LeTurismo (EUW)
: Remove premades from Solo Que
Makes me laugh how stupid duo premades are, all they have to do is pick each others roles as primary and secondary, not rocket science.
IEatLouis (EUW)
: So, normally after getting a friggin chat restriction, even more after getting aa 2 week ban, shouldn't you waatch out to not give people anything to report you for? xD like not chatting at all or something? by reading those logs I really honestly think you deserved to be permanently excluded from this game and the fact that you don't even see what you did wrong makes me wonder just what kind of a horrible person you are... {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
If you don't agree with someone, you get reported. If you explain to someone why they're dying, you get reported. If you offer advice, you get reported. If you tell someone 60 cs is not acceptable at 15 miutes and they should practice in bot games, you get reported. Once you've in that ban cycle, you can't get out of it and more or less any reports whether they're justified or not will lead to another ban.
: You got banned, so you are far from being perfect.
Sorry, I'm not perfect online, I'm perfect rl.
Rhosta (EUNE)
: Stop posting and get away.
Stop posting on euw and go away o.o
Eveninn (EUW)
: > unlike the majority of idiots on the boards. Shhhhh, if boards is made up of idiots, I'm glad I'm one of the bigger ones. xD I actually would be interested in a list of highest lifetime upvots... (I need random numbers to help my selfesteem, goddamnit!) -------------------- The current System is (somewhat) automated. I know there was a time where it was checked by Rioters for some cases, not sure if that still applies. In this case of the automated system, I guess it would be possible to get a reply this soon. The judging algorythm of it is based on the communities opinions (it is a self learning Programm, it started with the data f the old Tribunal, and now uses which kinda of behavior repeatetly get reported to evolve.) This means that the majority of the communtiy agrees to how it judges, but as always, what the majority thinks can differ in induviaduals. You seem to think different than the majority of the community does. (Which is by no means bad, People think differently... but it leads to cases like yours) You ofc can try to contact support regarding it, but I honestly doubt you'll get far... (Maybe you'd get some more Information on the Topic tho). :s But either way, be it you moving on to another game or Hobby or whatever, have lots of funsies there. ;)
By idiots I mean people who post on comments with simple answers like you deserve to get banned "even though I don't know you and have never played a game with you". At least you say, this is why you "probably" got banned and such, just needed to clarify that. Contacting support and stuff will not do anything I don't believe anyone has ever gotten "unbanned", I do have a smurf account which I could play but after this ban I don't see the point in playing a game where you can get so incredibly easy, in comparison to those who have told me to get cancer and using incredibly abusive language on a regular basis.
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: People need to grow some Manners, not balls.
Well done for judging me online, hats off to you.
Eveninn (EUW)
: The current System bases on 4 tiers: 1. 10 Chat Restrictions 2. 25? Chat restrictions 3. 14 days Ban 4. Perma Ban If someone is 'offensive' enough to get to the first tier, and doesn't stop after, he will get to the 2nd one and so on. This means even when being not very toxic, but being consistant in small things that are deemed punishable, you can slowly work your way up to a perma ban. :s In Terms of how many tiers and how harsh each is, I couldn't reason as to way it is like this, but I'd assume Riot did quite some Research on it.
I remember the first tier which I admit, I rightly deserved. I played 2 games after that was finished and got to tier 2, and that was just because people reported me randomly and there was literally nothing lol. I respect the fact you're actually replying like a normal person and justifying yourself unlike the majority of idiots on the boards. I am tempted to take this further to riot, I have the chat logs from all tiers and only one I can openly admit I was wrong. There have been a lot of friends who have completely agreed with me, 90% of games I am an overly nice person, when you're in promo games or something most people will feel tense because they really want to win like myself. You say riot did some research into this, I really do not believe that. I believe that after the first offense, if you get enough reports whether they're false or not it will lead to another ban. My reasoning for this is as follows, every ban after the first have been my last 3 games from when I received the ban, after the last game I would get an instant message using the game I just played as evidence, seems a bit fishy doesn't it. Unless they are actually monitoring my games, which I really doubt they are, how can they be so quick to give evidence of a game which has only finished 30 seconds prior to the ban.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Feelings apply just as much in a game as in RL. O.o No, actually, when I play a game I'd like to avoid negative Feelings even more, as it's my free time I plan to have fun in. And yes, if a *real person* types to me in a chat, I feel just the same as someone telling em something in *real life*.
