: Leaverbuster Query
I dont think you are telling the full story I have a very stable connection, i only disconnect once a day, when my ISP resets my IP (not my router, it happens at their servers) And when that happens during a game, i get that "trying to reconnect" bar for like 5 seconds and im back into the game. Otherwise i have no problems whatsoever, stable 35ms ping, no disconnects Other than that, something happens to me in like every 50th game or so. Exactly what you described. Some fubar stuff while trying to start a match. Not in that timewindow my IP gets reset tho (i can time that, just keep forgetting sometimes) It must be some hiccup with client/server, since it cant be the connection (ive played 24/7 in other games, i KNOW its only once a day i have the reset) When i then restart the game, im like 1-2 minutes late in lane, say my apologies and i NEVER got leaverbustered. If you know you got connection problems on your side, fix them first and you wont ever have that problem. Afterall its your responsibility to not screw your team over with that.
: this is a lobby chat in silver V ( I am silver V )
the fk? queueing as adc without having a champ? i dont understand people who, even with the new queue system, cant even play more than one role, while you kinda had to have all 5 somehow prepared last season the problem here is that either someone has to dodge to avoid that shit, or play with them to even be able to report them afterwards. Or make them dodge, but those trolls often refuse. if that "brandXY" is the guys name (not selected champ) you might want to edit that out, just to be safe
: what if i got a 2 weeks ban and behaved well for 3 years straight? instant permaban next time?
The time needed might not be a straight 3 months period, ive read something about "if you are fine at the time season rewards get handed out, you are redeemed", from a mod. cant find the topic now.... but yeah, it resets after "some time" of good behavior (or not talking at all, dont need to be a carebear either)
: Been playing since season 1, from bronze player to diamond. But now i am done. This game sucks.
while i agree with 1dmg+5 tank item builds should not be able to delete anyone in split seconds (or the famous full tank Ekko and his base damage atm, sticky as fuck, he will eventually win if you cant reach your base), the tank only champs like Meowkai+Naut and others like them didnt really change that much and you were probably just going in with just flat AD/AP builds without any penetration or protection on yourself and expected to win, while beeing squishy as shit. And tanks still require skill, its just not the same as some flashy assassins. Which 12 year olds would probably better at playing them than me. Just had to face a full AP team as a tank where none of the carries even thought of getting Maw or something like that, the easiest team comp to counter itemize and we lost all of our fights by like 20%, with just some resists we would have been a fraighttrain. Yeah, it delays your 3 item spike pure damage build, but guess what delays a game til you can win? Staying alive, dealing more damage. Its just that everyone gets greedy, regardless of ELO, and wants to be the hero. No teamplay or even simple thoughts in a teamplay game. There have always been some 3-5 op as fuck champs to pick early or ban and only the champs, but never the fact that the whole thing excists, will change. With all the changes, there are alot more champs viable now, as long as their kit has something usefull and their damage doesnt suck from early to late game straight. The fact that teleporting back after beeing killed by ignite gives your opponent an advantage (which it shouldnt if you shove the wave in afterwards) has nothing to do with skill. Ignite uses no mana, deals true damage, is not a skillshot and is always usable if he cant dash out of range and you didnt use it early. So yeah, targeted spell, takes soooo much skill! You might rethink that one. Teleport doesnt give you any advantage in lane, if anything it helps you keep in touch with exp and farm after you lost your lane! Otherwise its a teamplay summoner. If you automaticly wanna win the game after counterpicking your opponent and kill him once and only think about 1vs1, then this game is not for you. If you are so addicted to this game and havent seen any assassin gameplay from S6 that still snowballed, you are spending too much time in game with head->wall and not enough time reasearching For someone so concerned about the meta, knowledgewise you seem to lack a huge part of it And as someone on page 2 already pointed out, you sucked at that those "faceroll" champs like Graves, which doesnt speak for your "skillbased" game you are crying for.
: Can I never get chests or keys again?
