: If Riot wasn't that greedy they would just give out permanent chat suspension instead of completely restricting your acc just because you used a %%%%ing chat box. Also if you still got your main acc with all your skins, rank etc. Why should you make a new one to continue flaming? I think most people would just accept the fate.
Btw. I got my first ever account archived with a 100€ charge back ban so I can get it back for some memories at some point in the future ;)
RosminiH (EUW)
: Second chances
If Riot wasn't that greedy they would just give out permanent chat suspension instead of completely restricting your acc just because you used a %%%%ing chat box. Also if you still got your main acc with all your skins, rank etc. Why should you make a new one to continue flaming? I think most people would just accept the fate.
: Despite the not so serious post, the remake system should serioursly be updated, players shouldnt lose lp for afks if its before a certain time ( the time limit would make it not abuse-able by higher elo players )
(Ofc this is a brainwashed Riot forum with basically only social justice warriors defending daddy Rito) And I agree that the system is trash, but the possibility that this happens on either team is basically equal. If this happens to you multiple times it's just bad luck. Also for those situations just get an Afk bot. No ban, leaverbuster or whatsoever and you can do something more useful. I mean Riot has to focus more on the Cristian chat than the actual game.
: The word is **zero**-tolerance, which means ABSOLUTELY no tolerance to it. Doesn't matter what the context is, but the word is not permitted.
Thank you so much that you mentioned this! OMG it took an Internet Explorer user to explain that it is a "zero tolerance" word.
KokOnBush (EUW)
: Apart from the fact that riot likes to take things out of context so you can't defend yourself in any way or shape, you have posted this on a (as you mentioned already) brainwwashed forum where little snowflakes come together to passive-agressive attack you. They ofcourse, know the rules and know how to get under your skin without being considered 'toxic'. Now, here comes the real fun part yeah? Keep in mind this game is about KILLING OTHERS. I noticed my toplaner was about to die and couldn't escape, so what did I say as I was heading towards top (still trying to save him, because you never know)? I typed (and I usually type with one hand so I can keep my hand on the mouse in case I need to react on something) '%%%' with one hand, refering to 'kill yourself' -> 'kill yourself to the turret, so they won't get any benefits from it'. Right after I carried the game, I went into another ranked match (we came to the draft) only to be banned because I said '%%%'. Had I been toxic before? Yes. No doubt about it, but I tried being less toxic, use less chat and I was doing a great job at it. Only to be banned after I said '%%%' as a reference to 'execute yourself'. So what do I do know? I play the game, have my chat muted and report everyone after the game. Whether I win or lose, I report everyone, someone must've said something wrong at some point, right? So I contribute to killing this game even faster than it's already going :). I am not entirely sure how old you are, but do you remember the good old days where 'flaming' was part of playing video games? Talking shit while trying to win, only to end up with the guy you talked shit to the previous game? And to be cool with each other and say 'well played last round bro' and try to nail this round together? I do... and let me tell you, this game tried being 'non-toxic', but failed in every way. If you type in google search 'why is league', the first you get popped up (as most searched) is 'why is league cancer'. That does say something about the %%%%ing garbage community it has, doesn't it?
Eyyy finally a person that response in a way I was looking for not this other always repeating bs. Actually I only play league since S6 so I haven't experienced the prime days. Personally I don't see any reason why you should make a fuss about any word basically. If I use the "N word" to refer to let's say my friends who cares? But if I use it in a racist way I get why you get punished in league for example and that it's not ok. But ofc P*ssy Riot and I'm not talking about the one that has actual balls, tries to make league a sparkling kid friendly place. Also in let's say for example primary school I always got though that if someone tells you something and you just mindlessly execute it than it's fully on you. If any person actually kills them self after hearing a random "K Y S" in a competitive online game than they clearly have huge mental problems and should rather be in therapy than some online games. I mean I don't report anyone that is toxic but still tries to win the game or actually carried it, it's basically only a tool to use to punished someone that does ruin the game but won't get punished for it. Also as you do, everyone is free to completely disabled chat now so if someone has mental problems or hate toxicity than they don't even need to encounter it during the game. So I see no reason to 14 day ban for in my situation 3 random "K Y S" in chat. Also if they slightly tried to squeeze every drop of money out of league, they should just give out permanent chat bans instead of perma bans if all you did wrong was flame in chat multiple times.
Cypherous (EUW)
: This ban doesn't seem like it was lacking context, you spammed a zero tolerance phrase 3 times in a row, so yeah enjoy your ban And remember that your next punishment is a permaban regardless of what its for, so no report calling or feeding or being abusive in any way as you'll find yourself minus an account
Luckily I don't spent 1000$ on one acc so I honestly don't even care that much, I just think it's stupid to give me an immediate 14 day ban for using a word out of context when this acc was clean before.
Endellion (EUW)
: All I have to say about that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQeezCdF4mk
I don't care about getting banned just that I got a 14 day ban for saying that little xD I have enough accs to play on and I have so many games were I was way more toxic but didn't end up getting any punishment
: > I mean I accept that I would get an immidiate 14 day ban if I actually attack someone personally and be racist like if I say for example "Tristana go %%% I hope your entire family will burn in Auschwitz you %%%%ing Jewish failed abortion" but not if I just write "%%%" directed to nobody and basically nothing else. OP claims that he just wrote it for no reason and it wasn't directed to anybody...
Yeah I know nice that Riot only includes one site of the chat and not the whole thing to make it more fair for everyone ;) But I can grantee I just wrote it in a matter that wasn't directed to anyone since I was tilted at the entire game not a single person.
GLurch (EUW)
: "Zero tolerance words" in League of Legends refer to words that *can* (doesn't have to be the case) get you the harshest possible punishment for a first offense in toxicity, which is a 14 days ban. Death threats, along with homophobic slurs, racist slurs and so on belong to that category. On the other hand, if you're just being "normal toxic", as in, you call others idiots, noobs and so on, question their mental health, shout at them to stop feeding and all that kind of stuff, you'll start off with a 10 Games Chat Restriction. If you continue this behavior, you get a 25 Games Chat Restriction and only after that do you get the 14 day ban, which writing these "zero tolerance words" can get you as the very first punishment already. For clarification, after a 14 day ban comes a permanent ban, although the next offense doesn't necessarily have to be that, if you prove yourself to be reformed over enough games, it's possible you'll start at a 10 Games Chat Restriction again.
I mean I just think it's dumb in general to give an immediate 14 day ban for a word while trolling, inting etc., if not done too often, will basically be unpunished. You are not a Riot employee (Or are you? I don't even know) but you exactly talk like one, instead of focusing on me saying that I don't think it's fair because it wasn't directed to anyone you just explain the same stuff that we already know all over again. Just as when my friend got a 14 day ban for using the word after everyone left in post and Riot completely ignored the fact that it was not targeted and when everyone already left.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: 0 tolerance words are an instant 14 day ban How tf can the K word be taken out of context??
I just use it a lot in private chats so I'm used to use it ironically a lot. This was just me tilting at the entire game, not one person. But ofc hard to believe with Riot only showing one site of the conversation.
: > I mean I accept that I would get an immidiate 14 day ban if I actually attack someone personally and be racist {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} How dumb you think we are? You typed that to someone, so you attacked that person. Just because you don't say for who is that doesn't mean that we don't get it. Since you agree that attacking someone is not allowed the conversation is over.
Belive it or not (ofc hard with Riot only showing one site of the chat) it really just was me tilting in general and not attacking a certain person. I'm just used to use the word in private chats a lot so I don't even think it's "that offensive" if I don't even target it to someone.
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