Joosua (EUW)
: looking for last 1 or 2 event missions
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: 1 day of Clash - FAQ and Known Issues
so does the whole time from Friday 7 PM CEST till Saturday 7 PM CEST, count for games played on friday? and the end of the clash is then Monday 6:59 DEST?
Dage (EUW)
: How to counter Nasus?
as well your team should have a tank with much cc who can keep him away from your carrie like nauti, ali skarner, mao or a tank xin
: A question from a Mordekaiser main to all others who play him.
so i am not mordekaiser main but i just looked up at lol wiki....and that doest tell anything :S **But** mordekaisers passiveshield is capped at 25% maxhealth so i dont think you can increase that, so the only possibility would be increasing the shield gaining from damage, but i am not sure about that :S
: former diamond players have started quitting this game...
So you are complaining about beeing unable to carry in a **Team**game? you think its bad that people who cant adapt changes dont get back to their old rank? if i can trust league of graph there is no champ with over 55%win rate and even tho, whats wrong about it? when changes get applied people have to adapt, some will take this as an advantage and pwn, others will get pwned. P.S. btw juggernaut patch were 5.15/16 depends on how you see it, they were both in August which is almost the end of the season and not in the beginning.
Agidyne (EUW)
: Question about Naruto.
One Punch Man can do that
: If I sold the account.... I would care.. The person who buys it would and riot doesn't care about account buying.
[]( sure they care and for sure its forbidden
: ***
but you know it is forbidden to sell, trade, gift , or what so ever your account? sure you can trade it but that doesnt make it legal and the account will get a high risk for beeing perma banned, so would you pay so much money just to get a perma and dont be able to use it? dont think so
: > [{quoted}](name=Joosua,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=NokfLhga,comment-id=0004000100000001,timestamp=2016-03-02T13:01:39.825+0000) > > but ad malph is an adc > vayne mid is a bad example cuz she doesnt scale on ap at all, ad malph still will do his job How is vayne mid a bad example? Malph has no scalings on AD either, it works because of artificial scaling (Vayne's Q has 2 secs CD which lets you spam Lich bane, coupled with Nashors tooth you can make it work, doesn't mean it's optimal). AD malphite gains absolutely nothing other than damage on basic hits. (W scales with armor and ap). It works, but it isn't optimal.
but ad carrie work with autoattacks it doesnt matter for them if their abilitys scale with ad and sure vayne ap can work...and i wont report anyone for doing so aslong he isnt toxic or trolling
: > [{quoted}](name=Joosua,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=NokfLhga,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2016-03-02T12:23:12.047+0000) > > tell me the rule that says there has to be an range adcaryy in a team It's not about being a ranged adcarry, it's about HAVING an adcarry. You don't go Lich bane vayne mid and call it a Mage, do you? Why would you call ad malphite a marksman? Ad malphite works but it should go top, not marksman.
but ad malph is an adc vayne mid is a bad example cuz she doesnt scale on ap at all, ad malph still will do his job
Oh My Zed (EUW)
: 'cause a team needs AD carry with dps damage? and not an idiot troll that can't even farm, getting harrassed hard, 0 mobility pre 6.. come on don't be an a**hole ...
there are many adc with nomobility...even after 6 and with an ad malph has dps
: You guys are aware this malphite was supposed to go ADC right? Playing out of meta is picking Shaco and playing it top lane, trolling is picking a tank into a DPS role and building it like a glass cannon. It doesn't work because their kits don't allow it to work. Malphite isn't a marksman.
tell me the rule that says there has to be an range adcaryy in a team
Oh My Zed (EUW)
: Why leona top should be a troll pick?
so why should ad malph bot be one?
Oh My Zed (EUW)
: Why Riot Games permit this things?
there is no rule that say where or with which build you have to play a champ, so he can do what ever he likes....
o SmAs x (EUW)
: What happened to the laning phase...?