Do you know that "Did you know?" on the loading screen? The one that says (roughly) : "Rage less, win more" I think of it that way: _Debating with stupid or flaming LoL players is rather like trying to play chess with a pigeon — it knocks the pieces over, craps on the board, and flies back to its flock to claim victory._ You gain abosultely nothing, its just some pixels that form some words. From a person you dont know. If you dont trust the automated system, just report them yourself, after the game! Dont treat them with reports, just dont say anything! It will create the same topics as yours, all you have to do is come back here, read them and think: _"Oh, I became smarter then them, now THEY get banned and excluded from Hextech and im laughing at them"_ Will feel good. Trust me ;)
: When someone is wishing cancer upon my family that's very hard to do, I would react the same way as I would in real life without the physicality of course xD
> [{quoted}](name=Wayne Pooneyy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=VBaAHBnX,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-06T01:05:14.871+0000) > > When someone is wishing cancer upon my family that's very hard to do, I would react the same way as I would in real life without the physicality of course xD ignore ingame, report after the game. That way THEY will get the bans and you can laugh at them for beeing an internet warrior without a chat or even an account dont let them trigger you, you dont have do defend your family from a random kid that tries to insult you on the internet.
: How can I "prove I've changed my behavior". Is it simply just time based without getting reports, as that will be quite hard to do regarding the amount of trolls, afkers and feeders I seem to get on a regular basis lol.
> [{quoted}](name=Wayne Pooneyy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=VBaAHBnX,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-06T00:27:03.955+0000) > > How can I "prove I've changed my behavior". Is it simply just time based without getting reports, as that will be quite hard to do regarding the amount of trolls, afkers and feeders I seem to get on a regular basis lol. Trolls: report, dont write in chat AFK: report, chatting wont bring them back anyway Feeders: report, dont write in chat Its quite simple. **Dont write in chat unless you have to say something nice.**
: Tribunal (finally) got me
an eloquent essay wont make flaming better, the fact that you are a master student and dont get that flaming is bad, actually makes it worse its just a better written "mimimi my account and my euros" thread
jmmc09 (EUW)
: Any advice when you get a brainless team on ranked?
dont play to win, play to improve that way, if you find something to improve every game, you will not win less (you will win even more), but dont have the "must win" in your head the fact that its your promos or your last 2LP to hit them, shouldnt be a factor for you. for all its worth it could be something that YOU do with the "must win" mentality that tilts your teammates. maybe that wasnt the case today, but it ca happen next time
Praes (EUNE)
: Dear premades
Draft is your friend. As someone who likes to play normals, I dont even understand how someone could spend time in blindpick, unless he doesnt have the level or champs owned (dont know, i have like 20 and lvl 30 for a year) The new 2 roles system in draft pick is awesome for that reason. The blindpick system with calling roles is beyond me If anything, it should be pick order (ive read something from RIOT about that on the old boards, that pick order is the rule, but that was on ranked iirc) The fact that your PC loads the game faster, or that your internet is faster than your teammates´, or that you can type faster, shouldn´t be a factor.
: Riot acting like Superman shoving justice like a D... What is the issue with that?
then you are halfway there if you dont start the "noob" chat war, dont get triggered by others doing it, ignore works, ive recently started muting "MrKnowsitall" and his sister, and i had much more enjoyable games. If you mean by useless, that punishments for toxic players are not harsh enough, then im all with you. If people can write a blame essay thats 2 screens wide in chat, then they could also just say "**PLS**grp" or "**PLS** ward" or "**PLS** be careful, im coming soon" if its not game specific like "/all report my team, no skins! :)" or just fooling around in a funny way ( i get "love letters" by people in my team for my female 2nd account name and i play with it), then you should not talk at all. And people should be punished harder for talking in a not at all heling way too much
: My brother attempted suicide following a suspension in League of Legends.
While its nice of you to try and get his accouts back, i dont think thats the right approach Getting someone his drugs back, after he just wanted to kill himself because his drugs were taken away, sounds abit weird to me. He is gaming addict and its time you both face the truth about it! He will just stay the same until he finally falls off his chair infront of the PC, while having the same miserable live until then. Get him psychiatric help, get him off the PC games and a good wheelchair. Even people in wheelchairs can be happy when outside their house, enjoying life almost as much as people with legs.
