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: Making a mature team for next season (silver/gold) (Last Spot Top Lane)
. age: 24 . main roles: support and top . champion pool: regarding top lane champs mostly tank/utility champs . what times you can play: monday to thursday always at night. rest of the week also available (with previous notice)
Ill (EUW)
: [Silver - Platinum] LF Teammates For A Ranked Team (18+)
I might be interested Plat V main support Ill add you so we can talk better
Śun (EUW)
: looking for duoq supp or adc [gold III + ]
Gold 2 main supp here If interested add me and let's get that plat border
: Bronze Team looking for a Support
Plat 5 here, main supp since season 2 If you are interested add me in game
Jota604 (EUW)
: Plat Support LFT Any rank
{{champion:83}} B U M P {{champion:83}}
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KryptoGG (EUW)
: Looking for 4 players to play together as a team..
Added you, main support but I can play top as well if needed
: Looking for sub-suppport (Plat team)
I can do a try-out if you want, will be online for the next hours, you can add me
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