Koreean (EUW)
: Please apply the following introductions: 1- Delete your <install path>\RADS\solutions\league_client_sln folder if one exists in your League install 2- Delete all but your "installer" folder in <install path>\RADS\projects\league_client\releases directory 3- Run <install path>\RADS\projects\league_client\releases\installer\deploy\LeagueClient.exe 4- A progress window should pop up. It might take a while for it to start showing progress, but have faith And also you can view the main thresh clicking [here](https://redd.it/5c2ag4).
I just repaired my client, that worked too. Thanks for your solution anyways, would have helped.
Infernape (EUW)
: Open the old (AIR) client, repair it and try opening the Alpha client again.
did it work for you?
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Eeten (EUW)
: Yes, all except Yasou.
Do you have a source ? :)
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