: without feedback after reports/punishment, players will keep believing their reports mean nothing
So i get into a bot game on my fool around lvl 15 account, to test a champ i see someone go to Krugs, place a pink, stand behind the wall, auto(?)aggro them, let them run around the wall, reset, rince&repeat, to prevent an inactivity kick farming exp to get to level 30 without doing anything? So this, a bit more detailed, is what i wrote in my ticket i also asked for the outcome (if they tell the last/first person who reported such players, to me its totally reasonable to ask) If that not an instaban i dont know what is (afterall, it was only a lvl 10 account anyway, pretty much nothing would have been lost for that A**hole) I didnt get an answer. I have seen some pretty huge pile of bull**** already, toxic stuff, people who play on a wooden PC without their arms, when you think this cant be fun for them, maybe 8 year old kids(?) I can live with all that, ive seen it in other games, im used to it. But stuff like this is whats tilting me, thinking about if its worth occasionally looking at the game to kill some free time. And since i got no response, i reduced my LoL time for quite a lot lately.
: Riot acting like Superman shoving justice like a D... What is the issue with that?
> [{quoted}](name=Batman or Joker,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=8Q9L3v0e,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-02T21:32:26.581+0000) > > I deserve to be punished for what I wrote and** they also deserved what I wrote to them.** I do not regret for what I did or wrote. there is the problem who are you to decide that they deserved what you wrote? just dont talk at all be a role model for helping strugglers out and compliment good plays, IF you can identify them Its not like your the playmaking god yourself, if you keep in the same rank for a long time I know im just the same, so i keep my mouth shut. Even tho i THINK i deserve more, i first have to prove it. Since your answer shows you just dont care (who would have guessed with multiple accounts), because you think you are an adult and dont need to change, the system is perfectly fine. But because raging at a random stranger over a PC game is pretty childish, there is hope for you tho?
Azure9861 (EUW)
: You want the enemies to report someone?
Step 1: Ignore "Talon" Step 2: Focus on your gameplay, before chatting (extends to "dont come to forums and tell people what to do") Step 3: Report "Talon" after the game (help support with writing down what hapened) 1 report or 9, wont make a difference for a single game
Cypherous (EUW)
: " Total experience required to reach summoner level 30 reduced by half"
if by lvl 22 (thats what it really is) noobs you mean bronze material, you should climb out of bronze then, or you deserve to play with them?
Fransiee (EUW)
: Buying Lulu?
I just played my first ever ranked game as a support Lulu (didnt even want to, friend kept begging) and it went great. Get some training games first tho! She was my first 6000+IP champ about half a year back (you can tell i dont play much, still rank 4 mastery) and i dont regret buying her The cost is a risk, if you dont like the playstyle you´ll regret spending so much One thing i can say from normals is, that due to her high IP cost i havent seen her banned/picked away from me ever. She can be annoying, one of the best escape champs, shield/speedup for anyone who needs it good followup CC with ult knockup and huge shield for the frontline, the slow from Q is nice, can be far away from you when you have Pix on someone else (needs training and getting used to, angles) Also the W is versatile, as when noone on your team needs the speedup, its a hardCC With Bandit mastery, {{item:3303}} und Q you´ll be rich, there isnt a supp champ that has it easier to poke and proc the item, even if you are losing lane hard and are constantly pushed you´ll get some money This and her utility helps you often not so good ADC survive or even comeback and play offensive I havent "carried" with her as in "did tons of damage", but a well played support can help your team so much, just like tanks can, my approach to this: "if you can annoy the enemy for long enough, your team, as bad as it might be, might be able to win the fights and game I havent played her much mid, only in the old matchmaker and i wasnt sure if i should go top/mid as someone who doesnt play much, but one thing is almost certain: **you will survive the laning phase!** And in lower ELO that should be enough to win more games than lose. And even if her damage with more offensive items still isnt something to write home about, compared to burst or sustain damage mages, you will always have the utility to fall back to. Also the waveclear can be a huge factor. If you want another role, i´d go mid, as there is a chance you will get a toplane tank or jungler to support in teamfights. If you have both of them tanky and the ADC is behind, you might not have the combined damage tho. If you like the utility playstyle, its worth the cost imho.
