: supports do damage, because not everyone likes playing healing/cc/shield support. Its for this reason there are so many supports nowadays, compared to s1-4. Back in S2, there was like 1 support main every 10 games. consider that supports dont have to farm, so they poke more. also, {{champion:143}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:101}} are all long range, so they can get away with builds like {{item:3311}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3285}}
Poke mage supports really need to be acknowledged as a problem by riot because the "support"rrole should be about helping your own adc, not making life hell for the enemy's. It's just not fun to go up against someone whose entire purpose is to not let you play the %%%%in game
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: This game used to be about strategy, now it's slowly turning into a permanent URF mode
Cooldown reduction needs to be reworked: as is, any role can go for a full Stat build (full dmg, full tank...) and still get 40% cooldown reduction for free because cdr is just everywhere I mean {{item:3071}} = 20% cdr {{item:3508}} =20% cdr {{item:3078}} =20% cdr {{item:3025}} =20% cdr Champions who don't need cdr still get it just by accident and champions who really _need_ it to function get it without having to sacrifice other stats for it. {{champion:24}} can go for a **full damage** build and still end up with 40% cdr, i just wish he actually had to sacrifice some of his damage if he wants to jump 700 units and smash my face in with his lamp post every 3 seconds
NasaSparta (EUNE)
If riot bans you for swearing than just don't swear. If you can't talk without insulting people it's your problem not league's.
íGengar (EUW)
: I main jungle and put adc as second despite not liking the role, the poll seems to show why I get adc in secondary role so often might have to change my secondary to mid :0
Yeah i've found that putting mid as secondary is the most efficient way to get your primary more often
Zanador (EUNE)
: I needed an "all of the above" option as 6th. Now i can't vote. :/
I bet you're the reason the "fill" option in draft pick still exists

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