: Well, look at it this way... why do you care? I mean, you are platinum level player. You will either do great, and the start of the season craziness may even help you get an inflated MMR and with it you can climb even faster. Or it goes horribly wrong, and you're let's say randomly silver (don't know the math 100%, but this is probably highly unlikely, S1 probably is the worst case scenario). Let's just say you get silver. What on Earth do you think a bunch of Silver players can do against you? You will dominate most of your games. Probably get pretty good MMR. And you're back in plat. So, why care? Just go in, do your best, don't get titled if things go south, and everything will turn out okay.
I have multiple accounts. I want to have a clean winrate on my other accounts os i'm just gonna play on a smurf for practice.then i'll start on my winrate. i'm .. a bit concerned about vanity. I want to get placed at least close to my previous rank. I have no qualms about getting back as i have multiple platinum accounts.
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: is it time to quit league maybe?
Don't use league as a coping mechanism for your emotions. You are clearly too deeply vested in the emotional aspect of the game. Nurture your logical and thinking side and don't use league as a tool to validate yourself or your own worth. Rank is irrelevant. Do you want to go Pro or something? . I'm not going to put you down for it, but I want you to consider things from a realistic point of view and also employ some healthy coping mechanisms. Do you have anything that you care about other than league? Sports? exercise?. Are you by any chance of overweight? Have you had relationships? How old are you? Do you have anyone you can talk to about your feelings and emotions and general stresses?. I am not trying to make you feel bad, it's important to understand what's wrong in your own life so you can try and make improvements. Improving in one area, results in a snowball effect which will help you in other areas of your life. Same applies to the game as well . The way I see things is that you're far too attached to the idea of winning. What do you hope to achieve? and i hope you answer honestly as your honesty is very important to understand the root causes of these negative emotions, as they themselves are detrimental to your winning. League is a percentages game. You can make minor changes that slowly up that %

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