a 3 games loss streak isnt even much :S better get used to have loosing streaks from time to time, happens to everyone
CJXander (EUNE)
: Report a player info
well i get sometimes an popup in the client sayin something like "a player you reported got punished, thanks for improving the community" (not the exact text) neither do i know if taht happens for all players i reported no do i know which exact player got punished
Ymir (EUW)
: Upcoming Upgrades to Chat Restrictions
so i just wanted to ask is it possible to get an 25 game chat restriction while the 10game chat restriction is active? like having played 3/10 and then going instead of 7 to 24. cuz someone here in the boards seem to have such an issue, which made me wonder (i dont care if hes guilty or not) if that is even possible. Because you dont even got the chance to use the 10 game to improve your behavior P.S. someone mightt have asked something like this already but its late and i dont want to read through 333 comments, sry
: no shit sherlock? but because so few have them they are worth a fucking fortune. black alistar alone? £1000 mate thanks. and im not even taking the piss -.-
but so since you cant sell him he is worth 0£ nice try with "who got the longer" {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Bear Oli (EUW)
: No no, I want to punish the flamers, I cant just mute them :D
as soon someone flames mute him, since you already know they are flaming you have a reason to report him, there is no need to see him the whole game flaming
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. I'll try my best to give you some aid here, but please forgive me if I'm missing out on some of the information provided. I also do not speak the language displayed in your logs, nor the turkish links you provided, so I won't be able to confirm anything that's written there. I can only deal with what's in english for this case. So if I understand you correctly; you're currently undergoing a 25 game chat restriction, which arrived straight after your 10 game chat restriction, correct? You posted the link to your web-view, but you posted the same link twice, so I only see the one that's for your 25 game chat restriction. Could you update the link that's supposed to link to your 10 game chat restriction as well? I can't comment anything regarding the image for your 10 game CR, since I don't understand the language you're writing in. It wouldn't be fair for me to assume you're writing things that you may not be writing. As a small comment to your log from the 25 game restriction, don't announce that you're muting a player. It's mild in that log, and I doubt that this alone gets you punished, but it tends to just add fuel to the fire if there's problems with a negative person, which escalates the situation. Just mute them, no need to attempt to get in the last word in an argument. --- > If I get Chat ban from my actions X days/weeks/months back, why do i get 2. Chat restriction after 4 hours? Isn't there any point that between 1. and 2. chat restriction, that i must improve "my manners"? As seen up the post where i post my second "Chat restriction Message" If you're wondering about having a quarantine period after your first restriction, I don't think that exists. I do believe that if you're not showing signs of reforming during your current restriction, you'll be provided with a new one straight away. There's no need to provide players with a quarantine period after their restriction if they've already displayed that they weren't improving. --- > Does GG WP mean anyone offensive? We just couldnt do anything, and meaning "Thats all I can do" "GG WP" is generally considered a polite way to end a match. You can compare it to the handshakes LCS players do after a match is over. There's nothing wrong with that. --- > Isn't my case "getting chat ban from report abuse by some people who harras me whole game? Just because, I couldn't perform any better than them?" Abusing the report feature isn't really possible. There's multiple factors in place that prevents false reports from having an effect. Players have credibility tied to their reports; if they're sending out false reports, the system won't actually trust them. The system values reports from people who consistently report negative people only over those who send out reports left and right. Reports alone also don't trigger a ban. They never have, and I doubt they ever will. Reports flag an account for investigation. If an account gets over a certain threshold, and investigation takes place, and the system looks into what the player has been saying in his games, and the context of what he's been saying. If you're caught being overly negative, or derogatory, towards others, you may get a penalty. --- However, at least for your 2nd log, the case seems overly mild. Let me just first say; I won't deny the possibility that the verdict may be wrong. No system in the world is ever perfect, and Riot is very open on the fact that making a perfect system that won't make mistakes is not possible, nor something they will be able to do. Riot has by my experience been very willing to reverse punishments that are wrong if it's pointed out to them. So why does this log seem so neutral, and strict? I'll try to give an explanation of what _might_ have happened, just to give some context: When a player is reported, they're never punished based on the report alone. Reports can only trigger an investigation, and the investigation is what causes the punishment is the context of what the player is saying in the games he's reported in is identified as unwanted behaviour. However, a flaw with the chat-log system is that due to the different technologies the various chats in this game operates on, only the logs of what the player says ingame is sent to him as evidence. Whatever he says in champion select, and during the post game screen, is also investigated and judged, but they aren't displayed in the chat log provided to him. There are players