: i never speak normal ranked games , sometimes have trolls and i very mad i dropped silver 5 to bronze 2 for yasuo junglers , 0 team work teemo mid-top laners etc , i write 20-30min only this chat log , need full chat log you will agree with me :) oke i go battlefield 4 and unistall lol really stress me :) bb
> [{quoted}](name=Noob Open Beta,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BgA2EXyw,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-03-08T06:05:30.939+0000) > > i never speak normal ranked games , sometimes have trolls and i very mad i dropped silver 5 to bronze 2 for yasuo junglers , 0 team work teemo mid-top laners etc , i write 20-30min only this chat log , need full chat log you will agree with me :) oke i go battlefield 4 and unistall lol really stress me :) bb OMG your precious ELO! Want a hug? Lost 100% due to trollpicks to drop that low? Haha. Doesnt work that way Or do you mean the new placements? expected to see same Division as last season? Even i, at WoodV, know thats not the way it works. Improve your reading skills, go to school. Besides... Thats like the same excuses everyone before you used as well, and all of them were well deserved If thats a 20-30min game, thats a line every minute! How can you play lane and comment on other lanes? And when did it ever help anyone being annoyed by someone else? And that doesnt even take into account the first 2-5 minutes where nothing should happen, or at least a firstblood doesnt end a game and deserves a comment from another lane. Yes, you are annoying and im actually upvoting this because of the uninstall&BF4 part, you wont be missed
: i unistall LOL for this .. thank you robotic punishing system riot
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} System is working, nothing to see here, move along! Much deserved i would say You might not even be that offensive (well "braindead" is ihmo) and you might not even have started it But if you havent started it, dont flame back From what i can see you are at least report worthy for beeing negative, or just annoying. Constant nagging.... Focus on your game, the time it took you to write that was time wasted on the rift If you think you play with far worse players, you have to play for them, as does everyone else who thinks is sooooo good! Calling them names never helped anyone.
Sinarie (EUNE)
: Secondary role: support = ALWAYS support
The problems are the name plates on the roles The names **Primary **and **Secondary** are lies As it works right now, it should say **"pick a role"** and **"pick another role"** plus _"whatever gets you into a game first will be choosen"_ The primary/secondary thing needs a rework, especially for support role It shouldn´t _force_ you to play it, while you are actually are saying _"i wouldnt mind it from time to time"_ They should look at your roles and say "ok, this guy has supp as secondary, we´ll give him some of that, but stick to his main role Because everyone but the part time supp players are treated that way Now people who enjoy support from time to time, are going away from that completely by "cheesing the system" and pick another secondary role, the one with the least likely possibility to get it. Afterall, if they accept a longer queue time for a higly demanded role, they wont mind if it gets longer by not picking support. That way there will be even less support players i queue. Flawing the system even more.
: Suspended thanks to Premades
If you come here only to find a valve for your anger and refuse to listen, it tells all we need to know. If 10/10 people tell you its your fault to bite back the dogs that barked at you. And if thats not what you wanna hear and come back with the same arguments. Then You will most likely need another account soon. Learn from it. Shrug it off. Or play premades yourself. The only other option would be single player games. Dont know if thats more for your well being or ours.
D1nzu (EUW)
: For the first time I told my team I was PROUD of them
Disclaimer: by "full retard" i dont want to insult anyone, i just had **"Tropic Thunder"** in mind ;) Im only playing normals, but i think there are even more tryhards&failhards than in yoloq After 2 aweful days of 3/4 losses (mainly blaming "lag" and disconnects/tiltquits, in like 2/3 games), i get a team that communicates! Horray! Laning goes ok, we are even over the map. {{champion:51}} says she has to go... WTF? NOT AGAIN!!! But it sounded as if she would come back, maybe PC/Router whatever restart, cos it took her like 10 minutes or so. Midlaner asks if he is afk (didn´t notice the chat i guess) and i said he will come back (i was hoping at least, didnt wanna tilt the team) and we should stall. Somehow the enemy noticed we were only 4 and went full retard on us, feeding our Ryze when i jumped in with {{champion:201}} and caught them all. MUAHAHAHA They kept pushing but it took em so long that we still had our base and 2 towers outside when {{champion:51}} comes back and **everyone** goes "HORRAY", **not a single bad word!!