Ok fair enough some people are weak emotionally, but still. I can't understand how those 3 games warrant a permanent ban, I couldn't really care less that I'm banned from the game. It's the principal though, I've invested time and money into this game and I get permanently banned for....not much whatsoever? If it was a large accumulation of offences ok fair enough, when they reset all bans/chat restricts etc, I'd only had 1 ban and that was a bloody 2 week ban. Even those chat logs were lesser than this, it's a joke, their staff are so incredibly incompetent that they don't even review things such as this they leave it to an automated system.
: Just got perm banned ^^
Read the chat logs so many times, how is anything I've said remotely horrible...
Wukongz (EUNE)
: ***
I am perfect, I am the best.
kauketsu (EUW)
: Callin teammates bad/newbies isnt even really even very toxic, eventho its against the rules. Personally i think riot should remove the negative attitude/unsportsmanship etc rules and add a heavy insults/racisms report option its just dumb to ban people for callin others as noobs
Thank you, finally someone with some sense. I could understand a perm mute, which I'd have taken with open arms but ye the perm ban is way over the top regarding what I've said. People can say I've been warned time and time again, I only had another 2 week ban literally about 2 weeks ago, which was for things even lesser than this. It just seems if you've said something a little bit wrong and enough people report you that you can get banned. While there are people constantly in games telling other players to go die and wishing cancer upon their parents, but no i'm in the 0.006% of league players who are toxic as fuck :L
kauketsu (EUW)
: " I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO ADD THAT YOU CAN ONLY SEE ONE SIDE OF THE CONVERSATIONS, BARE THIS IN MIND PLEASE, it's still not THAT bad though lol xD" Your rule break has nothin to do with other players rule breakin. My opinion is to make reasonable rules and not just some kindergarden "you cant say this and that and this"
Well I didn't expect to get banned other simple comments which a child would not even be offended by. Do they really expect people to be nice when someone is 0/6 by 10 minutes in ranked? Anyways, I permanent mute would have made sense, but a full on ban just shows how poor of a company they are, especially the fact that it was automated.
: May I quote your other thread? "Yep great job rito, I've resulted to trolling and going jungle regardless of what I get, I couldn't care less anymore, sorry to be that guy." That might have been a deciding factor when banning you :) And people complain that trolls never get banned.
So the one game in like 2k games where I trolled caused a PERM ban xD
Eveninn (EUW)
: Morning! Just poping in here real quick, didn't even get to read through all logs but I wanted to point something out: > Just complaining about team mates, not being incredibly offensive or anything. I don't know how I should put it... and this is not ment as offense what so ever. But if I were to... lets say, complain about my coworkers, in my Office, while they can clearly hear it... they might take that as offensive. :s Just something to potentially think about. ^-^
Funny comment, this is a game, it's not real life. Anyway though, people need to grow some balls, if anything I said in those chat logs genuinely offended someone I really feel sorry for them, all I did was complain about their gameplay which was atrocious not flame :P
kauketsu (EUW)
: i've had the same issue, my main is adc and second best support, i'm really bäd at other roles as i havent played them for a long time. So if i setup adc > support, i will allways get support and never my main role, this resulted in that i take mid as a secondary so i actually have better % on gettin my main role
doesn't matter now I got perm banned xD
Hokuto (EUNE)
: Warwick Rework [suggestion] - WIP
Well done, you copied and pasted this from riot. This took so much time and effort great job! For anyone who doesn't know, this is the rework intended for warwick and this mug is trying to pass it off has his own rofl.