out there that assume that champion select and the post game screen is a free-for-all, where no rules apply, and all they need to do is behave ingame. This is a misconception, and this could explain what happened in the cases displayed on the screenshots, but I'm not ruling out that they were a mistake either. There's also the case that I believe the screenshots sent to the player tend to be the last game they played that they were reported in, which triggered an investigation. That means that they for instance could have been very negative in the games before this one, but weren't as negative in the last game they played, which makes the chat log sent to them very weird. This is something Riot could do better, in order to have the system succesfully send out logs of the games that were truly negative. --- If I've misunderstood anything in your post, please let me know. I'll see if I can clear up the confusion, and potential difficulties with you. Also, please forgive me if I don't reply until a bit later tomorrow. I was heading to bed when I saw your post, and I have university early in the morning, but I'll keep an eye on this thread. =)
hey just wondering if you can get a chat ban while a chat ban is active, cause i highly doubt he has played 10 games in 4 hours (afterage duration has to be 24 min which i highly doubt^^) which would mean you get time to try improving your behavior but then again you dont get it o.O just something going through my mind :S
: I agree with this and I admit I am passive aggresive but I never verbal abuse hard, never racism, never homophobia, all I do its calling them bad and talking about reports.. dont think this is reason for 14day ban and perma in future.. I know people who every game verbal abusing hard and they have not even warning
bans arent about how hard you flame.... if you flame and get reported you will get you ban sooner or later if you are really hard racist or homophobic you might just get banned quicker. for example you steel someones purse...that might take some time till you get caught, but if you go along a street and steel everyones purse,jacket, umbrella you tend to be caught pretty quickly -- (but steeling only one purse or steeling everyones stuff is both a crime and gets punished if caught) and since the chat log is visible for riot everyone who gets reported gets caught easiely, either if they blamed much or little but who ever flames can get reported for a valid reason it doesnt matter if you did it only in one sentence or spamming the whole game how do you know if people dont get a warning? maybe they got one but just wont stop --> leading to a ban sooner or late or they just dont get reported
Hellty (EUW)
: What can I do about toxic players? Do I have to deal and wait until someone gets toxic in game?
yeah you wont get any issues if you just mute everyone, you can still write to your team ( you just cant see an answer) and since there are smartpings, communication via chat isnt necessary at all
res1ess (EUW)
: So let's say it is an offense - so is not being truthful. So the question is what is a heavier offense: To me being indirect or untruthful, where you are not stating the truth upfront is the biggest offense you can do in communication. Way more than "hurting someone's feelings".
ofcourse you shouldnt lie, but just cause in your eyes he is one, he doesnt have to be one, there for you think you tell the truth but you might be wrong, aswell how about not sayin anything? if you dont say anything you are neither untruthfull nor toxic. aswell its not about what the bigger offense is, its about it beeing an offense no matter if you or anyone else thinks the one or the other is a bigger offense. offense stays offense and there for deserves to be punished
OldSoSick (EUNE)
: So if u have 1k games and u play in bz 5 what are you??? O__o i sey noob! and if u play in g1 and fewd al game intentional and after game sey gg 2 enamy and report your team what are you??^___^ I m sure u tink like but....... you like butt ...k....
well then, call him noob but dont wonder when people report you for that, because its not allowed.... there is no reason to insulte/belittle or what ever, people just because they play bad. dont say anything and the world would be fine. insult them and you get banned, thats how it works
: we should be able to switch categories in champ select. or not using them. like runes or abilities.
but then i dont get the reason for your idea at all
res1ess (EUW)
: chat restricted - but what the holy hell - why?
so you think calling someone morron, because he is a morron is allowed? its not, calling someone a morron is an offense even if he is one. flaming someone bacuase he flames you isnt correct, stealing from someone who just stole something from you inst correct, killing someone who just killed your friend/wife what ever isnt right (even tho most people would understand you) when you commit a crime cuz someone else commited a crime both commited crimse and so both should get punished if you didnt report them your fault, if you did they will get their punishment
RLK bas (EUW)
: Simple to prove their system is bullshit : And there is a lot of ban for same stuffs. There is no analyzing from Riot, they simply doesn't care and pretend to ban for reasons
well dont get the reason for the log for the 14day ban cuz clearly not toxic, but as stated its only an example so there might be others (even Per/post game chat) that show your behavior. and the permaban log, asking other people to report someone is against the rules and there for punishable (meaning after a 14day ban you will ofcourse get the perma)
Omnus (EUW)
: >I won only 14 out of 37 games That's an above 50% win rate. I'm not sure what you're complaining about...? You're not _supposed_ to win every game, you know. EDIT: Very embarassing mistake. Ignore me.
you know 14*2 is 28? 14 out of 37 is something like 37% winrate maybe nexttime :P
Xrozz (EUW)
: can someone explain what "polich rd" means?
