: Are smurfs getting punished?
He will climb dw, you will not play against him a lot :)
: Can't open MSI 2019 Orbs ?
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: ADC's too weak this season
I agree with that; I climbed to diamond again in like 60matches from plat 4 (Started playing like 1-2 weeks after reset). And as a ADC Main, in plat i still got pretty decent scores as adc i could carry games and stuff like that, now that im in diamond i cant see the light again, im tired of gettin assasinated by 1 skill, im not not sayin that some champs are like omg1skill kill so op bla bla, its frustating, cant do a shit, i feel weak in comparision to other lanes, if we manage to get a 2/0/1 or 2/1/0 in min 15-20 with 130-140+ farm wich is pretty decent from most of the games u felt like u need to farm more or die trying because u have 1-2 items, and as it said its still slow because u cannot do anything against a tank with 2,5khp and 120+ armor. Probably im a bit tilted and mad, but its because they destroyed my role, i cannot play it comfy anymore, unless you got feed as hell and melt enemies u are walking rabbit, it has no sense in buff adc and then buffs assasins and mages to destroy even more, where is the balance in that?. In Diamond out of the 6 bans 4-5 are assasins or mages, wtf, seriously.{{item:3070}}
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: Tryhard Does not exist, Not in Ranked, Not in Normal... It just doesnt exist.
U treat the term "tryhard" like something negative... I don't specially use it in that way, i think "tryharding" it's play serious, looking the map, using the brain to maximize the chances of a good combo or win (comps, time the summoners spells, cd and so on....). So when i play normals i don't usually take it seriously, i mean, i play for fun, trying to do some plays, do some crazy builds, try something new, i don't want to lose but you know, its a normal match, so just try to have fun.. But when i play rankeds we talk about a different gampleay style, so i actually "tryhard" on a ranked mode, (freeze lane, bully the weak on their team, time the summoners, look at other lanes and minimap to gather info, etc. etc...) I do things to win the match, without being unsportmanlike... {{summoner:30}}


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