Snowbrand (EUW)
: But he is playing against ppl in his own mmr right? Most high gold would place high silver, so games shouldn't be much eaiser anyway? To answer the question. I was silver 2 and got placed in bronze 3 at first and then bronze 1 after 7/10 placements. So its probably pretty normal?
Im playing against people who were Silver and Unraked last season, this is the weird thing. They are pretty much complainning because I´m platinum and with reason... In the other hand, from Silver 2 to Bronze 3 is one tier after all. I was moved back 2 tiers!
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rocketownzy (EUNE)
: Ranked Smurf
Hey there, I finished last season with 55% win rate Platinum 5 division. I won 8/10 placements this season and I finished Silver II... initially they sent me to Bronze I!! I don´t know what is going on but beginning every single season from Silver II is not good. :)
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