: {{item:2319}} Gambling revolves around **Risk** which the Hextech chests don't have. You will always get rewards that will have value only within the game.
You sound like Ea employee , the difference between loot box gambling and normal gambling is that on real gambling u dont really get anything on loot box gambling u gain super low quallity items/ mostly not the items you want, which is basically same as gambling. imagine if the slot mashines that pulled, when you ddint win would give rocks. its same thing
: It's not gambling. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
cmon i am waiting for you to say "surprise mechanics" so i can roast you !
: It's not gambling. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
realKano23 (EUNE)
: Hextech chests are a PRIVILEGE
honestly this is false, the hextech chests are there to make money, it is made to be **Gambling**. My friend is already addicted and even tho he no longer has a skin he wants he keeps buying these boxes. Yes sure you can get em for free, you can buy the skins on their own, yet the way they are made suggests its made to abuse people with gambling problems. If they really wanted skins for free, the chest and key would only be accessible trough gameplay and not gameplay+ cash
: when they do, you pick nunu and you go fast to the lane of a guy who did it together with double buff and you repeat that every time both buffs are up so you piss on them ;)
Bramkuhh (EUW)
: Abilities are going off automatically
see if its hardware or software plug in different keyboard
bpatrik21 (EUNE)
: Are you sure? I have 3 screenshots.
i was never dealt 1k damage from shyvanas E not evemo more than 500 X) so idk how you got such numbers, her E has 70% ap scaling and +20 if u stand in fire so to she had to have over 1k ap for what you are saying, and i doubt that she had over 1k ap SO its not even possible
bpatrik21 (EUNE)
: Yes, but AP shyvana still shouldn't be a viable thing.
off meta is a thing i am fine with it x) and she does not deal 1000 dmg x)
: most badass skin in lol?
check out the reworked dragonslayer pantheon its top quality skins
bpatrik21 (EUNE)
: AP shyvana
{{item:3194}} says hello oh also {{item:3065}}
Skitso (EUW)
: Ultimate Skin Idea: Kayle
if u made it so that u pick A SIDE after each 6 11 and 16, and it would all creatue unique look and character, that would be fine, just having 2 forms would make it not much of ultimate and it would be priced bellow gun godess
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ItSkip (EUW)
: Qilava {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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RogueDek (EUW)
: Really? Tested it the other day and got 0 from it, besides FTotD. Does it only trigger when you win?
i was 3rd or 2nd
RogueDek (EUW)
: Enable XP gains in TFT?
it already is on, i leveled up from it its just hidden
: Damage taken and damage dealt. So 25% of the damage he receives, and 25% of the damage he deals gets stored, he can then convert them into a shield and a heal. So he still generates a shield on damage he deals, he also gets it from damage taken... he just has to activate it like Tahm Kench shield rather than it constantly being generated (which is healthier and easier to balance).
OHHHHH %%%% when i saw the damage taken i just skipped to next part, well , this is actually improvement, least something, i feel like an idiot now x)
: We go through this every single time... this is mordekaiser 2.0 And he still has his passive shield it’s just been moved to his W, which helps gate it which was a major issue with mordekaiser to begin with And his ult is still all about taking souls and turning teamfights into a numbers advantage... it’s just got its power taken out of the soul part and into the actual activation. This is still morde, still a hulking revanent being near invulnerable and killing people, just now it’s done in a more interesting way that pressing a button just before someone dies to make the teamfight a 4v6
The evil overlord absorbs 25% of damage taken and damage dealt. Casting once generates a shield with this value. Mordekaiser can cast again to consume 50% of the shield for health. As you can see abilities no longer generate a shield from his dmg instead its pure defense
: the ultimate still takes the soul of the one you kill and uses them until they respawn so...
you dont get ghost following you anymore and i dont like that , i loved that concept and skill i dont mind if it was to be executed differently
Rioter Comments
: [SUGGESTION - Yuumi] (W) You and Me! - Detaching
i have similar problems sometimes i detach when i want to go to ally , i hover over ally but it detached and nearly gets me killed sometimes opposite i click to detach but i just jump to ally :/
: Who else wants to be able to gift emotes to friends and get emotes as a gift?
after the 1be exclusivity not me. Dont give money to riot.
