or say something like " k " and over extend anyway, sort of thing. I would roam down after my lane opponent but most of the time I try to push my tier 1 or 2 tower while I have a chance.
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: Dw guys, he'll be brought back by the Shadow Isle... ...with a themed skin. Business rules over death.
Really spooky gangplank confirmed?
: That one orange wasn't k
Tragic, dying because of his health worries. I never thought trying to remove scurvy would be his demise {{item:3070}}
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: Pillow fight taric?
Just looking at this, I gotta say that I think we've got our next ultimate skin in the works. All seriousness though, if this was a thing I would actually play Taric from time to time.
RyD3R11 (EUNE)
: I thought there should be counterplay in this game...
This post is just super vague, you want to know where the counter-play is in matches, but won't name any champions that you feel can't be countered. I'll give it a shot anyway? For an assassin who have been able to snowball a reasonable amount, have your team focus cc on this person and prioritize killing them first in team fights.
: They have always stacked with each other but usually there are better items to get than more spell vamp.
Oh cool, I wasn't too sure before since all it was only a difference in %, but yeah I totally agree that there is better things to buy. I just like the idea of some how pulling of sustain like you could with old Sion :P
: Riot needs to make that with Tahm Kench you cant eat champions that are taller than {{champion:223}} ;P
If they did that i'd just buy a {{item:2138}} and hope i'm tall enough :P
RengarMKD (EUW)
: My account has been suspended please help was misunderstanding
Have you checked the email that should of been sent, while it could be a complete misunderstanding it is still worth a look.
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: And obviously far more helpful than a talentless ? ;)
Zooty (EUNE)
: "*Unnanounced reworks*"?
That has me curious too.
: Mundo Goes Where He Pleases
: Think he means his account.
I was too tired yesterday, don't mind me >.<
Profici0 (EUW)
: Come join me as I climb Diamond!
I'd say it's worth having a watch, he's quite insightful in my opinion #HardAsBard _**(NobodyWillGetThat)**_
: I can help you. If you want to feel useful and support your team,pick {{champion:22}} {{champion:110}} . If you want to do tons of damage from afar and play like a pussy pick {{champion:51}} {{champion:81}}. If you want to pick an easy mode champion without having any mechanical skill involved pick {{champion:67}} ,{{champion:429}} . If you want to be both spell caster adc and as reliant pick {{champion:236}},{{champion:104}} . If you want to pick some independent adc who can take care of himself pick{{champion:18}} ,{{champion:15}} . If you want to play a hard to master adc pick {{champion:119}} ,{{champion:96}}. If you want a rape machine late game pick{{champion:29}} {{champion:21}}. If you want to be a tryhard pick{{champion:222}} ,{{champion:133}}
Thanks for this, it's really helpful to be able to see a comment explaining the different types of ADC without going into so much detail it needs a TLDR; I think i'm going to try {{champion:51}} for a safer choice for now but I'm definitely saving this to a word pad or something for when I next think of extending my variety of ADC's.
: Finding an ADC that's right for me?
> [{quoted}](name=Failure Saturn,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qlZtdiwz,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-07-28T21:26:27.810+0000) > > {{champion:51}} is the ideal soloq pick for someone who usually doesnot play adc and wants an emergency pick. > She is fairly easy to play, got waveclear, long range, an escape skill and she is a good turretpusher. > [{quoted}](name=Spooky Venom,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qlZtdiwz,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-07-28T21:09:58.744+0000) > > one of the most important parts of playing as an ADC is being good with positioning, since you are going to be heavily focused in teamfights due to being squishy and being one of the biggest sources of damage on your team. If you are still learning the role, I suggest playing as an ADC with at least some mobility so that it is more forgiving if you don't position correctly and get caught. Since you said you like hypercarry ADCs that rely on mostly AAs, i would suggest {{champion:18}} {{champion:51}} or {{champion:67}} since they are AA reliant, but they also have abilities to help them reposition or disengage. Thanks for the more detailed suggestions guys, you two were a big help!
Eazy AO (EUW)
: Junglers That are OP with Devourer
If you are willing to try, Vayne is fun and really strong with sated because of her W.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Try Caitlyn. Her Passive makes her AA reliant. Her Q is necessary poke. Her W and E provide utility. Her Ult is a nice execute.
Thanks for the suggestion, since i'm currently coming up on 4800 again I think I will try her out and I see what I think!
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: Things to never do in silver.