some suggestions * nerd * bird * tard * sword * word * lord * retard * wizard * guard * gourd * petard
OldSoSick (EUNE)
: you can have 100k games and can be noob so....... insult !
so you say noob means beginner, but on the other hand you say someone with 100k games can be a beginner(=noob) what is clearly not the case cuz how can someone with 100k games just have begun with lol? and saying noob is still belittleing/ talking down the abilitys of another player, so ofcourse its punishable
: trust me I know the difference between plat and silver. I started at Silver 5 this season, every silver to gold game I carried every single game with Twitch with scores like 26-4 etc.. see my history. However in plat I began to struggle.
then tell me that difference it has to be pretty huge aand beeing a 1Trickpony doesnt mean that you are a good player in generall but one that one champ
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
yeah i know, and i get that point, but i know there are other players like me that will refuse to surrender no matter what (for real i refuse to click yes), because i want to believe and try to my hearts content even if its 0/40 just so that i can tell myself "atleast you tried" and then a loose is fine for me even tho i would never report someone only cuz he wants to surrender, but they tend to be toxic aswell :S and then i report them ofcourse but there might be people that actually report you if you **SPAM** ff because its anoing and irritating to have to say no and no and no and no again just because maybe 1 of 5 guys doesnt believe in a win anymore
OldSoSick (EUNE)
: Use brain!!!!! If u sey 2 times idiot and 1 report you u get permanent ban? I get 14 days suspend and i played 2 games now and 1 player that insult me al game report me for this...... and riot prmanent ban me! If u tink this is ok .... noob= beginer for who dont know that and tink that is insult!!!!!! I m a god in this game and root know that and want me baned
but if you call someone noob (in your eyes beginner), he might actually be a player with 1k games (so he is no noob), meaning you are belitteling him, that can hurt him and there for calling people noob is punishable and if you already had the 14day ban, mean that you had a chance to improve, but also that this were your last chance to improve, so basically every reasonable report after the 14day ban could get you perma banned
: Barely better then average? you know that silver is average right? Platinum 3 is like 3% of whole League.
yeah but the difference between plat and silver isnt that huge thats why you and me aswell are just barely better then average
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
surrendering itself isnt bannable but if you are at min 5 like * "omg this games not going well, ff" and stuff while the rest of your team is still trying to win (cause its possible) and then spam for the rest of the game such things and the surrender vote, your behavior is pretty unsportsmanlike towards your team mebers dont you think? and its pretty anoing^^
OldSoSick (EUNE)
: ***
so your behavior here in boards makes it look like the ban has his reason, what did you expect to happen? if you play with "noobs" and insult them because of that, you are still the one breaking rules and therefore deserve punishment, or am i wrong?
: The point is that I couldn't really shut up and just watch how my teammates were doing stupid things and then if I did something like going 1 second farm while they are alone and can take just 1 tower and with me still 1 tower there is no point for me to go there. I just go farm a bit and then go back to them. But they don't understand,the same thing with today's Ekko SS,she was dead,my minions were defending the 2 tower and didn't have the possibility to see if katarina was mid or not,but he still complained. I learnt from my mistakes and I will try to be less aggressive with them even if their only objectiv is to ruin other players experience. And you see,without communicatio you can't have team play,you need to say to that yasuo to stay there because you are going to ultimate as malphite and so on,not just random pings,but well better alone than with bad players. I will try to don't say anything bad but just try to mind my own game and do my best.
but you can write to people even if you mute them, you just cant read an answer, so tell yasuo that you want to ult engage, and then ping when you do. and if you want to go farm while they push just make a on my way ping to where you go and maybe give them and attention ping so they really recognize, and tell them about respawn timers (like care lucian up in 10)
: How Often do Players Pay Attention to "SS" Pings?
so i am plat 3 atm i normally ping SS and then ping attention/or retreat (3 times in the river in the direction i believe the enemy is going) for example i am mid my enemy is going top ...i ping ss, ping danger/retreat close to my lane in topside riven then in the middle where the grab buff is and then close to the toplane, mostly helps aswell i listen mostly to pings aswell, but i would say as support/jungle main my mapawareness is mostly pretty high^^ (not when i have to play mid/top for real i suck there)
: How to deal with a Troller
there were made a tip list for that [( ](http://( you might give it a try
: I wanted to be more clear than other small "rage" post that are on the forum. The problem is that fact that if I don't communicate with them I will get even more angry because "ashe why did you went 1vs5 when I pinged that there was danger???" - "****** U ****** and *****" that's a normal answer from toxic people like them. Wait,why do I even try? I ping? Nothing,I help them on chat? Nothing,I mute them? Best choice. They will still do what they want,they don't even care for an opinion,all of them are challenjour. Also of the 2394230419 people I reported I never reported one who came with a good reason like that of the dog,I would do the same too like you said,plus that was original and funny too :D But then again of all afk and flamers I reported no one was banned,nothing,something must be done.
