ExpStealer (EUNE)
: It's the game, definetly. I had no problems until today - in one of the games my FPS dropped down to around 10 for no apparent reason. Luckily it lasted only a few moments and then went back to normal. Maybe it just doesn't happen to everyone; it could very well be a glitch in the system, like the one that caused replays to crash when certain abilities were used or the one where the sound in recordings was... Well, gone. Besides, you still keep your FPS way over 60, why would you even care? I mean, the game runs smoothly enough anyway.
Well I care since I play on a 144hz monitor, and every time the fps drops below 144fps I can notice the lag. And I paid for an expensive computer to get the performance :D I think you're right too, by the looks of it, it seems to be something related to the game.
: or as it is a Ryzen system flash and update your BIOS *edit* i hope you didn't buy 3600Mhz RAM and didn't set it to 3600Mhz in BIOS settings as its set to 2133Mhz from the box
rèV (EUW)
: 1. Problems in other games? 2. What PSU? 3. Win 10 or Win 7 ? 5. If Win 10, is the XBox Game Bar turned off? (https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/8637-turn-off-game-bar-windows-10-a.html) 6. If Win 10, tried enabling/disabling Gaming Mode? 7. Checked temperatures already? If not, try HWINFO64 or Speedfan to check. 8. Are the GPU or CPU throttling in any way? Might wanna check Ingame with MSI Afterburner. 9. If you manually overclocked, you might want to try default Bios settings.
1. No problems in other games 2. EVGA Supernova G2 750W 3. Win 10 4. Yes the Xbox app is completely removed 5. It is disabled 6. Yeah, for the CPU, around 40 degrees idle , 56 in game 7. Haven't checked 8. Haven't overclocked
Noezholio (EUW)
: "only uses 2 cores of the cpu" yeah somehow this sentence alone gives me the feelign there are quite a lot of possible issues that could actually be the problem. Now league isn't really that wellw ritten but as you said it works for your friend, enough power will usually do so the possibility of it being a specific issue with your system is certainly given. That makes it even harder to corner the problem as we don't know anything besides the base specs and we can't, and definetly shouldn't be able to, look into your software. So you'd probably have some research to do here. Not only messing with different settings in league, drivers, the configuration of your system, the utilities of your system and so on. Or just pick your known setting swith the highest fps and roll with it. as long as it doesn't drop below 60 or below 60 and above 24 has a drop of more than 20% you shouldn't really notice any difference so its mostly playable.
Yeah, I am not very good at technical pc things so I am still unsure what to research exactly. When in game league only uses 8% of my CPU and 10% of my GPU...
: Play in fullscreen. I have a moderate pc (I5 quad, 970 4GB, 24gB ram) and when I play in borderless, my frames drop to around 40-65 fps instead of the usual ~120-150. Other things you can do: 1. check the energie profile management and check if this is set to "maximum performance" 2. play around in the NVidia configuration window - one important setting is the power management mode (name might be different. I have it set to dutch) and set this to maximum performance aswell.
They are already set to maximum performance and I have tried fullscreen but no changes in the FPS for me :/
: had same problem, i got high end computer and when i Went back 1 update it works fine now. 60 fps or even more if i want to. just go back some windows update for some reason it %%%%s up league
Since this is a new pc, I cant really "go back or restore" a previous version. Would I have to install it manually somehow?
starkk1234 (EUNE)
: Try closing the client when the game starts, it worked for me.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Are you playing in borderless or full screen, at what resolution, have you tried disabling things like shadows, what FPS do you get with the lowest graphical presets, do you have anything like flash videos open in the background have you made sure to disable any 3rd party overlays like discord or MSI afterburner etc, do you have shadowplay enabled, have you made sure to add your league folder under the exclusions list of your AV software etc
Borderless, at 1080p, but that shouldnt matter since the game only uses 2 cores of CPU so I get same fps on whatever resolution I use. I have tried playing on lowest graphics settings, it does not affect the FPS at all, it remains the same. I have nothing in the background and no 3rd party overlays. Shadowplay is disabled and yes it is under the exclusion list of my AV software.
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