: there really ain't one the best would be some of the old stuff from Jermey Gaming curious but his videos changed a lot since the old days i'd love to help you since i'm a mian mid/supp so i do know a lot of things for supp but it's curently my 2nd since i hate ardent meta
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: zac
he gets banned allmost every game ;(
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: Can't continue without disabling AdBlock. Got a proper link too?
It does not show me the real link when i go trought this one. I got this link from another forum. :( sorry dude
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alasarcher (EUNE)
: Well if u want high skill demanding champion, which can play top and jungle, can carry games and is generaly fun to play i suggest some of these: {{champion:107}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:62}}
Yeah i am playing lee sin allot but i am thinking about rengo now. I maby start playing rengo. have to see
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: New chatroom?
Yeah on euw there is same kinds but they are allways full ;(
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PauIo (EUW)
: In my opinion, it's best to have at least one AD- and one AP-rune page before creating champion specific rune pages. For AD I use **AD marks** (you can also add 1 Crit Chance mark), **Armor seals**, **MR glyphs** (if you're playing mostly top or jungle you can also use scaling ones, as most top laners are AD and as a jungler you don't really need the early MR, as jungle creeps only deal physical damage) and **AD quints**. For AP I use **Magic Pen. marks**, **Armor seals**, **MR glyphs** (you can also use AP glyphs and switch the Armor seals for the Health ones, as health helps both against AD and AP enemies, but I think Armor seals and MR glyphs is a safer choice) and **AP quints**. Also, if you need more help, feel free to add me. I still have to learn a lot myself, but I can help you with the basics :)
Okay thanks allot! This was really really good post! It is so nice that we have this kinda people in this community
: What kinda runes for second page?
Okay thanks guys for helping but i decided to make trundle runes bc i play him all the time.
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: cannot loggin
Rito <3 i have that same problem. I cant log in and my friends are getting in fine, i bought rp with 20 euros today and cant play, rito ty <3 i will never buy rp again{{champion:17}} potato servers <3
: Why LoL is going into wrong direction.
Your post is really good and on my oppinion this game is having too much trolls and stuff. I am maining on silver 1 on eune but i get so much flamers and trolls there that it kills the mood of having fun and winning so i made smurf to euw bc people are saying that it is not that toxic region. I am currently lvl 15 on euw and i have not seen that much flamers or trolls on normals. Ofcourse some but not that much and now on allways when i see a flamer i just mute them and check after 10 mins if they still flaming. And btw u got nice name brother! :D
: I am baffled no one mentioned Xin Zhao. Basically Yi, only you have gank pressure already at lvl 3.
yeah i am looking forward to yi
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Madara896 (EUNE)
: {{champion:1}} - Very strong pick. AoE stun with her ult and very easy to play. High damage. {{champion:103}} - Ahri has been buffed when the dfg has been removed and rignt now she is very strong. She is very hard to play at maximum potential and easy to play her at a decent level. {{champion:268}} - wouldn't recommend. One of the hardest midlaners to play. Even challenger players may nave some problems playing him. Don't play him in ranked.{{champion:131}} - Very high burst post 6 and She can also go jungle. Can build tanky. I strongly recommend her. {{champion:157}} - Very situational pick. Like when your team comp has knock ups and You are not countered by enemy midlaner. Very hard to pull the plays. He can easily recover If he is behind. I tried him in ranked. I was pretty stressed and yasuo needs calm and clear mine and I lost all rankeds with yasuo. Can splitpush very good. Would recommend only in some situations. {{champion:238}} - he is just not as good as he used to be. He is not so useful for the team he is purely destroying 1 squishy and that's it. He needs to Be very far ahead to actually destroy them all. Can splitpush.hard to do the plays. {{champion:112}} - mostly played in lcs due to the utility he brings but very hard to just play. Wouldn't recommend. {{champion:90}} - Easy to play. He can destroy many midlaners before they even get close to him. Would recommend. {{champion:127}} - Pretty strong pick. Heavily banned in lcs (She isn't anymore). Not hard to play. Would recommend. {{champion:55}} - No. Don't buy her. {{champion:245}} - Very strong. CCfest, 3 slows, 1 stun. huge aoe damage with ult. Not so easy to play. Strongly recommended. {{champion:34}} - Extremely hard to play. 1 Wall could kill your entire team but could also kill the entire enemy team. Not