Kageryu (EUW)
: > I overlooked the chat logs and well, nothing bad whatsoever. Really? > Jump Reset Jump: troll > Jump Reset Jump: 0 skill noob =/ > > Jump Reset Jump: ok low elo.. > Jump Reset Jump: the creep scores aren't acceptable.. > > Jump Reset Jump: why have i got to be on a team this shite > Jump Reset Jump: easy lane destroyed by excessive feeding > Jump Reset Jump: as per bloody usual > Jump Reset Jump: noob ezreal 4/1/0 aha.. > > Jump Reset Jump: tired of shit teams > > Jump Reset Jump: O.o why did the noob janna waste uly > Jump Reset Jump: ult* > > Jump Reset Jump: worst janna euw 0/0/6 that's painful to see.. > > Jump Reset Jump: this is pathetic > > Jump Reset Jump: we can still win they're so bad, just stop feeding excessively > > Jump Reset Jump: they're so bad > Jump Reset Jump: for me it's easy? > Jump Reset Jump: we're same elo? > Jump Reset Jump: clearly i'm much better than you > Jump Reset Jump: ugh the noob luck > Jump Reset Jump: this is uncarryable > > Jump Reset Jump: i mean you're so bad fml > Jump Reset Jump: ugh il stop now i'm gonna get pissed > Jump Reset Jump: 1/6/3 heh > Jump Reset Jump: :P > Jump Reset Jump: 1/7/3 against noobs just because of a shite team > Jump Reset Jump: gratz on the freelo i guess > Jump Reset Jump: you guys should just log off You are clearly a beacon of good behaviour and uphold the team morale... You are also not insulting ANYONE.... (May contain sarcasm) Btw thats only game 1, i actually will not bother with the rest.
You didn't see my team, but that's not the point anyway. How does this possibly warrant a permanent ban ;) I was not exactly say oh you fucking idiot bla bla bla, my team were absolutely appalling rofl.
Dareals (EUW)
: May we see the chat logs? You know, so that we can all see whether you truly deserved it or not.
Sure, i'll post attached to the thread. I've spent quite a bit of money on this game and time acquiring lots of champions as well, I'm not really mad. But, the fact I feel the ban is un-justified pisses me off that I've spent a lot of money and time on nothing.
Rioter Comments
: Sorry but, they said the same about Kindred and Ba(r)d ^^
True, but I like the art and how the AO Shin looks and can just imagine that him being a dragon that his kit will revolve around that somehow. Whilst also being a mechanically adept champion in which you'd reap rewards for being good, all of which they've said about AO shin has enticed me so much, even if it's been minimal leaks.
: Take it easy. PLay champs that can 1v9 untill diamond. I am sup main and i had the same issue. I was d2 before the reset. got placed in p1 and kept playing soraka/bard/janna. Got to plat 4 with these champs. Swapped to blitz,braum that are less team dependent and got back to dia
Well I main Kha'zix, I always do very well with him. But, when my team do not engage or basically can't do anything I can't do much with him, or I won't receive any peel any peel when I dive on the carries. I don't rate myself really high, but to put it simply my frustration stems from the fact I find the game easy and have difficulty solo carrying 4 bad players. What kind of champions would you suggest as a jungle main? Mm just played a game as blitz support, landed every hook adc didn't do anything. Mid laner 0/6 by 5 minutes, jungler died on first clear and fed. Uncarryable fucktards, this is why I fucking get pissed. How the fuck can people be this shit, I end up getting 1 shot by 10 minutes and it leads to me dying a lot. Such fucking bullshit, if I lost close-ish games it would not be so bad, but fucking losing hard on a regular basis because of retarded fucking idiots, fucking pathetic man this is why I fucking flame.
EmEx (EUW)
: Average K/D/A
kills + assists / deaths.....