** After the _"sorry"_ and _"it´s ok" _ and stuff we tell her to get farm, or at least get levels. That we have them under control for now While the stalling goes on, they take our base, 2 Inhibs, both nexus towers, but go full retard again at the nexus, after a defense was communicated (Cait had died abit here and there, but not stupid, just unlucky when she was trying to help def the base towers) They get 2 barons, 6 dragons, 4 or 5 inhibs over the game (we managed to sneak in one at ~45min) and run at our base again. We pused them out, killing 3 or 4 each time, but minions still were overrunning us. Somehow the hard defense made their Naut support tilt & quit and after we got a baron ourselfs, pushed out waves when inhibs respawned etc, we finally "aced" them and finished at 1:01:40..... What a game. I wouldnt want that every day, but for the daily bonus IP (finally!) it was a huge boost And even with a mid game afker: noone tilted, noone flamed, noone was toxic **We just discussed what to do and everyone agreed on it. ** I have to admit, this might not have been possible with a lategame Naut still playing, but the point is not if we deserved it or not, cos of an afker on the the other side. My point is, we fought hard and stood our ground together! I know very well that a late teamfight won wins you the game, no matter what happened before. But if you cant close early enough, you dont deserve it either. Thanks for the experience guys! Play more tanks and, especially in normals or lower elo you can win almost every fight when the tryhards go full retard on you. {{item:3075}} MUAHAHA yeah i know, something Braum almost never goes, but i had the money to switch out alot after the long game and went in as the initiator at the end. Tanks are fun, because you win more. And winning is more fun than losing. DOnt play for your epeen, play for the team and the win!
: "I love League of Legends but I hate playing it" [some rioter please read ty]
Im old, really. For playing LoL? definatly. For playing games, maybe not the oldest but at least way above average. Im playing online since 1999, played a MMO where you HAD TO work together. And they did. Not something like WoW (even the old one 2005 was soloable most of the time) Played WoW for 7 or 8 years, it was nice, at least on PvE servers. We had a TS for PvP games where both factions joined and had a laugh over a single battleground lasting for 4-6 hours (only oldschool WoWers will understand, i wont go into detail) The friends i made while raiding PvE content are still friends i often see, even after giving up WoW 3 years ago Then i found WoTanks. Was OK for at least 2 years. Then the ingame visible player ratings (made by players, calculated on external servers) came and it went downhill. Really toxic. People are constantly called "N-word", "J-word", "useless siemka" (everyone hates poles there) etc... and then a friend from WoT said he is playing LoL i tried once (mid season 3 i think), died in the jungle in what i think was a tutorial bot game, cant remember. Deinstalled after, didnt even ask him for help :D then i somehow discovered Esports late 2014. I thought: WOW, what a great tactical game that is. Little did i know that as soon as i installed and played my first games, i regretted it again. This got to be the worst gaming community ever. (i have no clue about shooters, like CS or so. totally not my thing) The amount of toxicity is breathtaking. I have to admit i rage alot, but in 99% im just raging behind the screen, and if i ever say something bad in chat its more like a "please.. are you serious guys? and even thats mostly a reaction of whats already going on in chat. I love the game, but i hate to play it. Even after half a year, i still have watched more Esport games than played myself. usually takes a week til i need a break for a month again.
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Ekuks (EUNE)
: My two cents about "elo-hell"
to be fair, that sound more like a network issue than anything or did you have that "nice communication" with the ADC only But, i thought i´d never surrender, but this one is quite logic to give up. Even for someone like me, this would be indeed a waste of time. they meanwhile might have had a trio on the couch tho, for all i know :D What i dont get and what i never saw in normals until now are trolls and intentional feeders. All the Herpicus McDerpingtons i met were just bad players. I NEVER saw anyone saying "jungle or feed" or "fck you all, im in a bad mood so i play soraka Top" Must be a special kind of human that doesnt even give a sh.t about their ratings to do that in ranked when you dont see it in normals where it wouldnt hurt them (a possible ban is still only a ban, but doing it in ranked loses you something you dont get in normals) I still dont get it.... Mommy forgot the Ritalin?
Ekuks (EUNE)
: My two cents about "elo-hell"
Im not even trying to defend you Its a problem i have with threads like these in general Ok, if you are in the middle of the ELO pack already, lets say G3 (or whatever floats your goat), you have people around you, that should have about the same idea about the game as you do. Or not, cos there seems to an ELO-hell in every ELO.... Its people like i described above that worry me. ( and i wonder how they got out of bronze, since you seem to meet them there) Should i even try? There should be an Unranked rank you cant leave until you have atleast 10 S-class games on at least 10 different champions I would t be there yet, but id happily try hard to get them done, if that means i could only meet people that did the same. Reaching level 30 and buy some champs is easy. But if you only herpaderp around without interest of winning, why bother enter a ranked system? I gotta look closer at my friends game, i dont even know if you get more IP there. I couldnt think of anything that would get me in there, if i get executed in jungle at least once every game.