Don't pick Lee sin? I'm in silver and I often see full ad Lee sins or the kind of Lee's that try and W to a ward , Flash then ult the adc and end up just knocking them in a random direction. I'm no Lee sin expert but I just think that their are plenty of other jungle picks that can be just as helpful as a talented lee sin.
: Do riot even care ?
The only problem I really had with the new HUD is that stats like ap, ad, etc. weren't automatically displayed but that was easily solved by pressing the button on/near your champion portrait. However I do understand your concern and with enough feedback they might add an option to revert the HUD to what it used to be like, they've already added the Eye candy option so I'm sure it wouldn't be a huge stretch to do something along those lines.
Sffc (EUW)
: It's not a ganking tool, it's a positioning tool. Once you understand that you'll see why his ultimate's only reason to be reworked is the lack of range
I personally think TF's ult is great, it's good for escapes, vision, ganking, re positioning. It's a gift that keeps on giving.
Garurumon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mountain Dewster,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=McEFRE9M,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-27T20:08:41.685+0000) > > I think you're forgetting somebody. > {{champion:83}} Yorick > Santa Gragas > Ahri
Agidyne (EUW)
: What do you do?
Casually sit on his back. Just remain seated. He'll regret touching any booty with that outfit on.
: ***
I'm sorry I was supposed to say 0.00000000000001% of things. And that 0.00000000000001% is my homie GloatenFree
: ***
Yeah homie, me neither I don't like anythin', like 0% of things is what I like. You feelin me homie
Hashashin (EUW)
: Just chillin with our salt and gloatfree boy
Man I don't need no money, no women, no power. All I need is mah homie Gloatfree.
Rayno Kim (EUW)
: where would we be mane if ya boi gloatfree wasnt here to always help us out
Gloatfree is always there for us, he's like a big brother to the entire community.
: ***
Oh all of that has been me, I keep an ever watchful eye of salty sea dogs you see. {{item:2050}}
: Patcher problem 0kbps...
You could try and repair the launcher, it'll re download a lot of stuff so it might make things worst, however I can't think of any thing else that might work other than re launching and hoping that works. D:
ModMayhem (EUW)
: Lunar Brand Skin
That looks great, I don't even own {{champion:63}} and I want it.
: ***
Man I didn't think this pirate update would hit you this hard, I suggest calming down maybe watching Hachiko ( crying always helps to relieve stress ) and avoid watching One Piece and Pirates of the Caribbean.
: What do you play ranked for?
Hey again ;) Try and get gold for the victorious skins at the end of the season. ( not much of a competitive player )
Arsene (EUNE)
: Who should I side with?
I can't really say much about trying to calm people down but if they are threatening to report somebody who doesn't deserve it, best option is to not also report them. Just don't side with either of them kind of thing.
: im not salty im just telling him that no rioters want to play with him. im speaking on their behalf
I'm sure they can speak for themselves and their is probably bunch of Rioters that enjoy playing with people on milestones like this. and Artham, **"DON'T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE"**
NightAce (EUW)
: Deathly Kennen
It **might ** go back on sale when Riot puts more skins into the legacy vault- thing. So it could be a long time until it next goes on sale, you're probably better off gambling for it with mystery skins or settling for another skin D:
: no
Why so salty? Is it all the pirate related content in this patch? I mean personally there is nothing better than pirates, each to their own I guess.{{champion:41}}
Garurumon (EUW)
: But also the ugliest in League of Legends.
I think you're forgetting somebody. {{champion:83}}
: since its off -topic i wanna ask players something
It's no FPS but Project Zomboid is pretty fun, if that doesn't interest you, Killing floor (1 or 2) might be a better choice.
: relieve stress
Go full tank bard, nothing better than running circles around their team while looking almost like Baymax. Can't say that this is perfect for ranked, who knows?{{champion:432}}
JordMcFar (EUW)
: I used to thing mystery gifting was a waste
You think that's good? Look at this. Man that went legacy like last year.
: Monthly Skin Giveway Round 2! [June]
I've always wanted a {{champion:82}} skin, because when I take him into lane I **bring great suffering**. I like the look of Pentakill since it's always **time to shred** and **If I must** say **this whole... living thing is... highly overrated**.
CooleQu (EUW)
: is this seriously your email?
It is, I have another but I didn't want that one to be spammed just in case somebody else decides to do something with the emails posted on here. If you want you can send I random email and i'll reply to verify it.
CooleQu (EUW)
: 9 LoLWiz Beta Keys for grabs
If there are anymore left : {{champion:113}} :^)
: Random disconnects (?)
I managed to recconect about 27:00-ish and then EUW, however the match was the shortly interrupted by a match wide disconnect. I can't even.
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