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: in my opinion, any kind of negative behavior should have a chance to get you banned! just because its a diffrent way to ruin games should not allow you to do so without having to face a potential bann This baiscly allows trolls to go afk without a chance of being banned {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: I think you make this sound worse than it is by using a very loose definition of "ban". Yes, AFKs do not get banned. But you also didn't get banned. You could say "'Just FF You Lose' misbehaved in chat but never got banned" and it would be exactly as misleading as saying "AFKs never get banned". Both statements are correct, but they both leave out the fact that you as well as AFKs do get punished. It's just not a ban. So, just to clarify: You didn't get a ban, but you got punished. With a chat restriction. And AFKs don't get banned, but they do get punished. With low priority queue. You make it sound like the Rioter said "AFKing is not punished". But that's not what he said. He said "AFKing is not banned". Completely different thing. Not every punishment is a ban. The punishment you received is not a ban and the punishments the leaver buster dishes out are no bans. The essential info the Rioter gave you is that the Leaverbuster doesn't use bans as punishment. That doesn't mean it doesn't punish.
Okay, let's deconstruct what you're saying. I fully agree if I am negative in chat I should get chat banned, I'm on purpose ruining the experience of others. I've realised my mistakes of the past and now I'm a lot more collected and make use of the mute button. What you've done here is basically attached to the point I've been chat restricted in the past and use that as a means to discredit my fair point on how there's a double standard when it comes to negativity in the game and the disproportion in punishment delivered. The issue here is I'm not talking about AFK's as in people who leave the game or people who dodge/cause remakes. What I'm talking about is someone sitting in fountain still connected going afk in a game that their team is winning to spite someone and all the while they just type hurtful things in chat. Now if you'd actually have read it it would be quite clear that a "low priority queue" is not an appropriate response on the side of riot, perhaps it would be appropriate if they disconnected but for them to stay in game and very blatantly ruin it for everyone with the intent and on top of that be toxic. It's quite evident you aren't reading what is being written so let me make it quite simple so even you can digest what is being said. IF someone is walking around in fountain for 10 minutes to spite their team and cause them to lose all the while they're insulting said team which of the following is more appropriate; A:20 min queue time B:chat restriction C:ban If by now you don't understand what is wrong with your points about the leaver buster system, this person wasn't even flagged by it which is why I opened the ticket in the first place. For their actions, the person who did this received absolutely no justice. For ruining the game for 9 other people absolutely nothing bad happened to this player. If you're going to respond just don't mention leaver buster since this person never actually went "afk" and was instead walking around in the base. I also added the person just to see if they get banned or chat restricted, nothing.
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