: Okay yeah, a pretty picture. Tells me...exactly nothing. But good, this is obviously an aspect of social behaviour I cannot seem to understand. So go ahead and be all excited about it.
They explained that his kit was going to be very complex and such, that's enough to give me excited.
Rioter Comments
Leptyx (EUW)
: Just a tip : I suggest that you pretend you misclicked and you can't play supp, and then ask who can supp. It might reduce their frustration if you just look stupid rather than an intentional troll. I mean, if you wanna be an ass, at least do it properly :D Second tip : Learn a third role, so you can rotate according to what you want to play. I main top/jung/supp, so i'm just fine with this system
There's one thing I'm not, a liar. I can play all roles, jungle and support are just my best and what I enjoy the most. If I could though I would play jungle every game, and play support only when I HAVE to like the old ranked. But if I choose jungle/supp now I get supp every game, makes sense as it's SECONDARY preferred role. Riot are so retarded, they make updates like this without considering the consequences, braindead fucktards.
Rioter Comments
: Why do people feel the need to come on here and cry about leaving, just leave you won't be missed.
: Majority of the community are great people. You don't belong in that said majority.
Oh hey we play together all the time you know exactly what kind of person I am, thanks for the logical comment.
Draqone (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jump Reset Jump,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jcEIEbs6,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-02-12T11:43:20.543+0000) > > Oh that's another thing I forgot, the great league of legends community ^^ This coming from someone who just posted a whole load of personal insults in the original post. Makes you wonder....
Yes, so many personal insults O.o
: Umm... Dude. No one actually cares. I don't know why you feel the urge to cry on the forums about leaving.
I just felt I'd express my reasoning to do so, it's mainly due to the continuous poor updates and reworks.
Trias000 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jump Reset Jump,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jcEIEbs6,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-02-12T10:45:17.399+0000) > Ranked: > > I deserve challenjour I'm sorry, but whoever claims "I deserve higher rank than I am" can't be treated seriously. If you deserve higher rank, you will get there **eventually**. Why do you think only you get bad teammates and your enemy doesn't? There is no logic in it. Sure, you can be unlucky in a couple of games, and I know how frustrating it is. But luck evens out in the longrun. You were diamond 2 in ranked teams, and that makes you believe you "deserve" diamond 2, I suppose. But did it ever occur to you, that maybe it was your teammates that lifted you there? Even if you "carried" some games, it still doesn't mean you won them singlehandedly. You can still get super fed thanks to your allies and then get the feeling that you "carried" the match. It happens more than you'd think, actually. > Updates: > > Honestly, what kind of monkeys do you have working for you. How many times can you make an release/update/rework, to then see a day after its live release that it's completely broken. It's truly worrying that you fail to see what problems some things can create, you need to get rid of the team that creates or gives the go ahead for things like this is our your game will sink like the titanic...hydra :L OP AS FUCK. I'm not going to say every single issue but here's two which show your complete incompetence, Xin Zhao (recent rework) like wtf are you thinking, he's in a decent state and you give him a healing AD ratio ON TOP of his current ratio and give him fucking crits...fucking hell you really are stupid aren't you. Finally, sated devourer, when this was first released, how can you not realise that it's going to be insanely OP on someone like Vayne, seriously, I hate using this word but that is on the verge of retardation. This is hard to disagree with. According to champion.gg, Xin had nearly 50% winrate. Even if that doesn't mean he was super balanced, he surely wasn't as weak as Rito believes. But they give him a huge buff out of nowhere anyway, and I can already see him being in a 100% pick/ban state for a while. This happened before ({{champion:82}} says 'hi') and will happen, because Rito willl never learn. Instead of, if they feel a champion is too weak, giving them small buffs and seeing how it works out, they say 'YOLO' and overbuff the shit out of a random champ (while some others remain underpowered while Riot don't give a fuck about them).