Zehben (EUW)
: Same here
afraid to start matchmaking
Rioter Comments
: A few seconds is quite a lot in LOL...
: Ooh I see what you are talking about now. We weren't talking about the same things actually hhh. Well, yes "systemic changes" were all about pro play during S8 (making the games faster and more fun to watch), we totally agree on that. But "balance changes" (buffing, nerfing champs) are actually about high elo. > "While we're putting more attention into pro balance for the next couple of patches, ideally any changes made should be positive for regular play as well. If not they should at at minimum not be highly harmful to regular balance. That's the case in particular when it comes to buffing champs, with a fair number we believe could buff into pro play relevance but only by making them inappropriately strong for regular players." This statement says 2 things : * First, they don't do a pro change if it's gonna harm regular play even if it seems really good in pro plays * Second, they focused some patches on pro play (systemic + balance changes). But those were only for worlds and they admitted that they were gonna do some weird stuff to make worlds more spicy to watch (Helloo darius and pyke buffs). So it's not a general rule for the rest of the season.
I played a tank vs full ap team, build MR only mixed with small ammounts of dmg and i got decimated by mages, i got counteritems vs them, they still bursted me down in a few seconds, how is that normal?
: correct, and rito admitted themselves that the game is currently damage heavy. and it bloody sucks.
all fun is just gone that way, sure i wanna deal dmg, but not at cost of me beign one shot by everything that moves
: Hey ! Please allow me to correct what you said : > Riot cares more about the viewer's experience than the experience of a normal solo queue player. They sacrifice the enjoyment of solo queue in order to make competitive games more "fun" to watch. The game SHOULD be balanced around e-sports and pro play. A simple example would be football : Just imaging that all new players and non pros are given smaller and less heavy balls because the normal ball is too hard for them. Wouldn't that be a joke? We should play on the same terms as pros and make our skills better. Plus it would have no meaning to train or watch them if "Pro LOL" and "SoloQ LOL" are 2 differents games. > It really sucks and I don't know if this will ever go away as this company went from being a passion project to a business that is now mostly driven by profit. RIOT is indeed a company and they should be making money. Servers and engineers don't run for free. If they don't, the company will bankrupt and you won't be able to play the game anymore. Don't forget that it's a free game so skins are their main way to get money. Also, LOL is still a passion for many people at RIOT. You can take SapMagic as an example (He is the Senior Designer at Riot Games. Ranked, Clash, Missions, matchmaking/champ select). He posts every new thing on his twitter, runs a reddit, runs a personal discord where he answers EVERY SINGLE question that you can ask (if you want I can give you the link), do videos with youtubers and do streams for us. He is living LOL and breathing it, that goes beyond his normal work). > @PajamaSkins and dozens of unnecessary skins produced purely to make cheap cash. RIOT have many departments (like any other company). The team working on skins and the ones doing the balance are 2 different teams. So making more or less skins won't affect the balance or soloQ at all. > Solo queue is all about burst damage and how you get run down like a slave on a cotton field with practically no means to defend yourself other than to blow all your summoners, only to still die to the Brand passive dot burn That's only because everybody is following kills and only thing of his own score instead of the team victory. It's only normal that if your whole team is going full damage from top to support, everybody will die easily and assassin's can reach you without any problem. Play a classic team comp with a support like {{champion:201}} and you won't have to ever worry about protection or burning your summoners. You'll also smash those all damage comps. ADCs are still very strong, it's just that they cannot work without protection. So it's kinda related to the player base. It's the same as the autofill system, nobody wanna play support. And YES league isn't perfect. Don't forget that it contains massive data and it is run by humans. RIOT is also getting very different feedbacks for exemple : * People asking to nerf a champ while others asking to buff it because they think he is weak * Maybe a champ have a high winrate, but only because most players are in bronze/silver and they don't know how to play against him. * Don't forget that adding/removing 5 damage from a champ/item/rune can break the game (helloo dark harvest) so they need to take their time before making changes and watch carefully. I do understand your frustration. We are all frustrated in soloQ, but please, take all those factors into consideration before throwing the blame on RIOT
you are wrong about burst damage, it was not like that before. if u look back at season 3 or 4 for example you are somewhat forgiven for your mistake but right now if u pick adc, and enemy supports catching you off once you are either dead or have to recall, back in the days you could survive that shit. Mages instakill adcs cause adc's have no magic protection, why do you think brand/zyra are such popular supports?