: You only solo carried like 3 or 5 in your last 15 games. That also means you solo lost your 10 games. You success rate with solo carry man method is 33% or less. Kill participation shows how much you have been involved in team fights. I'm not telling you to have 100%, but under 50% is bad. 50 to 60% is good. 60%+ is carrying games Under 50% is getting carried. Sole exception: when you are a split pusher. It takes ~30 seconds to run from base to mid lane. Minions get to late at 2 minutes mark. Assuming your mid laner gives first blood before 2 minutes. For the enemy mid laner go go 10/0, it takes cca. 6-7 minutes. Max CS for that minute is 60-70 for a laner (top, mid, adc). I think if you hit 40 by then its fine. And at this point YOU USE YOUR WARD TRINKET THAT YOU LOVE TO KEEP IN YOUR INVENTORY. ITS FREE, IT DOESN'T COST GOLD, LEAVE LANE FOR 5 SECONDS, PUT IT ON THE RIVER AND COME BACK, chances are you will miss the CS that dies in those 5 seconds anyway so better stay alive. Now when you see the feed enemy coming. You just leave your tower, stay away fro 10 seconds -> enemy goes back being sad. Your teammate has a bit of time farming back up. You relieved the pressure on the map as you saw the enemy coming your lane and not the other one. Now you can go back to your own farm and enemy. I could show you just how large the difference between us is. Albeit its larger from s4 to p4, but there's also a big difference between s4 and g5. And until you accept that you have so much to improve, you will have a very difficult time climbing and rely mostly on your team mates. Edit: just so you see a difference. The average farm per minute in g5, regardless of win or loss, is between 4 to 5 minions. Your average farm is between 3 and 4 per minute. Rarely you go over 4, it happens but rare. Then again, you don;t play solo laners that much.
> [{quoted}](name=Serika Zero,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Bd9BkGnt,comment-id=0005000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2015-07-20T23:15:53.587+0000) > > You only solo carried like 3 or 5 in your last 15 games. > That also means you solo lost your 10 games. You success rate with solo carry man method is 33% or less. why do you have to solo carry? I think this is the biggest problem of these threads? Why isnt it enough to do **OK** in 80% of your battles? Yes, you WILL fuck up some of them, but thats where you learn. Dont ask someone who is learning to play like someone who plays 100 battles a week. Everyone keeps saying that this is a 1vs9 game. Why cant it be at least a 4vs6? Im not even there, like i said, but from what i read and saw from some friends, there are people in bronze that fail at the 10 mines at Minesweeper. Yes, my arguemnts are not that valid at unranked, but how can you get to lvl 28 and have absolutely no clue about anything? I know chances are the same for both teams to get them, but sometimes it feels like your team get 3 and enemy 0-1. There must be some ELO number that distributes them equally to both teams. Id rather play a 3vs3 on the Rift without reporting the zombies for standning in base all game, than have them so randomly thrown at teams. You gotta be lucky not to have to carry, just get 4 normaly people You cant ask someone who knows alot abut the game but is still starting, to carry like someone who is Dia already. Ekuks is not asking to be placed in Plat cos he read about the game or something Not everyone that says **ELO Hell!!111eleven** is a bad player. They may just not be good enough to carry enough windowlickers that shouldnt be allowed to start a PC at the first place
Ekuks (EUNE)
: My two cents about "elo-hell"
I think the biggest problems with these thread is, that on anyone of them, there is someone posting a "get better or you deserve ELO XY" most of these are higher ranked. Now take someone whos skill is good for mid silver, maybe low gold. You want to improve, you wanna learn, but you are no plat/dia material for quite some time. In order to single handedly carry 3/5 games, you need a skill of dia/plat, you need ALOT of games if you are not very talented But you understand the game, the mechanics, think about what was said in the first post here. Your team doesnt. Im not even close to 30, and i wont start ranked soon (if ever) But i know that someone that says ADC and instalocks Talon, and deals less damage than a Sona in a 50 minute game is dragging you down. He completed 3 items in 50 minutes, probably because the recommented paragraph 3 was hidden from him.... I couldnt do more in that one, with only Mundo Q-spam/BamiCinder/Thornmail(i had to), no other dmg items, i did even more damage than the okish mid Ekko And i had quite some games like these today, its the worst but just an example, with only one more player to deal damage we might have won, took them long enough to beat us quite literally 4vs5. Oh, i just remembered. a Rammus that went bot first, then watched me die from behind the turret mid. Lvl 25. He killed 10 creeps all game and just ran into the enemy when i had to retreat. Took me 7 hours to win my first PvP match after i trained a new champ in AI and had to go back to my favourite Udyr to do so. And i didn´t even carry that game. I just did what was needed and the rest of the team was decent enough as well. ** I was lucky with the team. Yes, its only matchmaking luck for us lowbobs!