> [{quoted}](name=Trias000,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jcEIEbs6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-12T11:18:42.904+0000) > > I'm sorry, but whoever claims "I deserve higher rank than I am" can't be treated seriously. If you deserve higher rank, you will get there **eventually**. Why do you think only you get bad teammates and your enemy doesn't? There is no logic in it. Sure, you can be unlucky in a couple of games, and I know how frustrating it is. But luck evens out in the longrun. > You were diamond 2 in ranked teams, and that makes you believe you "deserve" diamond 2, I suppose. But did it ever occur to you, that maybe it was your teammates that lifted you there? Even if you "carried" some games, it still doesn't mean you won them singlehandedly. You can still get super fed thanks to your allies and then get the feeling that you "carried" the match. It happens more than you'd think, actually. I can climb but it takes too long and requires a nice amount of luck streaks. Like I said, maybe I don't deserve I don't know, but if I'm playing at a diamond 2 level in ranked teams and actually carrying quite often that allows me to have some justification to my comments...
: >So these are a majority of the reasons why I'm leaving the game No-one really cares.
Oh that's another thing I forgot, the great league of legends community ^^
Rioter Comments
Brammel (EUW)
: tip: if u play top -> gank bot if u play mid -> gank bot if u play jungle -> gank bot if u play bot -> dont get ganked my experience is simular to yours -> win bot = win game. so guess what you do to win ur game? happy winning.
Doesn't matter, I've decided to quit the game anyway. I gain no enjoyment out of it anymore. Climbing low elo requires too much time and luck, unless you're a really really good player of course. I can't play at a diamond skill level instantly with my friends in team ranked anymore, so I have to tolerate all these noobs which prohibit winning games on a regular basis. That's just a small part of reasoning for leaving anyways.
Rioter Comments
: Sure bro, enjoy the ban.
^ Typical example of the great league community.
: Doesn't matter, the "Fuck off you mug" wans't sarcasm that was an insult. And I wouldn't surprise me if you think that these vulgar words are acceptable ingame, hence your current ban.
"^.-" It was sarcasm, and this is proving my point that people on this game get offended too easily, even when it's sarcastic, herp derp.
: Good luck on making a new account, Riot has never unbanned someone who got banned for negative attitude/verbal abuse.
I'm not looking to get unbanned, I'm looking for them to assess it so that I'm not so easily perma-banned by the crappy automated system in the future, I'm happy that I've got 2 weeks off.
: See, this is exactly what got you banned.
Yeah some people just don't understand sarcasm do they.
: >have you ever played a game with me? How about you post the chatlogs you received with your ban message? Then we can all see what kind of person you are in the game.
XD 1 game is how I am.
Svempe007 (EUNE)
: Dude don't you know everyone here is oversensitive to flame and get sad for the whole day if not the week if someone says a few bad words?
Pretty much, it's pathetic, you can't fucking say anything to anyone without them crying about it. It's the way I am, I actually have a social life and me and my mates have a lot of banter, people on this game are so incredibly childish and take everything so seriously, whereas I take it with a pinch of salt and don't give a fuck.
: You're not a bad person. You're a toxic person, with negative attitude. And it doesnt matter if you're a good or bad person. But we dont need people that are toxic in the community.
I'm soooo fucking toxic, what a dickhead I am. Fuck off you mug ^.-
: Yes, thats constructive criticism, in a slight toxic way, but in my opinion acceptable. Only this is the criticism you didnt give, you called someone a "fucking idiot".
Ah everything is toxic, people need to man up.