: Remove these skins from the Legendary skin pool
oh look i am getting free stuff that you gotta pay for usually and i am unhappy about it, cause some skins are considered legendary for one reason or another, let me be more greedy and complain about it...
Spaidikas (EUNE)
: Honor flaws
funny how only banned and toxic people have problems with it
: Waiting for someone to come and say "That's toxic behaviour !!!"
i ddint do it on purpose and we won the game ;D
: lmao the timing is perfect she didn't have time to even react xD Thnx for sharing this masterpiece {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Smerk (EUW)
: It's much easier to do with Syndra, you can pick exact place where to drop that minion
but then its not in style+ Screaming an ally to death!
Rioter Comments
DarkCagé (EUW)
: I made a re-design of the upcoming loadscreen because of missing elements
: This isn't a problem with our PCs. Also, it hasn't happened to me again yet, which possibly means it's not the same problem. BTW, search from youtube, the same thing happened to hashinshin during one of his streams.
U dont get it, I do not have that problem, means something is different with my pc than with yours which the game crashes you find what is common between users you can fix the problem easier
: He isn't the only one though. My friend has it too and my game froze once today but i don't know if it is the same problem yet. My game never froze before over 8 seasons of playing.
i havent had the problems ever :/. Okay first step find whats in common between your friends? Like check your motherboards, Gcards, drivers etc check that stuff
: Im Seriously Getting Pissed Riot..
well since you are only one........ its your pc dude. Do these steps in order, last one should fix it 100% and if not it means your hardware has problem> : Repair league if wont work> :reinstall league: if wont work> :update your drivers if wont work> :reinstall windows fresh clean. last one should solve it but if not, well i got bad news buddy
Antenora (EUW)
: Riot needs some sort of way to prevent under 18's from buying Hextech boxes with money. It technically is gambling. If there was a way for riot to determine what's an adult account or a child account. Like lets say someone tried to purchase hextech boxes with money and the game blocked the purchase and redirected you to riot's support page to create a ticket and submit your government ID. Your ID gets checked by Riot Support.. If you're over 18, Your account gets flagged as "Adult" and your ability to purchase Hextech Boxes and Hextech related event capsules is unlocked. Being a child account would not block you from earning chests from getting S-, S or S+ ranks but it would bar you from purchasing boxes with Riot Points. The legal age for most countries when it comes to gambling is 18. Only exception to this is the National Lottery / Scratchcards/ Football Pool which carry a legal age of 16 in the United Kingdom.
Strigina (EUNE)
: >they also allow to buy everything that these "boxes" offer Except Hextech exclusive content like Soulstealer Vayne etc.
yeah, this prob gonna have to be adjusted
Rioter Comments
CurseOfLife (EUNE)
Never had such bug
Cypherous (EUW)
: You have to actually click the button to expand the description on youtube you know :P
U MEAN MOVE MY HAND? WHAT is this barbaric times you know i am far to lazy to do that
Cypherous (EUW)
: Its kayn, it literally says who is getting skins in the description :P - A Legendary skin for Kayn - Epic skins for Jinx, Yasuo, Sona, Malphite, and Ziggs - The return of PvE in Odyssey: Extraction - Ward skins, emotes, icons, and mission rewards
Rioter Comments
Cavalier707 (EUNE)
: If I Were Working For Riot Games
my dude riot %%%%ed up big time recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3PVZa6thsM
RogueDek (EUW)
: "Minorities are a class that need to be patronized in order for them to compete meaningfully to Men.
" have everything that you could ever wish for " : what if i wish for humanity to die out?
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lsotope (EUW)
: New game mode - Ultimate ARAM
literaly not possible x)
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