recommended. {{champion:84}} - Strong pick. She was nerfed (ult and q mari) but still viabile. Can also go jungle. Pretty easy to play. Would recommend. {{champion:69}} - hard to play. High damage and high risk. Wouldn't recommend. {{champion:105}} - Strong pick. Hard to play and can't do much by himself. Don't play him in ranked only if You are sure you are good with him. {{champion:74}} Strong pick.Easy to play. Enemy can't push. High damage. Enough said. Would recommend. {{champion:7}} - Tricky to trick the enemies with her. Not hard to play early. I've seen many people stack rod of ages on her. {{champion:30}} Weak pick. Extremely squishy, countered by so many things. Play him just for fun. Never in ranked. {{champion:61}} - Strong pick. Highly used in lcs. She has much utility. Not easy to play with. Would recommend. {{champion:50}} - not many play him but he is strong. Can't say much about him. I would recommend because people don't know how to counter him due to never playing against him. {{champion:134}} - Strong pick. Easy to play with. High damage. Would recommend. {{champion:17}} - You need to take some time to put the shrooms around the map especially in some places You can't go through without walking into a shroom. He can't carry. Not so strong pick. Highly annoying. {{champion:101}} - Strong pick. Not easy to play. Has 1 stun and 1 slow. No real escape except the stun which can Be dodged. Would recommend. {{champion:115}} - Rarely seen especially in ranked. Weak pick. Wouldn't recommend. {{champion:45}} - Strong pick. Can instantly delete someone. Very useful E especially in teamfights. Would recommend. {{champion:161}} - Rarely seen especially in ranked. Can Be countered by anyone with decent dodge skill. He is good in teamfights. {{champion:8}} - Very strong pick. High sustain. Hard to gank. Can build tanky. Nice damage. Easy to play. Strongly recommended. {{champion:4}} - Strong pick. Hard to play. Very useful. Play him in ranked only If You are good with him. {{champion:91}} - Strong pick. Easy to play. Not so useful, only destroying a target and that's It. Would recommend. {{champion:99}} - strong pick. Slow and snares. Very useful. Easy to play. Would recommend. {{champion:38}} - Hard to play. Highly nerfed. Rarely seen. Wouldn't recommend. {{champion:85}} - Strong pick. Not easy to play. Many stuns. Would recommend. {{champion:81}} - strong pick. Hard to play. Situational pick. {{champion:63}} - Strong pick. High aoe damage. Has 1 stun. Hard to play. Would recommend.
Thank you for this answer! This helped me allot and i am thinking that i will buy {{champion:74}}
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: Like you have always had to, just now you don't have to face check to be an annoying A hole. And even without the bounce 900 range is a pretty large amount and would help him out immensely. You just have to be better at placing them so they get triggered in time.
yeah but my point was that u could just spam them for 10 mins and whole map would be on shrooms but yeah it takes more placement to use them now
: Anyone to play league with?
Add me so we can play soon! :)
: It's not 2 teemos away, it scales up to 5 teemos plus the increased base range which also scales means that you can place shrooms 1400 units away. For comparison TF's Q is 1450 range so it's a little under that.
yeah the range is still pretty big but you need to use them right to be effective. {{champion:17}}
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: 4. Teemo will be under powerd That shroom bouncing is nothing more then a noob trap. Puting shrooms 2 teemos away(Unit of distance) is to close and everyone who will do it is retarded. And whole idea of throwing shrooms over wall with it is also overated . Because then shroom ll be to close to a wall and no1 ll step on it They reduced the arm time **And reduced ulti duration from 10 mins to 5 mins** _**Thats one of the biggest nerfs I saw on an ability **_ And brofresco is known as being really bad dont listen to him Its hard to tell if he is stupid sometimes or if he just overhypes for popularity
Yeah 10 mins to 5 mins is really big reduce and balances it allot. And yeah even tho u can bounce shrooms now on you will waist allot of mana if you dont use them effectly. And the stealth in bush thing will not be that usefull on my oppinon. And yeah i know brofresco is not that good or anything but i just wanted to make discussion about this subject.
: It isn't a rework, not even close. It's a large scale buff but its not a rework. And I doubt he will be op, bouncing bombs comes with a price and a simple red trinket counters his bombs and stealth.
oh yeah rework is totally a wrong word but u get the point
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: I can play, but Im not very big on the whole talking to people thing.
it is okay if you can just talk few sentences here and there :D
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: Will i have enought for runes?
Thanks allot! Now i dont need to waist my rp on boosts XD
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