: Like to me, on my standards, and i know that my standards dont matter, i wouldnt say that i was demonstrating toxic behaviour. I stood up for someone who was intentionally feeding, greifing and afked. I was pissed but i was pissed because players who flame others so harshly when they are also the problem. Thats irony at its best. But they way i handled it, to me was maybe borderline toxic, but not in nature, toxic itself.
Have your standards all you want, but this is not the way it works and will get you banned until you understand it. No one is telling you to change your attitude, but no one is saying that you were undeserved banned either. Keep standing up if you feel like it, but that will get you banned. So accept that or change your behaviour if it doesn't suit you.
: Suspended for 14 days but thats ridiculous. I wish you could see the other players in the game, Saying racist remarks, full on verbal abuse. I know that down to league standards thats not an excuse, but i believe that my words have purely been taken out of context.
Here are some notes to remember. * You do not have the right to behave toxic just because someone else is toxic. * You are free to believe you have done nothing wrong, that does not mean you are correct. * You are not allowed to ask other players for reports, this is clearly stated. Read the related FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) * As Walden Smoothie commented, in the chatlog you provided, you are behaving in a toxic manner.
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: i need guide
Play a champion that can hard carry, imo there is a reason why alot of players in lower brackets only play one champion. Or do as Doctor Jhin said, and get a duo player. Doesn't have to be premade-bot tho.
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