i meant the other comments to be pretty long not your thread :P and regarding asking "why did you (enter what ever)" is just a bad choise, because * it leads to bad blood between each other * how many people do you think are out there, will say " ohhh you are so right that were totally my fault", ofcourse they are not dumb and mostlikely able to see they did just something dumb even without you mentioning * leading to you mentioning something they just recognized as dumb will make them even more mad (leading to the **U**) * and as you write they might just not care for an why do you want to discuss it? its just distracting :P and if you really really really dont want to mute them...then stay positive, dont tell them something they did were bad, because they know themself, try to make calls, enter the leading role (that way you might convince people that you want to win for real and they might follow you and focus again) but aswell concider following calls **TEAMPLAY**
: I was plat 3, so I know I'm a high skilled player, even if I get banned 50 times I'll always be better than you. Enjoy elohell
besides the fakt that the elohell doesnt exist (or it exsists on every elo) plat 3 isnt a high skilled division your just barely better then average
: Regarding my permanent ban
maaaaaaannn capslock hurt my eyes, so hard to read {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} when you had already a 14day ban you wont get another chance, so if you stay foolish you will get the perma, besides that if you propperly reported that morgana i am sure she will get banned soon aswell
: I need help.
why the heck is everyone here writing so long texts? like wtf, but what ever. you should really try muting people, because * you can communicate with smartpings, thats more then enough * you wont see someone blame one you or even people flaming each other (it just distracts you) * you want to know what they write (but well if you dont react to them anyways cuz muted its unlikely they will write much at all) * you wont come in a situation blameing someone else because he blames you (could get you reported) depending afks well what shall i say....if my dog (i dont have one) ran away and i have to catch it or something i would go afk aswell dcs sadly happen and someone who goes intentional afk (cause hes mad/feeds or his team feeds) just report him also depending report, best is if you leave a comment in the report aswell (for example what exactly happened) and if someone you reported gets banned you normally get a small popup sayin something like "thanks to your help someone got punish, ty for improving the community" (thats not the exact text but something like this)^^
: **Update:** Added Rule 6 about champ select trolls and how to deal with them.
also some champ select troll say they troll and pick a troll (not seen often or what ever{{champion:17}} ) champ, but play totally fine.
: Tip list what to do when you have a troll on your team
uhhhh a wise man speaking, better listen to him {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: Ah, so, when you see a murderer, thief, rapist and pedophile on the street, while he's doing his job, you'll be like: "well, I better just tell the police, no way I could belittle them, they deserve respect, no belittlement allowed, bad behavior couldn't be belittled."
if you see someone commiting a crime you should always call the police first, because its their job and they are trained for that stuff and you are not
: _you dont know if you report players the champ select and victory/defeat lobby chats are considered aswell?_ **Not at all!?** (nice try, undercover Rioter, playing this stuff too long) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} _and aswell with that screen you just show that your own behavior isnt good aswell either_ If there was nobody wishing me death, there would be no trouble. Are we seriously discussing MY behavior, after two of them has told me to die? And flamed throughout the entire game?
sure we are discussing your behavior posted it aswell i am not from riot o,O what makes you think this? and why do you think pre and post game chat isnt considered chat is chat, if someone is toxic report him and its fine and depending the flame since the HUD update the mute button doesnt only look nice your also allowed to use it ( your could even before the HUD update). that should solve the prob with flaming people in game {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Yoergen (EUW)
: Sick of being a inconsistent player
Yeah gameplaywise i would agree zo Aozora Eyes, reflecting is important, but you might consider aswell a "healthy" (whatever that means) playtime(or so). like, dont play if your tired (you should get enoug sleep not only depending on lol), dont be hungery, drink enough etc. dont know if sport help but sport is never bad :P and i dont know how your room is but mine gets pretty stuffy ( which makes me atleast tired and less concentrated), so dont forget to ventilate your room from time to time also if you are on a loosing streak take abreak, doesnt have to be 2 weeks but atleast sometime to free your head ( can be a hour or till tomorrow or what ever you decide) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
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