** ___________ I know i wont start ranked in a VERY long time, just because of the (silent) rage it creates when you see people close to lvl 30 that dont even understand what CS is. They will buy champs with RP from their daddys bank account, rather than farm some IP and get better while doing so. Im nowhere near the mechanics and champ knowledge of someone who could carry 4 overextending morons, that think this is StreetfighterXVII I play a pretty good tank/utility top/jungle, im good at Janna, getting better at some other caster supports and i wanna get the tanks too, the ones i want are just too expensive at the moment But i cant play bursty carry types who could carry or help their theam cos im winning lane often. Because i dont. Its pretty even, and that should do for the momement. TLDR Yes, if you are VERY good, you might have skipped bronze in 2 weeks, but if you are silver/gold material you wont carry people that shouldnt even be in ranked
: That's the problem in all divisions except high diamond, master and challenger. Its like people don't understand that if you destroyed their inhibitor they will respawn with full health and come to %%%% you.
> [{quoted}](name=De4dsh0t,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ETtNx8sY,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-05-16T02:35:09.065+0000) > > That's the problem in all divisions except high diamond, master and challenger. Its like people don't understand that if you destroyed their inhibitor they will respawn with full health and come to %%%% you. please tell me you lied! i was hoping for an earlier growth in brain cells than dia thought that only forward mentality would end somehwere around high gold sigh MUST.DUEL.2LVL.ABOVE.ME.COS.KILL>ALL
: kk means just kanker, not kanker kid. offensive as hell nonetheless, i hope you get a chat restriction.
> [{quoted}](name=Thug Life Stalin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fAUiVG7T,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-05-15T22:54:17.285+0000) > > kk means just kanker, not kanker kid. offensive as hell nonetheless, i hope you get a chat restriction. is kanker a word? didnt know that. its an international server, am i supposed to know if kanker is a word in a language other than english? for the absurdity factor: WoWs german client had the word Giraffe in its swear filter, cos it has AFFE in it, which means MONKEY in german. So you couldnt ask anyone with swear filter on, where the "Large Barrens Giraffe" can be found Edit: i just googled it. didnt know i gotta learn the complete urban dictionary, to know that kanker could mean cancer (which reading that into KK is still absurd) its also a district in india And a german word for a harvestman (some spider) Didnt know that, even tho my first language is german
Feiro (EUNE)
: Reduced LP loss for the teammates, when a player AFK
im not even there yet, but i know ELO systems from other games I´d have no problem with AFKers getting punished, even if its not completely their fault Yes, the client AND the server could be better, and there is much to fix from RIOTs side But think of it the other way round: You enjoy chess (or pingpong, or tennis, whatever). You signed up for a team-tournament with your team. The day before you go out and get smashed like the world would end tomorrow or your first girlfriend left you. You still insist on playing for your team, with a hangover Leslie Chow would be proud of. They hate you. If you know you have internet problems or a PC that cant run the client, why insist on queueing up for a ranked game? I sometimes (like every 20th game or so) have graphic bugs, half the screen looks like an 8bit game. Im fortunate enough to be able to reconnect after a client restart in under a minute, still i say my apologies in normal games. Every 8 hours my router is connected to a device, and therefore requestig an IP, my IP gets reset by my ISP. If that happpens during a game, the client goes tilt. Reconnect or restarting router wont help, fastest way for me is to restart the PC (i think the client is still running somewhere hidden in the tasks and tries the old route) Most of the time i make sure that doesn´t happen by restarting the router before playing (if it was connected before by the PC or a WLAN device, not knowing