: Yes we will, because 1 slight mistake. 1 report call, or 1 "fucking idiot", just once, after your 14-days ban and you got a perma. The 14-days is your final warning, the slightest toxicity(and yes, calling teammates on their mistakes or calling them an idiot is toxic) will get you a perma ban. And once that happens you get here with your chat log, thinking you've said nothing wrong, or thinking it wasnt deserved. It would be a similar text of what you wrote above like "a chat restriction, I can understand. But a 14-days ban?" That will change into "A 14-days ban, I can understand. But how is this a perma ban?". And we will be here to recall you on it. Asking you "Did you have a ban before this?" and you'd answer with "Yes a 14-days ban", so we can reply with "Oh, there we go, the 14-days ban was like a final warning, after that, no matter what, you get a perma ban". But this time, this time you wont be able to tell us "Oh I didnt know that" because now, I've warned you. You better stop using your chat, dont even say "hi" because after saying hi, you will start to think like, hhm, I can probably tell them to do dragon, "guys lets do dragon" and before you know it, the happy acceptable chatting before a slight bit negative like "Mid, what happend?" and thats still fine, but when will you draw the line, when can you say, this is acceptable? It doesnt matter, because its what riot thinks, and people that get a 14-days ban dont know where the line is, so they will go over it anyways, unless you stop using the chat completely.
Guess I'll be forced to write a ticket, because my flaming was not that bad whatsoever.
Alex3995 (EUW)
: why do you thing he is 0/7 in the first place? becouse he didnt learn form his own mistake. Its like when you where 12 and didnt listen to your parents becosue you thought you know it all and when you look back now you see they where right from the start.
Ok you obviously don't comprehend english very well, it's pointless wasting words on you.
Alex3995 (EUW)
: would you listen if some random guy would give advise on something you did 500 times already?. prob not. People wont change or listen. they need to figure out their mistakes on their own
If they were doing well, and I'm there with 7 deaths, no kills and 2 assists....yes I would listen to that person...
: > [{quoted}](name=Solash,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3uZpVEKH,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-01-27T02:41:42.622+0000) > > Calling your teammates out on their performance by calling them "Fucking idiots" is completely unnecessary. It does nothing to help your team win and will only make things worse. Deserved. Do you honestly think he cares a slightest about your mature comment? No, he most likely won't. Let the survival of the fittest do its job and soon we'd have one moron less in this game.
People like you I just don't understand, you say all these things to make you feel good about yourself, have you ever played a game with me? No of course you haven't so how can you call me a moron, 90% of the time I'm overly nice in games, when you have people constantly giving you shit telling you to die, get cancer and ignoring advice completely it kinda fucks me off.
: Here too! Well, he is not permabaned YET but im 100% sure he will be in 2 weeks :) Keep it up please!
Omg I'm such a bad person ^^ thanks for coming here to post such a lovely comment.
: >everything I say has some justification No, it doesn't. This community has rules. One of these rules is: **You are not allowed to flame, no matter the circumstances.** You agreed to these rules. You agreed that a violation of these rules can be punished. You broke the rules. You got punished. Its as simple as that. Bye. >Time to play on my other acc. Its always funny to read this message, an attempt to sound as if you don't care. We all know you do. And we are not bothered by the "meh I have more accounts lel" attitude either...because if you don't improve your behavior after the 14day suspension (which is your last warning btw.), your alternate account will soon be your ONLY account.
> [{quoted}](name=franticFurball,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3uZpVEKH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-01-27T06:57:01.837+0000) > > No, it doesn't. > This community has rules. One of these rules is: **You are not allowed to flame, no matter the circumstances.** > > You agreed to these rules. You agreed that a violation of these rules can be punished. > > You broke the rules. You got punished. > > Its as simple as that. Bye. There is a difference between flaming and giving constructive criticism and giving advice. I assume you're the kind of person that would consider this to be flaming "renekton you've died 10 times, why the hell are still continuing to build offense, build some bloody armor man".
: well thats because this system works on a ladder type of punishment level step over the line.. and you get punished you start low.. and you get worse and worse.. the only expection are those who go overboard.. (cancer and such) those get to skip a few levels :) the trick here is to not flame... as the chance of that making the game better is extremly low (mostly makes it worse)
Well before this 10 chat restriction -> 20 chat restriction -> 14 day ban, seems a little inconsistent, a day or 3 day ban would have made sense, 14 days seems a tad much. Also considering what I said was not really that bad at all after looking at the email they sent to show me what I did/said wrong.
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