when the last reset was) Might need some adjustement for punishment, maybe not the first 2 games/month, but if you insist of playing with both arms bound to your back (technically speaking), you are making the game a bad experience for 4 other guys. Everything beyond lets say 5 crashes a month would be a bad excuse, blaming RITO, the outcry would be far louder if it happens THAT often because of a bad client. And if you inist on playing on a steam powered PC over a 54k modem, if you KNOW you will disconnect that often, you deserve to start all over again in Bronze because you INTENTIONALLY screwed your team over. So please leave the "omg i get punished for one game" excuses for your teacher that buys your "the dog ate my homework"
: Riot please, do something with champ select
Yesterday i started an almost similar topic, but about normal draft. It was about dodging trolls or 3 people that want to go to the same lane and not give up their plan and instalock I too think receiving a 15min queue lock for dodging those toxic people is unfair, cos they are not punished at all. BUT I came to the conclusion, best way to punish them is to just pick what you like and play the game, then either make the best of it (sometimes it works) or just farm like crazy and wait for them to surrender The only punishment for them is losing games They might blame everyone else, but as long as you do nothing obvious to help the enemy you wont get reports I see it as a champ training room, i dont takes losses too serious, and if my team starts winning regardless, why not... Draft pick is even better, there is no tripple mid lane instalock at 5 seconds into pick If they cant ask politely its pick order. if they dont adapt, its their loss and you might get them to dodge. or lose the game by trolling. Experience shows that they try their best not to look like an asshole. or its a very fast surrendered game Accept the reality, i did Otherwise this toxic community would make me deinstall, and i wont give the trolls a win over me After a few day where i was thinking this game trolls me by getting trolls or leavers only, i tried harder Yesterday i was 8/3, and 2 of the 3 losses were with leavers. Enemy gets trolls too{{champion:48}}
Snowfox (EUW)
: In blind pick, you go by call order. You don't call it, you don't get it. Just play any champ anywhere, you have nothing to lose if your team feeds as you are not playing ranked.
> [{quoted}](name=Aqatix,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Xv2zEwlT,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-05-14T16:25:43.610+0000) > > In blind pick, you go by call order. You don't call it, you don't get it. Just play any champ anywhere, you have nothing to lose if your team feeds as you are not playing ranked. i lose my free time where i like to enjoy a game or two. even in unranked you could ask for some reasonable behaviour. Im not asking for the perfect team comp with meta champs, you can get "outpicked" anyway, since you dont see their picks But sometimes you gotta ask where the human race went wrong... Does it get better in ranked? from what ive seen i doubt it
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Shiwah,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Xv2zEwlT,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-05-14T16:10:11.208+0000) > > You got punished for dodging. Also, what's wrong with non-meta comps? i know what dodging is i know, in the system as it is, i get punished for dodging the question was: is dodging idiots, flamers and trolls worth punishing with inceasing queue times when queues are like 30 seconds in normal blind pick? those toxic idiots get their next match in 30 seconds, for dodging them you have to wait... Hows that fair?
Snowfox (EUW)
: at level 20, you can play whatever, where-ever and hard carry.
> [{quoted}](name=Aqatix,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Xv2zEwlT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-05-14T14:31:26.351+0000) > > at level 20, you can play whatever, where-ever and hard carry. Well, now that im on the 15 min queue i can tell you that i knew that already Ive seen an awesome fiddle support crushing us in the game i had in between my first post and this. I didnt mind the lose, it was fun to watch I have nothing against "off-meta" cos a champ played good can always be good for the team the pick phase i received my now 15min lock for was like this: A: top B: top C: top SOLO (instalocks) me: guys? A+B: (locking champs) A: im top with B!!! me: guys, are you serious? faster typing is not what you get lane for! C: (not raging at A+B, but me) _shut the XXX up, you gay XXXX, i XXXX you and your sister you XXXX unworthy unhuman_ i rather enjoy my **undeserved** 15 min ban for not picking into that team......
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